New Ship Introduction of 'Ember Sea Assault' !


EVE Echoes New Update: Ember Sea Assault is now available!

Meet the brand-new carrier-rigging technology, with the first glimpse of fresh modification for imperial ships.

Versatile Assault Ship

Versatile Assault Ship is a front-line combat faction carrier modified from the Imperial Carrier. The carrier's hangar, command communications, and power systems are modified by combining some of the technology of the Imperial Dreadnought. Better ship protection and the ability to control Lightweight Frigates and Lightweight Destroyers are obtained at the expense of carrier control range. As a front-line combat faction carrier, the Versatile Assault Ship can achieve a combat capability that far exceeds the normal carrier's in a short period with the support of the Carrier Swarm Defense Module, and can even face the siege of multiple battleships alone, but still struggles to confront the powerful dreadnought head-on.

Guristas Faction Anacoda

Improved by the Guristas based on a Chimera Carrier, the ship's defense capability, shield resistance, and shield extension device performance have been strengthened after incorporating Guristas technology while having a higher damage bonus for Lightweight Ships that use missiles.

Angel Cartel Vassago

Improved by the Angel Cartel based on a Nidhoggur Carrier. The Angel Cartel applied its unique technology to the vessel’s transformation, which enhanced the shields and armor while significantly increasing the maneuverability of the ship, making it potentially the most maneuverable vessel ever built.

Blood Raider Astarte

Improved by the Blood Raider Covenant based on an Archon Carrier. It has more damage enhancement for Lightweight Ships using turrets. Meanwhile, the frightening electronic warfare technology of the Blood Raider will be inherited by the Astarte, and the effects of the energy nosferatu and energy neutralizers will be enhanced.

Serpentis Corporation Villain

Improved by the Serpentis Corporation based on the Thanatos Carrier, the Villain has a higher damage bonus to Lightweight Ships using turrets, greatly improving the Stasis Webifier Speed Decrease and Effective Range.

Lightweight Ship:

In contrast to the four empires featuring giant industrial systems, the carrier fighter consumption imposes a heavy burden on the other factions' logistical systems. Engineers from different factions utilized drone technology to modify frigates and destroyers, removing warp drive and damage repair systems, greatly simplifying cargo, armor, structure, and other components, hence creating Lightweight Ships specializing in short-range combat.

As there are large differences in weapon systems between Fighter and Lightweight Ship, and the structure of Versatile Assault Ship is more complex, it is unable to use fighter rigs.
Bombard Tactics and Auto-Defense Implants are also effective for pilot-operated Lightweight Ship as they function on the Pilots directly, and drone technology remains the primary technical support of Lightweight Ships.
Lightweight Ship Rigs and Versatile Assault Ship Nanocores will be available soon in future updates.

Lightweight Ships are modified from the frigates and destroyers of the four empires, carrying corresponding missiles, lasers, and other weapons.
They have three types: General, Interceptor, Bomber
The General and Interceptor are modified from the Condor, Slasher, Executioner, and Atron, and the Interceptor features Warp Scrambler as Electronic Warfare modules along with enhanced mobility. The Bomber is designed based on the Manticore, Hound, Purifier, and Nemesis, featuring strong firepower but weaker protection and lower mobility.

Lightweight Destroyers have two types: General and Offense.
Transformed from the Corax, Thrasher, Coercer, and Catalyst, their firepower and protection are fully enhanced compared to the Lightweight Frigates, and the Offense type is equipped with Stasis Webifier as Electronic Warfare modules.

Swarm Carrier Defense Module

The special combat module of the Versatile Assault Ship will greatly enhance the combat capability of the Lightweight Ship and the defense capability of the Carrier once used, as well as transfer the damage suffered by the Lightweight Ship to the Carrier by utilizing the Energy Burst.