Bugs & Suggestions Bulletin – December 2


Q: I cannot create a character. It shows that the connection is lost.

A: This has been reported to our QA team to further research and attempt to reproduce this issue.


Q: Why does the text exceed the text box?

A: This problem is currently being looked into, but we haven't been able to reproduce it frequently enough yet. We are still looking into a solution for this.


Q: Will there be more T8 logistics ships and mining ships?

A: We don't plan on adding additional ships in the near future, but we will review our current lineup of ships before making additional balance changes.


Q: Why is there a penalty for group mining?

A: There is no penalty for group mining.

If it seems that your mining efficiency is lower than expected, that's because the miners are mining the same spot, which makes a miner not go through a full mining cycle. In addition to this, the additional flight time it takes to find a spot on the same asteroid to mine will also contribute to an overall lower mining efficiency.


Q: Could the warp distance of the PvE missions be shortened?

A: We've increased the warp speed in high sec by 100%. We hope that this feature could help reduce the time it takes to get to your mission destination!


Q: Could we increase the size limit of fleets?

A: We are in the process of expanding the fleet size limit, and it's expected to be released sometime in January.


Q: Will the speed or the number of slots of the destroyers be increased? They’re as slow as battlecruisers!

A: Destroyers are much faster than cruisers and battlecruisers. The main function of a destroyer is to intercept/fight against smaller ships.


Q: Add a fast-way toggle buttons for both "Auto Orbit Target" and "Auto Attack Next Target".

A: This feature is currently under review, and similar buttons will probably be added in the future.


Q: Could the bonuses for the warp speed in high sec and low sec be removed?

A: The bonuses are set in order to solve the warp speed problem in high sec and low sec systems. We've listened to a large portion of the community, and an overwhelming majority showed support for these bonuses, so we don't plan on removing them for now.


Q: Could killboard API data as a new feature be added in the game?

A: We are currently figuring out how to implement this, but it is lower on our priority list for now.


Q: Should the damage of sentry guns in the gates and stations be reduced for optimizing the balance of the game?

A: Ensuring a certain degree of security is an effective way to keep all types of EVE players happy. We hope that many of these battles will take place in null sec, not in all areas, so we won't be reducing the damage of sentry guns of gates and stations for now.


Q: Could the red dot function be adjusted for notifications of new events instead of my own actions?

A: A new function to personalize the types of the notifications you will receive will be added later. At that time, you'll be able to choose what types of notifications you'll receive.


Q: Will the mobile tractors (like those in EVE Online) be introduced into EVE Echoes?

A: We are currently considering adding a new feature, for example, allowing drones to automatically loot, in the future.


Q: Could sending game screenshots in the chat box be added as a new feature?

A: We will first discuss the feasibility of this feature before deciding whether or not to schedule it for a future update.