To improve the welfare and cohesion of the Corporations, reduce the pressure on small and medium-sized Corporations in combat, and enhance the battle readiness of New Eden, the Corporation Tech system is now made available by CONCORD.
1. Corporation Standing
Corporation Standing is a special credit system issued by CONCORD, which can represent the overall reputation of each Corporation from the CONCORD perspective. It can also be applied as currency to exchange for special technology items or to upgrade Corporation Tech with CONCORD.
Corporations can earn Standings through various means and spend them to raise their assessment level and improve different techs, activating various bonuses.
Starting from the next season of the Inscription of the Galaxy, Corporation Standings will be added to its rewards. Standing rewards may also be added to limited-time events. See the actual event page on its availability.
Supplies Gathering
CONCORD has discovered a new region and explored it. Yet, the enemies there are powerful, and thus, the war there is at a stalemate. In response, CONCORD has issued Supplies Gathering missions to support the distant region exploration operation.
Every week, CONCORD will issue a list of supplies to different Corporations. CONCORD is currently calling for mass-produced ships, modules, and rigs.
Due to the unpredictable nature of war consumption, the list of supplies changes every week. Standing rewards for different supplies vary, and each Corporation may only submit a maximum of 150 items every week.
Corporation Managers may prioritize certain items based on their own need and publish acquisition orders for them on the Corporation Market.

2. Tech Upgrade
After earning Standings, Corporation CEO may spend Standings and ISK to raise the Corporation’s assessment level. Every level-up unlocks some techs. Assessment level can be upgraded to at most Lv.5.
There are many types of Corporation Tech, and 16 types are made available in the first batch. Corporation CEO may spend Standings and ISK to upgrade them and obtain their bonuses.
Preview of some of the techs:
The Outpost Deployment System. An automated system that assists in building the Corporation Outpost by allowing pre-installation of some structures, thereby reducing the deployment time of outposts.
The Outpost Management System. An energy management system for upgrading the Corporation Outpost, improving the Corporation Outpost’s Energy Anchor Point.
Capital Ship Manufacture Technology Upgrade. Upgrades the Capital Ship Manufacture Technology of the Corporation Citadel, improving the efficiency of manufacturing capital ships in the Corporation Citadel. Upgrading the tech reduces the material requirements for all capital ships.
Enhanced Tax Center. Enhances the management of the Tax Center, increasing its bonus to the Corporation’s tax affairs.
Reinforced Pirate Detection Array. Reinforces the Pirate Detection Array’s monitoring system, increasing its bonus in both the normal and reinforced states.
Shield Hardener. A Shield Hardening Array enhancement system for supermassive space structures. Upgrading the tech improves the Shield Resistance of Corporation Outpost, Citadel, and Keepstar.
Infernal Environment Simulation. Enhances the Space Lab’s capability in simulating infernal environments. Upgrading the tech increases the bonus to the success rate of module reverse engineering of the Space Lab.
As there are many different techs with different effects, please refer to the in-game screen for specific details about each tech.

The Scope