Voyage Ceremony Introduction


🎉The Voyage Ceremony is a Corp-based ceremony held by CONCORD in honor of the pioneer voyage.
✨When the ceremony starts, all ships from the participating Corps will form a fleet and fly in unison to a special system for a parade. CONCORD is also preparing a live stream for this grand ceremony, so the solidarity and strength of each Corp shall be seen in every corner of New Eden.
🥳Every Capsuleer is welcome to attend the event on YouTube if their Corp isn't listed in the ceremony, and can look forward to fabulous rewards and new information!
🤩After the ceremony, every participant's name will be engraved on the eternal monument in New Eden. Their glory will live on from generation to generation.
😊Fireworks, celebrations, and rewards are all ready. Here we sing and praise as we sail far. Count down from today until August 19th, 2022!
Note: Please keep your Corps on guard while watching the voyage ceremony in case of any sneak attack!

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