List System Upcoming!


1. What is the List System?

The List System is designed to help pilots deal with complicated calculations.

Mainly characterized by a list of stored items, the system provides a series of tools to make it easier for players, such as industrial, transport, purchase, and other actions.

2. What can the List System do?

It mainly helps players to plan and pre-calculate. Especially for industrial players and Corps management. It helps industrial players in item manufacture, Corps managers in war preparation, and other needs. It can calculate, store, and view the needed items in advance, as well as view the estimated price.

For example,

An ambitious Corps leader: “Our Corps needs to build more ships. John, please purchase some materials.

Before having the list system:
John opens an Excel while logging in to the game and locates the blueprints. Looking at the material list, John calculates with Excel formulas. Suddenly, he notices that something is wrong with this step, as the Corps manufacturing skill is higher than his. Conversion is needed. He starts calculating, finding the total requirements, and putting the materials altogether. He checks the prices in the market, writes down the prices of the items he needs, in order, and finishes the calculation with a fancy excel formula. He's very proud of himself, "Well, good job the Corps has me, as I' m an Excel master!" After completing the purchase according to the list, he moves the items he just bought from the warehouse one by one to his beauty of an industrial ship and heads to the Corps. But something unexpected happens, his ship is destroyed by evil Pirate forces. John puts his head in his hands and cries, not because of his damaged ship, but because he needs to spend another hour or so shopping and moving items again.

After having the list System:
John opens a blueprint, generates an list, calculates, and saves it; opens another blueprint, generates an list, calculates, doubles it, then calculates and merges it again; saves the list and renames it as "Materials to buy today". Upon arrival at the location, open "Materials to buy today" and purchase it with one click. After the purchase is made, select all and move to the industrial ship. All work done! Even if the ship is destroyed by pirates, still simply click the button 3 more times to repeat all the tasks. John is very happy!

After getting familiar with the list system:

The Corps leader shares an list and says: "First, buy; then, transport. You know what to do."

3. Where can the list be generated?

Industry, Contract, Warehouse, Blueprint, Ship, Fit, Kill Report, and other systems can each generate their list. You may also generate a list for multiple systems at one time."

4. What features does the list have?

The list features a strong set operations function that supports doubling, merging, deducting, and containing to give players optimal assistance in item calculation.

The list allows you to Purchase all, Select all, View the price after applying discounts, and Share.