AMA FAQ - December 26, 2022


Thank you for participating in our AMA on December 26. In this AMA, we talked about the development plan for the coming new year. We appreciated hearing all the game suggestions from our players.

New Content
Q: Will we be getting Titans possibly in the first half of the year or the second ? Or not at all in the new year.
Cloud: Titan is expected to meet with you on the occasion of the anniversary.

Q: Is there a plan to bring in new users? Like removing the skill tier system. 
Jamie: It is expected that in March-April, we will update new content and improvements for new players, corps, and buildings. For example, chips that can learn battleship skills without tech level.

Q: Regarding the tradable purple nanocore. Is the feature unlocked for all nanocores or limited to the new specific type of the nanocore?
Cloud: There will be a gradual opening process for tradable purple nano cores, and the relevant details are still being worked out. It is not limited to new nanocores

Q: Any plans to have new kinds of sub cap anoms? 
Cloud: There are new easily discoverable anoms. What's more, we will add some new enemies, new challenges, and new rewards to the old anoms.

Q: Are there any plans to add wormholes with anoms and sites with access to only certain ship class?
Cloud: Yes, "sites with access to only certain ship class".

Q: Can you give us an example of what kind of special ships you plan to release, and when can we expect Faction Dreadnought?
Jamie: The first is mainly conventional ships such as special frigates, cruisers, and battleships.

Future Plan
Q: What changes are going to be made in 2023 to help the industry?
Jamie: We will try to optimize insurance and logistics to promote better circulation of industrial products. There will also be more valuable industrial products.

Q: Any plans to implement strategic Cruisers (Amarr Legion, Caldari Tengu, Gallente Proteus, Minmatar Loki)?
Cloud: Not now. We will release more special edition ships first, not Tier III cruisers.

Q: Have the yan-jung content (new ships, events, etc) been planned out for 2023?
Cloud: We all pay great love to yan-jung, so yanjung content will not be published too hastily, but there will be more yan-jung content in 2023.

Q: When will we see APIs for public information like Market Data?
Cloud: It is a difficult process for APIs to grow from scratch. Currently, we are considering KM and the market. But there is no confirmed update date.

Q: Will there be a proper rebalance of implants and how they interact with their weapons type? Lasers are completely overpowered currently while some weapons types have been left behind in terms of dps.
Cloud: Yes. At least 2 major balance changes per year are planned. In April and November. There will be some minor adjustments at other times, as long as this adjustment is very much needed.

Q: When will we get the ability to name our ships?
Jamie: This feature affects many contents and requires extensive and comprehensive testing. It will be updated with the version when we think it can be updated.

Q: When will the porpoise be available? Its stats are seen in-game by going into shops, skins, and industrial ship skins.
Jamie: At present, weapons such as missiles, drones, and cannons do not have high-DPM implants, and they will be gradually added in the future.

Q: Is there any plan to add c-type drone modules, for example, damage amplifier, as they exist for all other weapon types?
Cloud: C-Type is possible in the future.

Q: Will we be able to harvest gas and mine ice belts in the future?
Cloud: Possibly, but certainly not in the first half of the year.

Q: Please can we reprocess all nanocores again, as I now have nanocores I'm not going to use and can't trade them or make them useful.
Cloud: We will make this content next year in two aspects: some purple nanocores can be traded; excess purple nanocores can be used for important purposes.

Q: Will old industry recipes be changed to require more ore and less isk?
Cloud: BP Industry recipes generally do not change. What has changed is that it is possible to have more skills and buildings.