Black Friday Bonus Offers


Recharge to the specified amount, and we will give away extra lottery chances to win rewards such as Omega Combo and GOOGLE PLAY GIFT CARD!

(Recharges made after Silver Waltz's update will be automatically included in the calculation.)

【Event Rules】

1. During the event period, players who reach the specified amounts in a single recharge will automatically receive lottery draw chances.

(1) Recharge below $9.99 will receive one draw chance. (Basic Omega*1 or $5 GOOGLE PLAY GIFT CARD*1)
(2) Players who recharge between $10 and $49.99 will receive one draw chance. (Omega Combo*1 or $15 GOOGLE PLAY GIFT CARD*1)
(3) Players who recharge $50 or more will receive one draw chance. ($50 GOOGLE PLAY GIFT CARD*1)

2. During the event, for every recharge order reaching the specified amount, pilots will accumulate one chance to participate in the lucky draw. The more you recharge, the higher the chance of winning!

3. After the event ends, a lottery will be conducted based on the list of participants who have reached the recharge amount. Winners of high-value prizes will be prioritized, while players who are not selected will enter a secondary lottery for a chance to win.

4. The list of winners will be announced on EVE Echoes Discord on 2023.12.11, please go to here to check. The event prizes will be distributed before 2023.12.22.

5. The final interpretation right of this event belongs to NetEase. If you have any questions, please go to the official DC for communication.