Starry Night Flight Introduction


At long last, YC125 has arrived, and it's time to start a prospective shipbuilding program in preparation for the long voyage.

CONCORD is therefore calling for carrier design from all Pilots. You'll be working from scratch to research and make critical decisions on carriers' capabilities.

The study will be based on an existing aircraft carrier in a historical military museum. Pilots will be on the front line, drawing designs for a new carrier in the interstellar era step by step and working out co-design programs while learning the development of carriers and naval combat theory.


Ship-Rental Project
Event Duration: Jan. 4th - Feb. 8th
Event Details:
During the Starry Night Flight, the top priority is to join in the Ship-rental Project to facilitate the carrier design process. By renting ships to social groups, you will receive extra design points in addition to ISK and other general rewards.

Carrier Design
Event Duration: Jan. 11th - Feb. 8th
Event Details:
Accelerate carrier design progress bar. Each time the progress bar reaches a major milestone, an event will be triggered and Pilots will be required to make a choice, which will affect the carrier design and the carrier's function.
1) Improve the carrier design drawing:
To design a carrier you will need to design: three parts, one color, and four pieces of equipment. Completing an event will add new content to the carrier design: a particular part of the design, a specific piece of equipment, or a certain color combination. 
2) Lead design direction: 
The design direction is the current combat role that the carrier tends to. Different parts selected by Pilots in the events will eventually lead the carrier to one of the combat roles. The design direction is only determined by the 3 parts selected by Pilots.
3) Unlock rewards: Complete an event and share your carrier design for a mysterious surprise!
Join in to design your own carrier!

Directive Design
The directive design will be the joint effort of all pilots.
Options that meet the specific criteria and are selected by the majority in an event will be applied to the directive design.
Let's gather the strength of the entire server, and create the carrier for the future voyage together!