Corporations Clash Introduction


Dear pilots, 

Do you remember the Verge of Silence Event in May 2022? On the first day of the event, numerous battles broke out in the Systems. From Frigates to Capital Ships, countless ships were destroyed. 

Based on the mechanic of the Verge of Silence, we came up with an idea: Corporations Clash, a system that aims to solve the problems such as assembly difficulty, long-distance travel, and huge losses, when corporations are fighting against each other.


To improve the cooperative combat capability of Capsuleer Corporations, CONCORD has established the Corporation Warfare Simulation System at all Stations.

Only the Corporation Management members who have the relevant authorization can initiate/accept/refuse the Corporation Clash. They can also view the initiated and pending Clash records in Current Clash.

The initiator can choose the mode, type, time and the number of the participants of the Clash.


After one corporation successfully initiates a Corporation Clash, the rival corporation will receive a Battle Invitation in My Corporation - Current Clash - Battle Request. (If it is Arena mode, all corporations can view the Clash in My Corporation - Find an opponent, but only the first one who accepts it can participate successfully).


After the rival corporation accepts the request, members of both sides can enter the battlefield from stations, Personal Citadels or Corporation Citadels when the time comes.


In the battlefield, each side has one Base Station and two Shield Defense Arrays. You can only attack the base after destroying both Shield Defense Arrays. You win by destroying the opponent's base station.


If no base is destroyed at the end of the battle, the side with the highest score wins. 
The score is determined by the damage dealt to the opponent's Base and Shield Defense Arrays, as well as the ship loss value.


Participation in the Corporation Clash will not be rewarded. We want to avoid the situation that the system is taken advantage of by some corporations seeking rewards only, and we hope everyone can simply have fun in the Corporation Clash.

Gameplay Highlights
1. Easier to assemble
Corporation members can fly their ships into the battlefield from any station, Personal Citadel, or Corporation Citadel at the scheduled time. No more traveling to the assembly point, greatly lowering the risks of failed assembly.

2.Cross-region battles
It's more convenient for two far-apart corporations to join battles, without worrying about losing participants due to issues encountered on the way to the battlefield.

3.Friendly alliance contest
It provides a platform for corporations who want to challenge their allies, with the intention to practice and enhance their tactics.
We believe that corporations will fight with manners in the arena.

4.Tactical examination
It offers a stage for tactical masters in New Eden to show their talents and verify their strategy in every battle.
We may have a new tactical master in New Eden in the near future.

5.Corporation Glory
We also made Corporation honor badges, representing the power of the Corporation as well as bringing a sense of honor to members.


After its release, there will be 4 weeks of testing time to test the stability as well as to optimize the gameplay. All battle data will be deleted after the test. All Pilots who have participated in Corporation Clash will have a chance to win a 30-day Omega Duo Bundle. We will draw the raffle and announce the winners after the test.