Systemshuttle! Ansible Stargate will soon inbound New Eden


Dear Pilots,

It's been over years since EVE Echoes went live. As always, thank you all for your continued support! Following the development of the system's security, an efficient andconvenient travel option to connect Null-sec with High-Sec and Empire space has become an ever-growing need amongst Pilots. From the daily community feedback,it has come to CONCORD's attention that "When will the Jump Gate go live?" is one of the major concerns of all Pilots.

We are excited to announce that the "Jump Gate", known as the Ansible Stargate, will be available soon (i.e. after the update on October 19th). Because of the occasion, we would like to share detailed information about the upcoming feature: Ansible Stargate.

——What is the Ansible Stargate——
The Ansible Stargate is a stargate system fully customizable by Pilots. It allows point-to-point FTL jump ability, even for ships without jump drives. The ability for Pilots to connect to any system within 5 light-years with the Ansiblex Stargate will completely change the topological structure of existing systems in New Eden. After the construction of this gate, systems that were 10 jumps away from each other canbe reached in just one jump.

——What the Ansible Stargate Does——
The launch of the Ansible Stargate will further improve the gaming experience. It will establish a stable space-time conduit with other Ansible Stargates in range, thereby facilitating transportation between two systems, and greatly minimizing the jump range for Pilots. In addition, the Ansible Stargate will also reshape the strategic map in the 00 areas. Well-designed stargate networks will help Alliances and Corporations drastically shorten logistic supply lines in their mission of conquering the system.

——Ansible Stargate Tutorial——
This is a tutorial compiled by CONCORD on building Stargates and using the Ansible Stargate. Hope it helps!
1. Construct and anchor: Similar to other Corporation add-on structures, Ansible Stargate conducts industrial manufacturing by purchasing blueprints in the market and uses industrial ships as transportation for anchoring in space.

2. Use stargate toestablish connection: After anchoring is completed, Corporation Management can initiate a connection request to other unanchored stargates within 5 light-years by operating the stargate in the Citadel Managementinterface. Once the relevant stargate accepts the request, the connection willbe created.

3. Set access: After the stargate is connected (same as the Citadel), there are 6 categories of Pilots' Access - "all", "Same Corporation", "Same Alliance", "Friendly towards Corporation", "Friendly towards Alliance", etc. Both stargates may have different access requirements. Pilots are allowed to use the stargate as long as access oneither side is granted.

4. Stargate routine maintenance: The Ansible Stargate requires an injection of fuel intothe Hyperspatial Portal Generator of the stargate before use. It is not possible to retrieve the injected fuel owing to the special characteristics ofthe generator. Also, ships of different tonnage will consume different amounts of fuel when using the stargate. The owner of the stargate can set the accessfee for using the gate. For different tonnage ships, the charge will be converted equally according to the fuel consumption. Stargate access fees paidby Pilots will automatically transfer to the Corporation Wallet.

Note: Establishing a connection will take up to 6 hours due to the hyper gravity effect in the space-time conduit. The connection process cannot be canceled andwill not be interrupted unless the stargate is destroyed. The stargate won't identify the Corporation or Alliance of the counterpart's stargate when connecting. It is possible for Pilots to connect with hostile stargates withthe consent of the other side. Please be careful of hostile activitie stargeting Ansible Stargate.

All information about the Jump Gate has been shared above. The Ansible Stargate will release for all Pilots on Oct. 20th!All feedback from community members is valued in New Eden. To bring the best gaming experience to players, the Development Team would like to listen to all construction comments and suggestions from you all. The Inscription of the Galaxy appreciates your dedication and support!