AMA FAQ - December 10


Check out the second AMA FAQ! In this AMA, we talked about PvE/Industry and our future plans. We appreciated hearing all the game suggestions from our players.
New Content
Q: Why are the porpoise and orca not in consideration? And are there any plans of upgrading current mining anoms to be larger and support more mining?
A: They are in consideration. But since our plan will be more focusing on fixing known issues this coming year, they will be released later.
Q: Have you plans for content that requires manual piloting? All we do is zoom out and stay AFK for almost everything.
A: Some designers have started working on some new PVE content to provide players more fun instead of AFK ratting. This will take some time and will not be released as soon.
Q: When are we getting the new add-on structures? And can we get some info on them?
A: 2 new pirate detection array will be add to the game in perhaps 2 weeks, to increase base level and anomaly spawn rate.
Q: Are you able to share further details about the Dull Star and Gravitation-Wave Graph?
A: It will be a new kind of casual gameplay that you can decode a specific location bookmark from new types of items. The location will have some interesting loots or a challenge to fight.
Q: Will there ever be pirate faction missions in NPC stations in Null sec like there is in High sec. Just like Eve online allowing players to also band together to run PvE content instead of being limited to Low sec?
A: Yes. We are planning new PVE content for 1-5 fleet next August.
Future Plan
Q: Why are null areas now high risk and low income, especially angel areas, while high security encounters are zero risk and high income?
A: We will perform a new balance update in April. Re-evaluating the production for different region is the topic for that update.
Q: Has there been consideration on wormhole space and T3 cruisers making their way to Echoes?
A: Currently we have some balance problems. Before we fix them to an acceptable condition, we will not introduce too many new ships. Adding content doesn`t always mean adding new ship. We will do QoL updates, add new corp management tools and some new PVE and PVP gameplay.
Q: When can we see Marktet/KIllmaill/Hangar API?
A: We have had plans for API, but currently they are paused due to the change of priority. But we will resume them later.
Q: Is there a way to add trading goods so that people can do some trading with NPCs. That could bring more variety to the game.
A: Currently we don`t have a plan on that. We always encourage players to trade with each other.
Q: Now with T9 and T10 ships most PVE content is very easy. Any ideas or plan to increase difficulty?
A: We planned new PVE content in the middle of next year. It will have more challenges and the fleet size will be limited to around 1-5.
Q: When will the Drone Regions be opened?
A: Drone Regions are being kept for some brand new crazy ideas for the system mechanics. It will not be opened soon, but it will bring some big changes when it is opened.
Q: Will the entire destroyer line be retooled first? Before any other big balance updates?
A: Retooling isn't something small. Rework on the destroyer will have great impact to other ships.
Q: When can we get an in-game ship fitting preview like in EO
A: It is not our intention to copy everything from EO. In addition, I am replying to others about stuff you find very useful from EO. EE does not face the same challenges that EO did, at least from a technical perspective of control, hardware, etc. But for sure, good practices and some positive game experience we are trying to follow. It is impossible to cover all requests and suggestions. That's why we try very accurately choose our future plans.
Q: Can we hear more about the industry update?
A: Orca and other industry caps/subcaps are definitely in the plan. Mining drones and looting specialists(maybe a ship or new modules) are also on the plan.
Bug Fix
Q: When will you add true Portuguese instead of Brazilian? 
A: Oh, sorry. As a person that is involved in localization, this hurts me because it's the first time that I'm hearing this. I'll raise the issue, thanks for the feedback
Q: Why are the missile turret animations missing?
A: It`s a known bug. We are planning to fix it
Q: "Our concepts are still to make corps as the base of the social relationship of the players. We will not provide too many tools on the alliance side." Please reconsider this, or increase the size of corporations above 200 characters. 
A: We currently still want to keep the corp size at around 200. This decision comes from some data analyze about the retention rate of different players in different size of corp in both EO and EE. But still thank you for your suggestion.
Q: Are this game to move towards p2w and endless grind or is something new gonna come that make old people want to play
A: I disagree that EE is p2w project, it's really not easy just pay and have boost, and a lot of old players that haven't seen nanocore, but trying it now can approve it. 
Most of the new ideas direct on new content and attempts to satisfy different layers of players
Q: We have a bit ships with tech 9-10, but a lot of people already have those techs. Do you have a plan to increase all kinds of ships for 9-10 tech?
A: We will try to introduce more diversity to different ships. So maybe there will be some change. Details are TBD.
Q: if you make mining automatic, why not become a mining manager? You select the ships that will mine, the ones that will do the logistics, similar to X4 Foundations, which is a very fun game to control a mining company
A: We're already testing different mechanics around this topic, but current status is still unclear. We think it's a bit dangerous to have so many cardinal changes of gameplay. We can't cover only one class of players and ignore others, in terms of huge changes about the  game experience
Q: Reposting: Will alpha clones ever be able to use contracts? It's nice helping out new bros. Showing them the community is the game, and the reason it's so great.
A: It's a very tricky topic that brings increasing of RMT activities