AMA FAQ - MAY 6 & MAY 7, 2022


Check out the second AMA FAQ! In this AMA, we talked about Corporation Mission and Industrial Month. We appreciated hearing all the game suggestions from our players.

Indutrial Update

Q: Are you planning to change the current issuance system? Because the insurance is making ships out of thin air and buy orders aren't cutting it

A: The purpose of insurance is to reduce the losses of combat players and avoid leaving the game after blowing up the ship. In the future, we will still make some optimizations and improvements around insurance, such as the Eden Coin sales order converted from insurance points, the system purchase order generated by insurance, and more obvious labels on the display. In the near future we will activate the galaxy insurance buff again, increasing orders from the insurance system


Q: I am excited for the new industrial ships, but worried that the resulting increase in ore supply will crash the ore/mineral market making mining unprofitable.

A: We will launch more capital ships and corp buildings in the future to maintain the market demand for ores and minerals.


Q: With the upcoming indy update is there any plans to add in ways to sell ore directly to concord to stablize ore prices so they don't spiral out of control?

A: Selling ore directly to concord may not be an ideal solution. Because this mechanism will directly convert ore output into ISK output, the risk will be relatively large.


Q: How we will be able to obtain the BPs of the new industrial ships?

A: We will design new anomalous spaces, and players can get new ship fragments in them. BPs for new industrial ships can be obtained by reverse engineering


Q: Will Orca have better mining speed than Covetor 2?

A: In addition to the bonuses that Orca can provide, its own mining power will also be stronger than Covetor 2. And Rorqual would be better than Covetor 20


Q: Just want to say that I love the new corporation missions interface. Will it be disappearing after the event time that’s listed?

A: Corporation missions interface is permanent, don't worry!


Q: Will coveter be able use mining drones ?

A:This time there will be 2 types of mining drones: Mining Drone and 'Excavator' Mining Drone. Coveter can use the former. In fact, all ships that can use large drones can use Mining Drone. But 'Excavator' Mining Drone is equivalent to industrial fighter, so only industrial capital can use it.


Q: Will you be adding rigs related to mining drones or current industrial rigs are sufficient?

A: Current industrial rigs are sufficient.


Q:Will you have to target individual asteroids with Excavator drones? Like Ventures do? Or it will be automatic? Will orca use strip miners or only drones?

A:There are two types of excavator drones. They use different mining logic. Orca use drones only.


Q:What will be the cost of the capital mining ships? Will it be comparable to other capitals like dreads or carriers?

A:It will consume a bit more materials and ores than other existing capital ships.


Q: The current tax system is completely unfair as only PVE players pay tax. Can you implement with the new market System that this tax amount is being collected once a month with Corporation points or ISK please?

A: For the income balance of industrial players and PVE players, it is a more complicated issue. We observed that PVE players in some clans have a higher voice, while in other clans it is the opposite. We hope that the clan system can help managers better improve the experience of all types of players in the corp


Q:Will the venture IV fit mining drones?

A:I'm afraid not. Mining drones need a L-size slot.


Q: My question pertains to certain skills for the new industry capitals. With the reverse engineering of blueprints for the ships themselves, will there be a new Capital ORE Invention skill or will it be influenced by the standard ORE Invention skill?

A: The new Industrial Capital corresponds to the new skill. The original industrial skills will not have a bonus to the industrial capital, and the new industrial skills will not have a bonus to the original industrial ships.


Q: How much Ore Hold space the Rorqual and Orca are going to have.

A: Rorqual about 300,000, Orca about 150,000.


Q: Will the Rorqual have Ore Compression and how will it work?
A: Yes. It has a new module, which will help itself or its fleet menber compressing the ore in their Ore Hold.


Q: What will the skill bonuses be for the Noctis

A: Expert Industrial Ship Command bonuses its aotu looting range. Expert Industrial Ship Defense Upgrade bonuses its cargo hold.


Q: How will the orca compare to the Covetor II in yield?

A: 50% better for its own mining.


Coporation Misssion

Q:Will Corp Points be tradable?

A:Unfortunatly, no changes will be considered for the time being.


Q: Corporation Missions are one of the best tools you have ever put into EE.

It is the exact kind of thing we need more, such as sandbox tools, is that possible in the future?

A: If there's a tool that most players in the game need, we'll consider it on the agenda. Players can also actively give us feedback on what kind of tools they want.


Future Plan

Q: Will you be releasing test server for both iOS and android for industrial balance patch?

A: I'm afraid not, but we will make further adjustments based on your feedback.


Q: Could you confirm if we are expecting a whole host of new skills to fly the Rorqual?

A: We have new skills. Just get ready.


Q: After the Industry balance is deployed, what goals does the development team have for Quality of Life improvements for the next few months? Any hints as to specific areas your team sees as a need?

A: We hope to give players a new experience by providing more industrial ships, especially the capital ship. At the same time, it will also increase players' demand for minerals and ores through corporation buildings and more capital ships in the future.


Q: I would like to ask if manufactured consumables will be added at some point. These could include ammunition, and other things such as command module charges. As an industrial player, I would love both the resource sink and the feeling of directly supplying my fellow players with equipment.

A: Thanks for your rational analysis, the recycling of items is very important not only for industrial players, but also for the health of the game. We are also currently exploring new recycling mechanics that are friendly to all players. But there is no concrete plan to share with you yet. But I cannot be very responsible to say that there will be related updates and adjustments from the second half of the year.


Q: With the new cosmic anomalies that will be added to get the wrecks for the new ships, will they be everywhere in New Eden like the current capitals anomalies or are they restricted to certain geographical areas like other non-empire factions?

A: Yes, it will be in everywhere in New Eden. But the combat NPC will be different according to the region.



Q: Corporate missions are great, but what about implementing alliance market & missions?

A: We currently have no plans to develop Alliance Missions. We're currently looking to see if Corp Mission can help improve Legion's activity and iterating on it. But so far, we haven't demonstrated whether it works at the alliance level, and whether it's actually beneficial to all Legions in New Eden. So it's not clear for now.


Q: Many miners actively go ratting to earn the ISK to build ships. Given this, might it not be worth reducing some of the mining yields to reduce supply (notably Strip Miners) whilst increasing numerous mineral sinks across the board to increase demand? Has it also been considered that a T10 ratter with Reprocessing skills can harvest more minerals per hour than a T9 Procurer? Considering we Ratters get ISK from bounties, mission rewards and loot, perhaps this could be reduced to help miners?

A: Reducing the output of minerals can increase the price of minerals per unit volume, but I am afraid it will not increase the reward value of mining pilots per unit time. But it's a really good idea to boost the earnings of skilled, well-equipped mining pilots.


Q: We be getting a calculator in game?

A: This should not be a technical or design problem. But we have not observed that many pilots have this demand for the time being. Maybe use your phone's built-in calculator as an alternative.


Q: So my question is that will we get some cool new graphic changes in eve echoes? It should have some HD kind of thing since it's a space game

A: Our script Designers and Artists will be very happy to see this question.

Currently we are advancing the visual and sound effects. Including ship textures, gear effects, sound enhancements, and an editor that helps us produce better music.


Q: Another one of my question would be that how similar eve echoes could become to end online?

A: At present, the development plans of Echoes and EO are independent of each other, so there is no strict system to ensure that the detailed design and new content of the two games will be exactly the same. However, the future development directions of EE and EO are similar, because: 1. We have the same design concept; 2. We will communicate and share


Q: Also will there be more ways to obtain AUR than just buying it through real money?

A: We have no plans to adjust the AUR acquisition method and exploration gameplay for the time being.


Q: I know insurance is mostly working the way it is intended to get PvP/E players back into the game faster. How ever it has has a huge impact on the game. It has driven down the price of everything. So many players have left the game because they cannot build a ship and sell it in the market. Most rigs and modules have now become useless. Why buy lower class gear when the blue gear is cheap. There are also many other aspects of this game insurance has greatly unbalanced.
A: Strictly speaking, the reason why the goods do not sell well is not insurance. Even if there is no insurance, when safe farming players are the majority, and players willing to risk bombing ships become a minority, it will eventually lead to oversupply. We will take the issue of output recycling very seriously, and there will be new content to serve this. It's just that we don't think insurance is the main cause of this problem so far. We will not expand the issue of insurance here, I hope you understand.


Q: Will anything be done to ensure that mining is roughly as profitable as fighting NPC pirates so that both professions are a viable source of income?

A: We have increased the refresh rate of mining belts, and occasionally there will be some "surprises" in some mining belts to provide a different experience for industrial players.


Q: Can you please focus some resources to fix the local window? It should remember my settings instead of resetting to large size every warp and docking. It also starts blank a lot instead of refreshing, and fails to stay scrolled to the top. Thanks!

A: Thanks for the feedback. We have fixed this problem in the internal server, and will release the changes in the next few versions.


Q:A long time ago we were promised structures to increase the number of Capsuleer Outpost slots in systems. Will we ever get that?Can we get additional Capsuleer Outpost Content? Like upgrading them with more Low slots? New Features?Are Nanocores really a good feature? We are starting to see paywalled and power creep in them. Please reconsider -- paywalled powercreek is what killed Second Galaxy.

A:First of all, the attributes provided by nanocore currently only account for a very small part. In comparison, the attributes provided by players' ships, equipment, and skills are significantly higher than those provided by nanocore.

     Secondly, we also provide players with many ways to obtain nanocore and its upgrade materials for free in the game, such as BP and events. We hope to balance the experience of paying players and free players, and we are carefully grasping the boundaries of payment. Hope that players can understand.