Devs Answer 55 Suggestions Made by the Community


Capsuleers: It's already been 3 months since EVE Echoes has launched. We are fully aware and understand that this game still is far from perfect and has many issues that need to be fixed and improved upon. Please know that we are working tirelessly to create a better New Eden for everyone.


All of the suggestions you have all made have been received and recorded by us. Up until last week, the devs have received 4,239 valuable suggestions made by the community since launch, with each one being carefully read and considered. We have filtered and combined them down into the 55 most popular suggestions and gave a response to each one.


Please continue to share your feedback, and we will do our best to give you all our feedback! Thanks for your continued support of EVE Echoes!


1. Add Delete character function. We'll most likely implement this in the Nov 25 version.

You can delete characters you don't want anymore in the character selection page.

You need to leave your corporation and cancel all orders before deleting them. After

confirmation, a 3 to 30-day countdown period will begin. You can cancel deletion during the countdown period. Your deleted characters will be removed when the countdown ends."


2. Switch off damage display notice.

We've scheduled to implement this on Dec 8. We're working on improving the display effect of the damage count. Once done, it will no longer block the locked target.


3. Switch off market notice.

We plan to add settings to receiving notices. You can choose the types of notice you wish to block. Once they're blocked, you won't receive notices of those types. (To be released)


4. Switch off cutscenes.

We've scheduled to implement this on Dec 8. We'll add an option in the Settings page that will allow players to skip the login cut scene.


5. Delete the Warp Core Stabilizer rigging.

We've added more effective anti-warp modules in the current version.


6. Delete all anti-warp modules.

Considering the nature of our game, we have no plan for this at this stage.


7. Add additional market information in [My Orders] to help adjust pricing.

We plan to add a feature that will allow players to check detailed info in My Orders.


8. Add corps and alliance contracts.

We've added contracts for corporations and alliances in the Nov 11 version. And we know the contract is not very complete at the moment, but we will keep improving it in the future.


9. Add auto-counterattack mode for drones.

We will add this feature, most likely in December.


10. Add sorting by Distance/Price/Quantity in the market.

We've added sorting by distance for in-Region orders.


11. Add a "Retrieval" log for the Corporation Hangar.

We've made a plan for Hangar Management optimization. All Hangars will now have an "Approval" permission. If the "Approval" permission is enabled, players without an "Approval" permission will need to request an approval from the management when moving items in hangars. Currently, the development for "Take" feature for Hangar is on the schedule and will be released at an appropriate time.


12. Add the function to send item links to various channels.

We've completed the page design and rules, and will have it developed later. Release date TBD.


13. Add a "create bookmark" feature.

We're currently working on it and will release it most likely in December.


14. Add a default closing distance (i.e., orbiting distance).

We've already released it on Nov 11.


15. Add Rename ship feature.

It's scheduled for development now.


16. No more compensating ships.

Since the game has gone through major changes, compensation for PvE advanced ships will be extended to Nov 18.

Compensation for PvP will be limited. There are still bugs in the game and we will issue compensations when players encounter them, as well as fix those bugs."


17. Add an API for kill mail.

We have a plan to develop an API, and we are now hiring. If you are interested, you can contact us via Discord.


18. Add a notice when you receive a contract.

We've added notices for private contracts in the Nov 11 version.


19. Add a mail-delivered contract.

We won't be adding this in the next few months. We'll discuss it if it needs to be added to the development plan when other features with higher priority have been completed.


20. Add a waypoint feature in navigation.

We will add this feature in the first half of 2021.


21. Add periodic fresh feature to mines, preventing toxic players from occupying the mine and hindering it from refreshing.

We've received this suggestion and a plan is being discussed.


22. Increase mining ship capacity for collecting minerals from the wreckage.

We will most likely release this in the Nov 25 update. When ores are picked, they will first be put into the ship's Ore Hold.


23. Add more anti-warp modules.

We've added more effective anti-warp modules in the previous version.


24. Add mining drones.

We won't be adding these for at least the next few months, but we'll discuss if needed at a later date.


25. Add wreck-salvaging drones.

We'll add a drone-picking feature in the future, but we must finish things with a higher priority first.


26. Alliance Chat Channel Optimizations

We've upgraded the chat system and added an Alliance chat channel. We've been discussing how we can save the chat log when players are offline to make the chat feature more complete.


27. Add a self-destruct function to capsules.

It's been scheduled and we're developing it.


28. Add Change race function when changing names.

We have no plan to allow players to chance their races in the near future. We will probably consider clone customization related features, including changing races and genders.


29. Add a feature to ban spam bots.

The spam bots issue has been solved.


30. Add more containers in space stations.

It's scheduled for development now.


31. Add a loot log that informs others who is stealing.

We will add this most likely in the first half of 2021.


32. Add-join previously added channels.

This is caused by a bug. We're on it now and will solve it as soon as possible.


33. Remove censorship.

We're designing an improved censorship plan based on the current censorship data to raise transaction feasibility.


34. Increase queue time for Omega.

It's been planned, since it affects changing other skills. Currently, Omega Combo users can have 100% distributable free skill points.


35. Add a feature to add skill to the top of the queue.

It's been planned. Will be updated with skills.


36. Add the ability to reset skill points.

We will add this feature in future versions.


37. Add an insurance feature.

We will add this most likely in the first half of 2021.


38. Add a refresh button in Deliveries Center.

We will add this most likely this year.


39. Add faction drones.

We plan to release faction drones together with the release of the new Encounters in the future.


40. Add mini-games for highsec miners.

We're discussing a plan for mini-games internally. But this is not the focus of our work at this current stage.


41. Add additional fleet space.

We will increase it. It will most likely be released with the Sovereignty version.


42. Add an auto-translating function to chat channels.

We've planned to do it, but this has a lower priority. We need to consolidate the Local channel and Corporation channel to the overall chat system to enable the translation feature. We plan to add this in early-mid 2021.


43. Give each module a unique icon.

It's been scheduled and we're developing it.


44. Add a feature to share your position with Corporation or Fleet.

It's been planned. We're improving Contacts, Corporations, and Ships, but we won't start working on it before the above mentioned features are implemented.


45. I need to access the Corporation chat while offline.

We plan to develop this.


46. Will you set up a separate server for Chinese players?

First of all, we welcome all players to play EVE Echoes. We are also trying to make the game available in China, but we are still pending for approval to get official license needed. No notable info can be shared at this moment.


47. Add a remote clone feature.

We've completed the page design and rules and we're now developing it. We will develop location saving and bookmark saving features first.


48. Add an API interface for mail.

We have a plan to develop an API, and we are now hiring devs for this. If you are interested, you can contact us via Discord.


49. Make the UI size customizable.

This is a quite a complicated task. We have no plan for this currently.


50. Add a calculator in the game.

We're focusing more on game-related content, so this is not a priority currently.


51. Add tractor beams.

We'll develop the drone-looting feature first. Tractor beams is not a priority currently.


52. Add more SKINs for industrial ships.

We will add more, most likely in December this year.


53. Add sort by distance in the delivery interface.

It has been already released on Nov 12.


54. Add features to set Standing/Corporations restrictions to join chat channels.

Since it's complicated to make this, we have no plans to develop it at this stage.


55. Add a feature to compress minerals.

We're currently in the process of developing it. Most likely it will be released as more Sovereignty content is released.