Dear Pilots,

Thank you for taking note of the balance of the game and all your suggestions are appreciated. We aim to improve the fairness of the game and create a challenging yet fun experience. After taking your feedback, server data, and game planning into consideration, we are launching a balance update in April.

The main content is as follows: 

  • New Ship: Noctis II
  • New Modules: General Fire-control System, Industrial Core Module, and Signal Amplifier
  • Drones: Enhanced accuracy and faction characteristics
  • Logistics: Enhanced logistical effect
  • Implants: Barrage Repression, Support Projection, and Focused Crystal, etc.
  • Rigs: Velocity Rig and Scanning Rig
  • Benefits: Nanocore Exchange, Lazarus Unit Gift

1. Noctis II
To make it more convenient for Capsuleers to salvage shipwrecks, we have launched Noctis II, which focuses on cargo capacity. This model comes with a drone launch tube and a larger cargo hold. The test data shows a threefold increase in cargo capacity.
How to obtain: Manufacture them based on the blueprints obtained via reverse engineering.

2. Industrial Core Modules
The efficiency of a mining drone might not be maximized due to the way it operates. To improve the Orca's performance in mining, we have introduced Small Industrial Core Modules for the Orca. Once activated, the module can improve the drone's mining amount and combat capabilities, boost the effect of its shield booster, and compress ores in its cargo hold.
How to obtain: Manufacture them based on the blueprints obtained via reverse engineering.

3. General Fire-control Systems
To provide more diverse fitting strategies for versatile assault ships, we have launched the general fire-control system. The experimental device introduces various technologies for weapons to improve performance, such as Heat Sinks, Gyrostabilizers, and Tracking Computers, which are effective for all types of lightweight ships.
How to obtain: Manufacture them based on the blueprints purchased in the CONCORD Pass Shop.

4. Drones
The data shows that Amarr and Minmatar have the most popular drones. As the performance of Caldari's and Gallente's fall short of expectations, we have increased their damage (similar to fighters). Additionally, we have increased the range of small drones and the turret tracking velocity of medium and large drones to solve the issue of the drones' actual combat performance being inferior to their shown values.

5. Lightweight Ships
As the explosive damage mechanisms of missiles and turrets are different, the performance of lightweight ships that use turrets in battles is a far cry from those of the Corax and the Condor. For this, we have fixed the issue of turrets dealing less damage than missiles at the same level. We have increased the turret tracking velocity like what we did to the drones and adjusted the precision of Destroyers to be the same as Frigates that use small weapons.

6. Logistics
To improve drone efficiency and reduce unnecessary waiting, we have reduced the activation time of all Logistic Drones to 4 seconds and enhanced the repair effectiveness of all drones. Thanks to the above enhancement, the logistical capabilities of the Nestor and the four Force Auxiliaries have improved significantly.
To reduce the risk of untimely armor repair, we have proportionally reduced the effectiveness and activation time of Capital Armor Repairer. We have also increased the range of the Capital Remote Repair Module to improve its performance in sieges.

7. Implants
Barrage Repression
The velocity decrease effect of Suppressive Fire has been enhanced. At the same time, the activation time, durability consumption, and duration have been reduced accordingly. 1 Cannon ammo is loaded immediately after Suppressive Fire use.
Support Projection
At the moment, a Raven or Typhoon team fitted with Support Projection can almost make the module system of all ships crash, which can be fatal to those who are jammed. To optimize Capsuleers' experience, allow more space for combat controls and strategies, and enhance the characteristics of the ships from the empires (Caldari is the best at jamming technologies), we have included sensor strength in the determination of ECM success rate.
If the sensor strength of your ship is stronger than your enemy's, you will be more likely to succeed in jamming the enemy with ECM. If not, the success rate will be low. We have also introduced Signal Amplifiers which can be manufactured based on the blueprints purchased in the CONCORD Pass Shop. This device, which enhances sensor strength and locking speed, is suitable for ships that are good at electronic jamming or require high ECM resistance.
Generally speaking, the greater the tonnage of a ship, the stronger its sensor strength. The jamming resistance of capital ships against ships of low tonnage has been improved. Please note that capital ships are not invincible, as you can still increase your jamming success rate by outnumbering them. We will carry out further balancing adjustments on the sensor strength based on actual performance.
Focused Crystals
Thanks to its unique stacking mechanism that doesn't consume durability, the Focused Crystal is perfect for fast weapons but not so much for slow, less accurate weapons. Its maximum damage is high, causing massive losses when it misses the target. So, we have made the following adjustments to make its strength more reasonable, its applicability wider, and the fitting strategy more diverse.
To reduce the loss incurred by misses, we have improved the basic stacking speed and the stacking speed of the rapid charging branch and reduced the cooldown time of crystal stimulation.
To tone down its advantage in maximum damage compared with other Implants, we keep the damage increase without changing the speed within a given time frame. This shortens the time to achieve the maximum bonus and reduces the maximum damage. In addition, we have also optimized the crystal enhancement branch by making sure it takes effect once selected.
To improve the fairness of battles and avoid unnecessary firepower waste, we have adjusted the basic combat mechanics so the calculation will not be triggered when hitting a target immune to damage (such as Stargates and ores). Effects based on damage calculation will not be consumed or stacked.
Affected Implants include: Barrage Repression, High Power Coil, Focused Crystal, Bombard Tactics and Automatic Defense.

8. Rigs
Currently, the attribute stacking and falloff method of two rigs does not conform to the settings. To reduce situations that exceed the range and maintain balance, we have decided to make the following adjustments.
For Targeting System Subcontroller, the calculation for its attribute bonus has been adjusted to the standard stacking method for common rigs. The percentage will be calculated according to the base value instead of the current value.
The falloff will work correctly when the attributes of modules and rigs that grant flight velocity bonuses are stacked. According to the item's description and setting, the stacking of this attribute will lead to falloff. After the adjustment, the falloff effect will occur when 3 or more modules or rigs that grant velocity bonus are fitted. When 2 rigs are used, the falloff effect is negligible.
Affected rigs and modules include: Hydraulic Bay Thruster, Drone Flight Accelerator, Fighter Flight Accelerator, Auxiliary Thruster, Missile Guidance Enhancer, Drone Navigation Computer and Fighter Microwarpdrive Guide.

9. Benefits
Nanocores of the "Clear Sky" and "Neon Gas" series are now available for exchange.
Considering that Capsuleers may have Lazarus Unit needs after the balance adjustment, the CONCORD will provide Capsuleers with up to 10M Lazarus Units as gifts. During the event, reach Tech Level 5 to 10 to claim a certain number of Lazarus Units.

5 300,000
6 700,000
7 1,500,000
8 2,500,000
9 2,500,000
10 2,500,000


The above constitutes the main content of this balancing adjustment. We are well aware that Capsuleers may have a lot of feedback but, due to limited resources and priorities, we will only make the above adjustments this time. Thank you for your understanding. We will make further adjustments based on your feedback and the actual situation to ensure a good gaming experience for you. 

The Scope
YC125. Apr