Bugs & Suggestions Bulletin – December 31


Q: I think that it takes too much capacitor for mammoth to warp.

A: The warp distance of the Mammoth is similar to the other ships. At full capacitor, it can jump about 200AU. Warp distance for the Mammoth is affected by Industrial Ship Engineering, so make sure you level these more to increase your warp distance in this ship.


Q: If EVE Echoes will support the multi-view function of Android devices in the future. Is it just not currently supported for optimization in the future, or will it never be supported?

A: Though it hasn't been scheduled yet, we may consider developing this feature in the future.


Q: Playing on your phone while controlling drones, the pop-up damage prevents you from seeing the class and name of the ships.  Is it possible to disable pop-up damage in the settings? It is duplicated directly above the ship and in the ship interface. This function would save a lot of nerves.

A: The fix for this issue is currently scheduled to be released on January 6, 2021.


Q: Please make it possible to investigate multiple ancient remains by batch at the same time.

A: This feature will be added later on. Thanks for your suggestion!


Q: The reward of citadel kill is unreasonable, and the reward gap between members of the big corps and ordinary players is too large.

A: Players were able to receive the Skill Point reward when participating in the destruction of a Corporation Citadel no matter what corporation they were in during the battle during test server Mirror's Sovereignty mechanic testing.


Q: The cost of the blueprint is too high, even exceeding the cost of the ship.

A: Faction ships are rare, and the blueprints are a very important part of the ship's value. Currently, there are no plans on increasing the output of faction ship blueprints, so their scarcity and value in the market can be maintained.


Q: I am the last player in a corporation and can't leave it. How do I leave or dissolve the Corp?

A: Create an alt to join the corp then grant the alt the authority to dissolve the corp. Currently, there are some issues with the development of a disband corporation function, so it needs further design and gameplay testing before we're able to release it in the future.


Q: Eve Online had the option/service of transferring a character from one account to another for a 1 time fee - is this service available in EE or will it be added in the future?

A: Account transfers can be used in account trading, which may result in some potential scams. We need to first design a safe and reliable way of doing this later on in the future.

Q: Prices are rising very fast, so make a thorough investigation.

A: Please rest assured that we have been putting in a lot of effort on cracking down in-game cheating behavior, as well as detecting and punishing players who participate in RMT.


Q: Fleet accept button appears over modules. Easy to accidentally got when you are meaning to activate module in combat. Caused me to join fleet, get fleet warped, get killed.

A: The system does not know whether the fleet invitation to you is a normal or malicious one. We can add the feature for players to decline all fleet invitations, or at least only accept invitations from your corp/friends. We will release this function together with Indomitable.

Q: The prices of PLEX are rising too fast.

A: We will consider adding some restrictions on the price of PLEX, but its value is still determined by the players.


Q: Contracts where items are requested do not consider items stacked as a viable place to pull from. This is problematic for industrial people who are doing reprocessing contracts as we have to spend a considerable amount of time going to screenshots of the contract and the game to split mineral stacks to fill orders. Please can you make contracts smarter in that they will just deduct the contract amounts from available supplies. This would be a huge quality of life improvement for pretty much every industrial person in the game

A: The feature has been scheduled as a high priority issue and will be released in the near future as soon as possible. We hope that the contracts will become more and more user friendly with improvements and additional updates.


Q: In contracts interface, please add a possibility to save favorite ee accounts/players you‘re issuing contracts on a regular basis

A: We will add this function in the near future. Thank you very much for this suggestion.


Q: Please make possibility to mark favorite systems on the eve map so you can find them easier

A: The feature to mark certain places, share and save these are under development. Hopefully this feature will be completed by the end of February 2021.


Q: Corporation authority should be transferable if current ceo is inactive for more than 30 days

A: The feature to transfer ownership of a corporation is currently under development.


Q: I have lost two battlecruisers to encounters a tier lower.  It’s just not fair to kee+B84p making the game harder.

A: After Indomitable (Sovereignty version) releases, we’ll reduce the number of NPC waves in Encounters slightly.


Q: Please add the exploration system.

A: An initial version of Exploration is already complete and awaits further balance and gameplay testing.


Q: Please stop penalizing group mining. most of players like me, in a corp in low sec, do mining in order to built ship for pve/pvp. we have only one retriever and we mine in group to better defense ourselves against red still lying around. it's unfair to be penalized for that

A: There is absolutely no penalty for group mining.


When a group of players are mining the same spot for ore, some players will not fully mine it due to others already finishing it. As there is a minimum spacing distance required between these ships, there is also time spent maintaining this distance and going to a part of the asteroid that isn't occupied.

Due to these two factors, it reduces overall efficiency, but there isn't any game mechanic that specifically reduces/penalizes the efficiency of group mining.


Q: Please reduce the distance for PVE missions to reduce the time for warping when playing with teammates. Currently PVE with teammates is particularly time-consuming.

A: We have already increased the warp speed for ships in highsec. Reducing the distance to PvE missions, however, may cause unintended issues related to the flow of traffic within a system. Based on this, there is no plan to modify the mission travel distance for the time being.


Q: Please remove the 100% and 50% warp speed bonuses for highsec and lowsec. They unbalance the game.

A: These bonuses were added based on a significant amount of player feedback, and it is used to help players reach their Encounters faster. We do not plan on removing these bonuses currently.


Q: Please reduce gate guns and station gun damage in low sec It needs to be more balanced. No one should be getting one shot in low sec from gate or station guns in a battleship or anything with tank.

A: Ensuring a certain degree of security is an effective way to keep all types of players active. We hope that fights generally will take place in nullsec, not in all areas, so we won't be making any changes to this for now.


Q: Please add a training ground where you can try out builds (without owning them) against different kind of enemies for a small fee. It'll help people a lot to understand what ships and skills to build towards before making the investment and realizing it doesn't work for them.

A: We have the plan to develop this feature. Thanks a lot for your suggestion.


Q: After using the focus command, drones that are already attacking other targets cannot switch their attack targets. Inconvenient operation.

A: This issue has already been fixed on December 16.


Q: It is shown that the elite megathron has suffered 150,000 damage before being blown up. However its total health is only 30,000.

A: It is possible that the ship is using shield boosters/armor repairers or shield extenders/armor plates. While being attacked, it was repairing or temporarily enhancing its own shield/armor, so the final damage displayed will be greater than its base total health.


Q: Quickly clicking on the drone icon and then stopping the attack instruction will greatly increase the frequency of drone attacks. This will affect the game balance.
A: This issue has already been fixed and applied in a previous version.

Q: The transaction is completed at the wrong price. It doesn't match the prices players set when submitting the order, which make it meaningless to set the prices.

A: We have been optimizing the price matching mechanism so that transactions will be completed according to the prices of the earlier submitted orders. We are planning on releasing this after Indomitable in the not-too-distant future.

Q: The high slots can equip the items that can only be used in the low slots.

A: The Remote Armor Repairer, for the high slot, is used to repair the armor of another target player from a distance (remotely). This is different from the Armor Repairer used in the low slot.


Q: c.type missiles show distance of 27.95, and sometimes 47 ish kms.   It switches randomly.  Very annoying to lose missile range and distance during encounters.

A: That's because sometimes the missiles you check are not actually equipped to the ship. In this situation, it will show the default attack range of the missiles. When you check the missiles that are actually equipped to the ship, it will display the missile range buffed by your skills/ship bonuses.


Q: Player owned outpost cannot be attacked due to being within 1000km or gate guns. The gate guns defending their outpost gives them an unfair advantage and makes them unable to be attacked effectively.

A: We are planning on adjusting the anchoring range of the Capsuleer Outpost to 5000km in an update very soon. We are considering moving existing anchored Capsuleer Outposts to locations 5000km away in a future version after we adjust the anchoring range.


Q: I warped into an anomaly. I went from one screen to another then my display messed up with everything stacked and I couldn't click on anything.

A: This is because the screen settings were switched to the special notch screen display of the mobile phone, which caused the entire interface to shift to the right. It will be fixed when you reset to the default screen settings.