The long-awaited special edition advanced ships will arrive on May 17th! More options for you to explore New Eden and engage in interstellar combat! 

Navy Issue Battleship
As the Battleship Upgrade technology matures, the four Empires and the major factions are starting to extend this advanced technology to smaller tonnage ships. As the backbone of an empire's military, Striker battleships will be the first to receive technological upgrades.
Based on the profound impression left by the firepower of the Striker battleships, the tech departments of the Empires have decided to develop a new class of ships that further enhances their weapons capabilities: the Navy Issue. These battleships are upgraded versions of their Striker predecessor, with a specific focus on improving the fire-control system. This modification provides significantly improved weapon power and moderately enhanced sensor strength and locking speed. However, overloading the fire-control system could result in a decrease in the reload system's efficiency, leading to increased cooldown times for the primary weapon.

Raven Navy Issue

Tempest Fleet Issue

Apocalypse Navy Issue

Megathron Navy Issue


Faction Cruiser
As a symbol that combines firepower and mobility in this universe, Faction Cruiser becomes one of the first non-capital ships to get upgrade and transformation.

Upgraded from the Gila, this cruiser is a Heavy Cruiser equipped with the latest force recon ship technology. With its cloaking device, this ship can covertly infiltrate enemy territories and provide reconnaissance and guidance for allied fleets through its Cynosural Field Generator. Additionally, the cruiser's fire-control system has been considerably enhanced, creating an largely improved weapon range.

Upgraded from the Phantasm, this Heavy Interdiction Cruiser is equipped with advanced interdiction technology capable of generating a warp disruption field. On top of this, the cruiser's upgraded damage control system allows it to allocate resources effectively for a significant improvement in its shield resistance, at the cost of partially reducing its firepower. These improvements make these dreadful monstrosities an excellent choice for capturing fast-moving ships and surviving perilous situations unscathed.

The Adrestia is a Heavy Firepower Cruiser upgraded from the Vigilant, with incredible flying speed for a Heavy Assault Ship, thanks to its lightweight alloy parts and prototype ion thrusters. It retains the electronic warfare bonuses of the Vigilant's Stasis Webifier while adding a bonus to its warp disruptors. Furthermore, its upgraded damage control system enables it to divert firepower to enhance its speed of repair significantly.

Upgraded from the Cynabal, this High Mobility Heavy Firepower Cruiser is a formidable ship that boasts extensive electronic warfare and covert ops capabilities. It maintains the signature high speed and devastating firepower of Angel Cruisers, while incorporating an enhanced fire-control system that greatly improves its firepower delivery efficiency.