AMA FAQ - December 3


Thank you for participating in our AMA on December 3rd. We sorted out some of the most popular questions and divided them into the following five categories: Balance Adjustments, Server Stability & Bug Fixes, Mining & Manufacturing, Future Plans, and others. 
We value your feedback, and we try our best to ensure that everyone's voice can be heard. While continuing to launch new game content in 2022, we will put more manpower to optimize the existing gameplay (user experience, balance, stability) for EVE Echoes. Thank you for your trust and support!

Balance Adjustment
Q: Any plans to balance Armor links? Like shield get resistance on activation
A: We have started to analyze the balance between armor and shield modules again. Currently, we don't have a certain conclusion to share, but you will see it in future updates.

Q: When will Interceptors and Destroyers get meaningful changes? Interceptors are overpowered and do too much, Destroyers are a non-existant class, pretty much.
A: This is planned in the next balance update.

Q: When is the next balance adjustment?
A: In our new annual plan, balance patches will be set in April and October each year (so twice a year).
The priority of balance adjustments will be set higher, and manpower will be reserved in advance. The scope of adjustment is mainly with two aspects: combat balance and regional output balance.

Q: Why do we set the balance adjustment at a specific time each year?
A: Because every time the balance is adjusted, the player needs to spend time adapting and rediscovering their familiarity with the game, so we will only fix some bug-like content with maintenance every week, and will not adjust the balance.

Q: Why did we skip the balance adjustment originally scheduled for October?
A: There are two main reasons: 1) Because we have spent a lot of time promoting capital ships, carrier-based aircraft, induced jumps, and new anomalies, so we do not have enough manpower to cope with the balance adjustment originally scheduled for October. 2) After the balance version was released in April this year, we found that some players left our game because of this. This allows us to reflect on the quality of the balance adjustment to attract more players rather than drive them away. In the case of insufficient manpower, we made a conservative choice in order to avoid hasty, low-quality balance adjustments that would disappoint players and leave the game. 

Sever Stability & Bug Fix
Q: Why have the blackscreens been getting progressively worse? I remember fights with over 1000 players in the system with no issues, now even with "Performance Mode" if there are 400 players in a system there are mass blackscreen issues, making the game unplayable.
A: In fact, from the logs we observed in the background, the situation should not have deteriorated recently, and the rate of occurrence of the problem has always been stable. However, as the number of people participating in the battle has increased, the number of people encountering this situation has also increased. We attach great importance to this issue, so we have recently added some new mechanisms to improve the stability of large-scale operations, including the previously introduced potato mode, and the recent manual time expansion. And we will set these new features to be turned on automatically after they stabilize. I hope to be able to automatically improve the stability of the galaxy during large-scale operations without our manual support.

Q: When will the local bug be fixed?
A: In order to improve the ease of use of Local, we have recently made some optimizations for it. Unfortunately, we found some underlying code problems during this process, which caused many small bugs. We are now refactoring the code of Local, chat and other systems. But because this is a relatively large project, it will take a certain amount of time, but we will have someone work on it. In the near future, player suggestions for local channel optimization will also be considered for the game.

Mining & Manufacturing
Q: How and when will mining be balanced and adjusted?
A: We expect that there will be changes to minerals in the first half of next year, and the expected direction is to increase the material opening rate and increase the degree of automation. But this involves the cornerstone of EE, and we still need more time to demonstrate.

Q: Could you give more details on what you are going to do with mining? I believe you are focusing so much on PvE and PvP that you forget that most players are industrial, we feel forgotten
A: Some loot and rewards from the PvE and PvP content will also be required with manufacturing to get the final product. That is how industry people can get a benefit from new gameplay updates.

Q: Please fix the Material demand of Manufacturing right now Isk are the Biggest Chunk of Cost for higher Tier ships. Please Reduce the ISK Cost by like 50-70% and increase the Materials needed (especially minerals not so much PI) times 4/5? 
A: Thank you for pointing out this problem. This is actually a question we have thought about before. Although the construction cost of EE is higher than that of EO, this comparison is actually a bit unfair to EE, because the two games are not exactly the same in terms of ISK output, recycling system, and quantity. When considering whether it is possible to reduce the ISK required for manufacturing, we will pay more attention to the impact of this part of ISK on the recovery of EE output. The current conclusion is that if manufacturing costs are reduced, the recovery of ISK will enter an unhealthy inflationary stage. Therefore, we will not make adjustments directly.

Future Plan
Q: What does NetEase plan to improve player retention and new players to play?
A: We attach great importance to the retention of new players, so we spend a lot of manpower on the optimization of newbie missions. Although the current version still has a lot of room for improvement, compared to when we first launched in August 2020, the new player experience has had a lot of progress. But we did not stop, there are more plans for new players, such as the novice seven-day mission set, and the guidance to help novices join a corporation. Although EE is a relatively hardcore game in terms of the setting, we still hope that with the help of novices and corporations, we can help more new players stay in the game.

Q: Will you add the ability to rename our ships?
A: Yes, this feature is under development, and we have been testing this it is expected to be released in the first half of next year.

Q: 1v1 arena with custom-fit ships please
A: A 3v3 arena with custom fits is under development.

Q: More info on the 3v3 mode?
A: It will be sub-cap 3v3 battles, and you can bring your own ship without losing it. You can join the battle from both stations and citadels. The battlefield will have a simple red zone mechanic to prevent endless kiting or running away. More details will be shared later.

Q: When are we getting stuff like Mobile Tractor Units and Mobile Depots to help out PvE players? Currently their lack makes gameplay unnecessarily tedious and boring.
A: We are making a new module to help with this. This may be released in early 2022.

Q: Will there be new anomaly content? like including dreads in DSses?
A: It will not be exactly anomaly content, but it will be some new PvE content for sure.

Q: What is the development teams approach to tech level currently many higher tech level ships are just a buffed lower ships can we get variety in the hulls or bonuses to make them more memorable and less strict upgrades.
A: It was our old design to make higher tech ships just a better version of lower tech ships, and I do think that making ships more specialized will bring new strategy and more fun. Some adjustments will be made to specialize the ships in the future.

Q: When can we see corporation wallet divisions? It's a headache and pain to give every Corp builder full wallet perms. 
Also, when can we see the ability for personal hangar divisions? Perhaps with a small fee paid to the structure owner?
A: We planned a new hangar division tool for the next year as a quality of life update. Wallet divisions are not on the plan, but it is worth considering for the plan.

Q: Are there plans of adding ship stimulation where u can stimulate fits and auto fit by buying in market, this is a feature from Eve Online
A: We have finished the development of ship stimulation on the server end. The client end feature is queueing up in a future schedule.

Q: When we can play EE on Mac m1? So many players are waiting for this
A: Our apologies! According to the agreement, we currently will not have any technical investment for running on PCs and Macs. At the same time, we will not provide technical support for running our game on an emulator.

Q: What time can we get KM API and jump gate?
A: APIs are not planned for upcoming updates. We have finished the jump gate concept design, and are waiting to implement it at the right time.