Patch Notes - May 17


Dear pilots of New Eden,
EVE Echoes will undergo maintenance on 5/17/2023 at 08:00 (UTC+0) and will take approximately 120 minutes to complete. During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience during the maintenance.

Starry Night Flight: Azure

Open Time: 08:00 May 17, 2023 - 08:00 June 7, 2023 (UTC+0)
Welcome to Project Starry Night Flight: Azure. We’ve embarked on a new chapter to Supercarrier Directive Design. Assist in CONCORD’s work and welcome the arrival of CyanSea Carrier and four other Supercarriers.
Starry Night Flight Event Encounters are now open. Complete the Missions every week and obtain rewards.

Starry Night Flight: Event Manual
Open Time: 08:00 May 17, 2023 - 08:00 June 7, 2023 (UTC+0)
Starry Night Flight: The Event Manual is now available!
Complete the Missions to obtain Special Faction Cruiser Opt Box. Unlock the Manual to obtain Standard Implant Opt Supply, Special Battleship Opt Box, and other great rewards.

Starry Night Flight Shop is now open, offering many items such as Secret Transport Container, Ship Opt Box, Implant Materials, Skill Points, and more.

New Content

The very first Directive Design by Capsuleers and CONCORD Aerospace, CyanSea, has completed its maiden voyage.
CyanSea has obtained special permission from CONCORD for operation in the High-Sec area.
After incorporating the design proposals from the Capsuleers, CyanSea will feature the following characteristics:
Multi-weapon combat system: Capable of deploying both fighters and capital weapons in combat at the same time. However, the capital weapon puts a burden on the carrier’s combat system, causing a slight decrease in its rate of fire.
Modified warp drive: Improvement to its warp speed.
Shield Defense: Employing the Shield Defense system, improving the effect of its Shield Resistance and Shield Repair modules.

How to obtain:
Capsuleers may use Ship Blueprints and Data Materials to reverse-engineer the blueprint for CyanSea. They may then build the carrier, CyanSea, with the required components detailed in the blueprint.
Participate in the limited-time event, Starry Night Flight: Azure, and you will have a chance to obtain CyanSea Carrier and its blueprint directly.

Carrier Command Enhanced Module
Capsuleers expressed differing opinions regarding the choice of the command system in the Directive Design, so we are releasing two types of Carrier Command Modules to enhance the combat capabilities of CyanSea:
Centralized Command Carrier Command Enhanced Module
A mid slot module that increases the carrier's shield and armor resistance, enhances the effect of Shield Command Burst, improves the carrier's mobility and velocity, and enhances the damage of its fighters.

Decentralized Command Carrier Command Enhanced Module
A mid slot module that increases the carrier's shield and armor resistance, enhances the effect of Skirmish Command Burst, improves the fighters'velocity and damage, and slightly improves the velocity of the carrier.

How to obtain:
Participate in the event Starry Night Flight: Azure for a chance to obtain Enhanced Module Blueprints. Use the Blueprint for industrial manufacture.
The blueprint will be added to the CONCORD Store when the CONCORD Pass updates.

Navy Faction Battleship
As the Battleship Upgrade technology matures, the four Empires are starting to extend this advanced technology to smaller tonnage ships. As the backbone of an empire's military, Striker battleships will be the first to receive technological upgrades.
These Navy Issue Battleships are upgraded versions of their predecessor, with a specific focus on improving the fire-control system. This modification provides significantly improved weapon power and moderately enhanced sensor strength and locking speed. Meanwhile, it also retains the formidable Siege Mode of the Strikers and takes the concept of long-range heavy firepower to the extreme.
As the new variant battleship was introduced into the Imperial Navy faction, its high degree of technological similarity allowed Navy Issue to be compatible with the nanocore of the base battleships.
However, overloading the fire-control system could result in a decrease in the reload system's efficiency, leading to increased cooldown times for the primary weapon.
4 new battleships will be released: Raven Navy Issue, Apocalypse Navy Issue, Megathron Navy Issue, and Tempest Fleet Issue
How to obtain:
Reverse-engineer with the Reverse-engineer Materials obtained from Classfied III to obtain the Blueprint. Use the Blueprint for industrial manufacture with the Striker as the material.

Faction Cruiser
As a symbol that combines firepower and mobility in the universe, Faction Cruiser becomes one of the first non-flagship battleships to undergo upgrade and transformation in different factions.
Upgraded from the Gila, this cruiser is a Heavy Cruiser equipped with the latest force field recon technology. With its cloaking device, this ship can covertly infiltrate enemy territories and provide reconnaissance and guidance for allied fleets through its Cynosural Field Generator. Additionally, the cruiser's fire-control system has been considerably enhanced, creating an extensive weapon range.
Special Mode: Sniper Mode

Upgraded from the Phantasm, the Heavy Interdiction Cruiser is equipped with advanced interdiction technology capable of generating a warp disruption field. On top of this, the cruiser's upgraded damage control system allows it to allocate resources effectively for a significant improvement in its shield resistance, even at the cost of reducing its firepower. These improvements make these formidable monstrosities an excellent choice for capturing fast-moving ships and surviving perilous situations unscathed.
Special Mode: Defense Mode

The Adrestia is a Heavy Firepower Cruiser upgraded from the Vigilant, with incredible flying speed for a Heavy Assault Ship, thanks to its lightweight alloy parts and prototype ion thrusters. It retains the electronic warfare bonuses of the Vigilant's Stasis Webifier while adding a bonus to its warp disruptors. Furthermore, its upgraded damage control system enables it to divert firepower to enhance its rate of repair significantly.
Special Mode: Repairing Mode

Upgraded from the Cynabal, the High Mobility Heavy Firepower Cruiser is a formidable cruiser that boasts extensive electronic warfare and covert ops capabilities. It maintains the signature high speed and firepower of Angel Cruisers, while incorporating an enhanced fire-control system that greatly improves its firepower delivery efficiency.
Special Mode: Batter Mode

How to obtain:
Reverse-engineer with the Reverse-engineer Materials obtained from Classfied III to obtain the Blueprint. Use the Blueprint for industrial manufacture with the respective prototype Faction Cruiser as the material.

Minable Gas
Note: Due to the limited capability of mobile devices, the gas effect at Medium Graphics Quality or below will be disabled to improve the game’s frame rate.
CONCORD has found a new material, Fullerite, from the gas clouds orbiting asteroid belts in its latest research project. Fullerite is the solid-state manifestation of fullerene molecules and can be found naturally occurring within interstellar gas clouds.
Fullerene-based technology has applications in electronics, propulsion and engineering as well as the construction of ultra-hard metal alloys and heat-resistant weapons systems.

Available at asteroid belts in 0.4 to -1.0 security status solar systems and can be mined with Mining Laser, Strip Miner, or Mining Drone.

Available at asteroid belts in 0.4 to -1.0 security status solar systems and can be mined with Mining Laser, Strip Miner, or Mining Drone.

PPD Fullerene Fiber
This intricate filling structure material paves the way for more advanced starship construction with its unparalleled strength-to-mass ratio. Advanced starships' protective devices and maintenance equipment will require a significant amount of fullerene fiber to manufacture.
How to obtain:
It can be industrially manufactured after obtaining its Blueprint from the market

Experiment Data
Ship Upgrade Experiment Data
Experiment data from examining various ship debris, which includes classified info such as detailed ship structure, command system, and fire-control system of different ships. The data can be used to reverse-engineer blueprints of advanced customized ships.
How to obtain:
Obtained from Classified III.

New Skills
Polymer Material Manufacture
Skill in adeptly manufacturing intricate polymer material. Master it to increase your manufacturing efficiency of intricate items such as polymer materials.

CONCORD Capital Ship Invention Principles
Knowledge of the working principles of CONCORD capital ships. Master it to increase your invention efficiency for CONCORD capital ships.

New Core
Special Faction Cruiser Trailblazer Nanocore Opt Box added to CONCORD Pass Shop, which includes the Trailblazer Nanocore compatible with the four new Faction Cruisers.

Balance adjustment

We've analyzed the actual combat performance of all ships and found out that some of the ships failed to reflect their class characteristics. Therefore, we’ve made the following adjustments:
Increased repairing distance and effect of Logistics Frigates. Adjusted the roles bonus to Optimal Range +100%, Accuracy Falloff +100%, and Remote Repair effect +50%.
Added 2 single attribute resistance bonuses of 15% and 25%, respectively, to Assault Frigates and Assault Destroyers. Since different factions excel in different technologies, the type of resistance added is different as well.
Increased the number of low slots from 4 to 5 and added a unique bonus to Guard Destroyers: Small Defense Module Speed Reduction -12.5%
Added a unique bonus to Guard Cruisers: Small Defense Module Speed Reduction -12.5% and Medium Defense Module Speed Reduction -17.5%
Increased the Drone Velocity bonus for Destroyers using drones from 12.5% to 25%
Changed the Optimal Range +25% bonus for Destroyers using turrets to Range +25% (now offer a bonus to Accuracy Falloff as well)
Added a new effect to Sniper Mode: Drone Velocity +25%

To enhance the characteristics of the ships and optimize the experience for new Capsuleers, we've also adjusted the bonuses of the following ships:
Removed the tech level requirement for Noctis and Noctis II
Reduced the tech level requirement for Retriever and 3 other Mining Barges by 1
Removed the Energy Neutralizer bonus of Algos and its variants, and increased their Drone EHP from +5% to +10%
Removed the Energy Nosferatu bonus of Corax and its variants, and increased their Small Missile/Torpedo explosion velocity from +10% to +15%
Added a new bonus for Blackbird, Scorpion, and their variants: Sensor Strength +5% per level
Increased the Optimal Range of Naga III from +5% to +10%
Increased the Tracking Speed of Talos III from +5% to +7.5%
Increased the Drone Defense of Myrmidon and its variants from +5% to +10%

Showdown Mode
To add flexibility to the Showdown Mode and minimize the case of 2 minutes weapon cooldown downtime due to button misclick, we’ve redesigned the effect of Capital Ship Showdown Mode:
Removed the Missile Activation Time -80% bonus from the Showdown Mode, and reduced the base activation time of 3 Capital Missiles by 80%.
Adjusted both the Turret and Missile Damage Bonus to +300% in the Showdown Mode. We’ve increased the Capital Turret Damage to 210% and reduced the Capital Missile Damage to 50% accordingly to keep the firepower consistent with the pre-adjustment level.
As an example, here are the details of Capital Cruise Missile before and after the adjustment:
Activation Time 120s >> 24s
Damage   2808*4  >>  1404*4
Normal DPS  93.6  >>  234
Showdown Mode DPS 936 >> 936 (the effect of the Showdown Mode is Damage +300%)

We' ve discovered that it is possible to be unable to locate any relic sites for an extended period of time while scanning, so the reward for the persistent effort was too little. To address this, we’ve made the following optimizations.
Increased the overall spawn rate of scan locations by 100% and reduced the chance of them spawning at the same location by 20%
Added some Expert Skill Chip Blueprints to the loot crates from Lv.4 and Lv.5 data sites

Reduced the maximum number of Asteroid Belts that may exist at a time by 20% and increased the ore reserve of each Asteroid Belt by 25% to reduce the downtime for Capsuleers when mining

Warp Feature
To improve the experience of Capsuleers with autopiloting in lower security star systems and waiting at the Stargate, we've made the following optimizations to the warp feature:
After a successful start of warping, firing weapons will no longer deal damage to enemies.
After being interrupted in the warp preparation state, the capacitors occupied when locking onto the warp target will be refunded.

Corporation Tech
In order to improve the welfare and cohesion of the Corporations, reduce the pressure on small and medium-sized Corporations in combat, and enhance the battle readiness of New Eden, the Corporation Tech system is now made available by CONCORD.
Corporations can earn Standings through various means and spend them to raise their assessment level and improve different techs, activating various bonuses.
Earning Standing
Corporation Standings can be earned from the Inscription of the Galaxy, limited-time events, and Supplies Gathering missions.
Starting from the next season of the Inscription of the Galaxy, Corporation Standings will be added to its rewards. Standing rewards may also be added to limited-time events. See the actual event page on its availability.
Supplies Gathering
CONCORD has discovered a new region and explored it. Yet, the enemies there are powerful, and thus, the war there is at a stalemate. In response, CONCORD has issued Supplies Gathering missions to support the distant region exploration operation.
Every week, CONCORD will issue a list of supplies to different Corporations. CONCORD is currently calling for mass-produced ships, modules, and rigs.
Due to the unpredictable nature of war consumption, the list of supplies changes every week. Standing rewards for different supplies vary, and each Corporation may only submit a maximum of 150 items every week.
Corporation Managers may prioritize certain items based on their own need and publish acquisition orders for them on the Corporation Market.
Please do note that while the reward for the acquisition order is set by the Manager and will be given to the member offering the item, the item itself will not be delivered to the Corporation but will instead be collected by CONCORD and will be deployed to the combat frontline. The Corporation will earn a certain amount of Standings as a reward.
How to operate (Manager): Corporation Market > Manager Mode > Supplies Gathering > Publish
How to operate (Affiliate): Corporation Market > Corporation Purchase > Complete

Tech Upgrade
After earning Standings, Corporation CEO may spend Standings and ISK to raise the Corporation’s assessment level. Every level-up unlocks some techs. Assessment level can be upgraded to at most Lv.5.
There are many types of Corporation Tech, and 16 are made available in the first batch. Corporation CEO may spend Standings and ISK to upgrade them and obtain their bonuses.
How to operate: Corporation Home Screen > Corporation Function List > Corporation Tech
Preview of some of the techs:
The Outpost Deployment System. An automated system that assists in building the Corporation Outpost by allowing pre-installation of some structures, thereby reducing the deployment time of outposts.
The Outpost Management System. An energy management system for upgrading the Corporation Outpost, improving the Corporation Outpost’s Energy Anchor Point.
Capital Ship Manufacture Technology Upgrade. Upgrades the Capital Ship Manufacture Technology of the Corporation Citadel, improving the efficiency of manufacturing capital ships in the Corporation Citadel. Upgrading the tech reduces the material requirements for all capital ships.
Enhanced Tax Center. Enhances the management of the Tax Center, increasing its bonus to the Corporation’s tax affairs.
Reinforced Pirate Detection Array. Reinforces the Pirate Detection Array’s monitoring system, increasing its bonus in both the normal and reinforced states.
Shield Hardener. A Shield Hardening Array enhancement system for supermassive space structures. Upgrading the tech improves the Shield Resistance of Corporation Outpost, Citadel, and Keepstar.
Infernal Environment Simulation. Enhances the Space Lab's capability in simulating infernal environments. Upgrading the tech increases the bonus to the success rate of module reverse engineering of the Space Lab.
As there are many different techs with different effects, please refer to the in-game screen for specific details about each tech.

Corporation Citadel
After engaging with the new enemy, CONCORD has made available the upgrade feature for the Corporation Citadel in addition to the authorization to Corporation Tech, in an attempt to further improve the combat readiness of New Eden.
Capsuleers may upgrade the Corporation Outpost III to the more powerful Corporation Citadel I, gaining massive defense power and a great increase in power output.
Corporation Citadel has a robust power management system to support its daily production and livelihood, with an enormous Shipyard that allows the assembling of massive super battleships.
Due to its enormous size and the relatively small size of Corporation Outpost's core structure, the upgrade to Corporation Citadel takes longer to complete.
Please note that the Corporation Citadel cannot be downgraded after upgrading from a Corporation Outpost due to technological limitations and the high difficulty involved.

Enemies in the region exploration combat are extremely powerful. After collecting a good amount of combat data, the development of super battleships has entered its final stage. Once complete, they will be released to the public to enhance the combat capabilities of all of New Eden.

1. Valuation updated based on the market transaction record.
2. Capsuleers can now share the location recorded in their report to the chat channels or set them as destinations.
3. Heartbreaker Encrypted Safe Decoder is once more available in the Underground Market.
4. Optimized the display effect of the Industrial Command Core.
5. Added Align to Target function to the Save Location menu.
6. Optimized the display effect on drone’s button, which now shows the drone's remaining HP, similar to fighters.
7. The remaining time for the day will now show on the Smart Nanocore interface.
8. Society of Conscious Thought has upgraded the intelligent hub of the smart nanocore, enabling it to automatically warp the ship to a station or random star within the current system in case of insufficient Amethyst Cone or insufficient remaining time for the day.

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed an issue where drones may stop firing in combat.
2. Fixed an issue where a carrier may struggle to recover its drones when its velocity is too high.
3. Fixed an issue where some shield and armor bonuses under the Pass do not apply to capital ships.

The Scope