The Brand New Series Of Nanocore, Intelligent Nanocore Coming Soon!


Dear pilots:
To bring you a better gaming experience, we have been focusing on continuously improving gameplay. Recently we noticed PVE gameplay has some operations that need to be performed repeatedly, which will not only isn't fun, but also increases the fatigue of everyone.

Therefore, we have introduced the Intelligent Nanocore, which can be obtained by upgrading the Purple Nanocore, with the original attributes retained. Pilots can apply it to unlock the AI function, and avoid repetitive operations in simple combat missions. In the future, this AI feature can be expanded to many fields such as mining and transportation. Be careful when using it, as it's possible to be attacked by other pilots in low-sec and null-sec regions; and according to the New Eden AI Ethics Agreement, will not actively initiate attacks on other pilots. This feature also has a daily limit setting, so that all pilots can experience a better life as a capsuleer.

We also hope that through this feature, all pilots can be freed from some repetitive operations and allocate their time and energy more reasonably, so that they can further enjoy the fun brought by the game.

However, there are some limitations to this feature, such as the fact that it can only be used to fight in normal Cosmic Anomaly in this system or to automatically pick up and complete High-Sec Combat Encounters missions. If pilots have any suggestions for this feature or more new features, feel free to discuss them with the development team through the Discord community. 

The Scope
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