About the Event
About the Event
Take part in the Corp Short Video Contest between September 24th and October 25th to celebrate your corporation with creative short videos! Submit your videos for a chance to win an exclusive custom corporation skin, customized medals, a customized corporation flag, and more!
Sep. 24 - Oct. 25

Post videos on YouTube with the hashtag #EECorpVideo. Tap the "Join Now" button above to register.

Oct. 26 - Oct. 31

All submitted videos are ranked by their number of views and the amount of interaction they receive. 50 winners will be chosen. Results will be announced on November 8th.

Reward Customization
Nov. 09 - Nov. 30

Winners will be notified through email about how to send in required design material to receive their custom rewards.

Dec. 01 - End of December

The customized rewards will be produced from December 1st and distributed at the end of December.

1. Customized Corporation Ship Skin x100
2. Customized Medal x100
3. Customized Corporation Flag
TOP 10
1. Customized Medal x100
2. Customized Corporation Flag
TOP 25
1. Customized Corporation Flag
TOP 50
1. Commemorative Ship Skin x100
Event Rules

1. Between September 24th and October 25th, participants can upload their creative Corp videos. The videos should contain the hashtag #EECorpVideo. All forms of videos are welcomed; feel free to send in your live-action, animation, or machinima videos. The content you create should relates to your Corporation in some way - it could be a recruitment ad, propaganda, an everyday story, or an introduction to your members.

2. Tap the "JOIN NOW" button above to fill in a registration form with your video link. Registration closes on October 25th at 16:00 UTC.

3. A scoring metric is applied during the evaluation: Total score = 0.2*views + 0.4*likes + 0.4*number of comments. The evaluation period will end on October 30th, 16:00 UTC. Please note that the video needs to be published as "Public" to be included in the competition.

4. Each corporation is ranked as a unit. If a Corp has multiple qualifying videos, the one with the highest score will be the basis of the Corp's ranking.

5. The results will be announced through all the EVE Echoes social channels (Discord, FB, Twitter, etc.) on November 8th. Please stay tuned for the announcement.

6. Winners are required to prepare custom artwork and submit them according to the rules listed in the mail. The rewards will be customized based on your submissions.

7. Players will be notified once again after we received the submitted materials and made sure the materials have fulfilled the requirement. If there are any issues with the materials, players will be asked to submit additional supplementary materials.

8. Rewards will be distributed via email at the end of December in the form of redemption codes. Please remember to check your inbox. After receiving the redemption codes, please visit ( to redeem your rewards.