Bugs & Suggestions Bulletin – January 23


Q: When the aura is activated, it seems no effect. Why?
A: The warp distance of the Mammoth is similar to the other ships. At full capacitor, it can jump about 200AU. Warp distance for the Mammoth is affected by Industrial Ship Engineering, so make sure you level these more to increase your warp distance in this ship.

Q: I have to manually fly to our Corp/Alliance's Citadel, because I can't autopilot to it. Is this a bug?
A: If you don't have the set permission to enter the Citadel, then you also cannot autopilot to it. This is a normal setting in order to help protect player-made structures.

Q: Is the mining output relevant to the ship, like the better the ship is, the more abundant the resources?
A: Some mining ships are better at defending themselves than others, but the ship itself won't directly affect mining output.

Q: Why can I deal damage to my fleetmate? 
A: Fleets provide the convenience of being in a group, but it doesn't mean that others cannot damage you.

Q: I created a sell order, but the item is not displayed in the market. 
A: Orders created in the ITC will be displayed in all regions. Orders created in ordinary space stations will only be visible in its local system.

Q: My outpost has a large amount of fuel, but it's still in a low power state. Why? 
A: To fix this, make sure you fit a fitting in the low slot. It will help adjust the reinforcement times to 2, then the outpost will consume the fuel as normal.

Q: I obtained a logistics container, but it's too large to ship. I cannot sell or destroy it. What should I do? 
A: When applying for a container, you are not allowed to apply for a larger container than your cargo hold. As long as you successfully get the container, you can ship it. 

If you don't want to, you can learn Advanced Freight V to be able to destroy it. 

Q: Only one character is able to train skills at a time. Is it the normal setting? 
A: If there's no Omega Clone, or only one Omega Clone under your account, only one character can learn skills at any given time.
If the account has multiple Omega Clones, then each Omega Clone can learn skills and gain SP at the same time.

Q: I landed 2km away from the station instead of 0km. Why? 
A: This is by design. The exact landing point is random within a short distance of the station and may also be influenced by the shape of the station.

Q: I found that the limited edition skin can be purchased by clicking the shortcut to buy the skin, although it's removed from the store. Please fix it. 
A: Though the shortcut still exists, a prompt letting you know that the event is over and the SKIN cannot be purchased will appear if you attempt to make a purchase. We are in the process of removing any old shortcuts.

Q: When I selected the medium graphics quality, my ship turned brown. Why?
A: This should be fixed as of the January 20 Version update.

Q: The chat box is missing. 
A: We are currently working on reproducing this to locate the root cause so we can begin fixing it.

Q: When I am doing the transport missions, it keeps reminding me of getting a bigger ship. 
A: This bug should be fixed now. If you still encounter it, please let us know.

Q: I found that the special characters will be like <> in the chat. Please fix it. 
A: This bug has been fixed already.

Q: When I open the corp interface, the autopilot will stop. I close the interface, and the autopilot starts again. 
A: We've located the problem and are now fixing it.

Q: I bought an Omega duo bundle and pressed the claim button for the late claim daily rewards, but it didn't respond. 
A: This bug should be fixed now. If you still encounter it, please let us know.

Q: When my covert op is cloaking, the cloak timer doesn't show up. 
A: After cloaking, you'll show up only for a short period of time in the overview of other players, then disappear immediately. The cloaking animation is displayed in the client, which is only visible to you, so there's nothing to worry about.

Q: Will you increase the size of Machariel? It seems smaller than that in Eve Online. 
A: Both the Machariel in EE and EO are both the same (1452m³). 

Q: Our corp joined a new alliance. Why are all the corp members green in the chat? They should be blue. 
A: The issue is caused by the current display rules: the new alliance set the corp as friendly, so the display of the corp relationship (blue) is replaced by that of the alliance (green). We will optimize this. The setting made by players will be separated from that set by the corp/alliance, and we are still deciding on which display will take priority.

Q: I found that the asteroid clusters and belts don't respawn for a long time. Why? 
A: Current rule for asteroid belts are only if the ores are at <30% left, will the mining belts respawn. Considering that the mining belts usually don't reach this requirement, we will adjust the rule in a future patch to also add an automatic respawn timer.