PLEX Abnormal Price Fluctuations Announcement


To New Eden Capsuleers:
CONCORD has taken a special interest in the recent PLEX short supply in the market and has immediately launched an investigation. Details of the current situation and related solutions are provided below.

Main Cause
The main reason causing such market disruption is illegally organized botnets underselling a large amount of ISK and engaging in currency speculation on PLEX.
Due to the increased account suspensions this year, a total of 96,000 accounts owned by illegally organized botnets were suspended in February, and some big networks were shut down for good. Other botnets made a quick exit from the market by underselling ISK, causing ISK prices to fall further and disrupting market order. In addition, some big networks took the opportunity to engage in PLEX speculation, causing trading volumes to fluctuate greatly and PLEX in short supply.

Current Solution
PLEX determines the gaming experience, and experience is everything. For this reason, we will put a certain amount of confiscated PLEX into NPC insurance companies, converting them into PLEX orders and ships, modules, and rigs orders.

Follow-up Plan
We will continue to investigate each and every account violation and impose appropriate fines, which will be rewarded to all Capsuleers in PLEX at a later time. To restore the market order, here are 2 preliminary plans to resolve the above issue.

1. Battle Hours
Through data analysis, we find that over 99% of the Capsuleers spend less than 8 hours a day in manual-operating combat, while almost all of those who spend more than 12 hours used illegitimate programs.
In order to prevent a small number of groups making illegal attempts, to ensure fairness in the game and the fundamental interests of the majority of players, as well as to encourage Capsuleers to have a healthy lifestyle, we're considering limiting the maximum hours that players can claim bounties per day. Capsuleers will no longer be able to claim bounties after 16 hours of combat (taking redundancy into account). The assistant will prompt "CONCORD is no longer issuing bounties today" after 16 hours.

2. Combat Assistance
We plan to improve the Combat Assistance in-game to reduce the operational burden on Capsuleers, as well as to ensure a more relaxed and fairer PvE environment. Some players use hacks and scripts written by themselves or professional programming teams, which is extremely unfair. Improper behaviors violate the user agreement and ruins the experience for other players. We will continue to monitor these behaviors and take serious actions.
The above solutions are not final and the limitations are open to adjustment. We have also noticed that illegally organized botnets are making ISK by assigning large numbers of bots to new player missions and encounters. Therefore, we are trying to come up with ideas to limit the number of new bot accounts and optimize the learning experience for real new players. Feel free to send us your thoughts and suggestions.