SuperCarrier Manufacturing Contest Is Coming!


New Eden's shipbuilding project has achieved a breakthrough with the arrival of several new ships, including CyanSea Carrier and multiple special advanced ships. The supercarriers, known as the steel giant, are soon to arrive in the galaxy and shine among the stars.
Four SuperCarriers: Wyvern, Hel, Aeon, and Nyx are about to debut on June 7. These supercarriers mark a departure from the traditional framework of New Eden's ships in terms of combat systems, engine systems, size, and shape.

The new technology in research and development has enhanced the firepower of the supercarrier.  It can now accommodate multiple sets of Heavy Fighters equipped with Heavy Pulse Weapon, capable of causing large-scale interference to distant enemies and swiftly eliminating all opposition in star wars.  Additionally, the warp drive has been systematically strengthened and designed for longer distances, significantly reducing support time.

Supercarriers are not only powerful in terms of destructive capabilities, but they also possess millions of effective defense mechanisms. In addition, super aircraft carriers can serve as carriers during combat and provide support for other members while dealing fatal damage to opponents and providing assistance to allies. As a result, supercarriers hold a crucial strategic position on the battlefield.

The supercarriers' designers have incorporated historical allusions into their unique design concepts, resulting in a distinctive appearance that reflects the stance of each nation. The ships' rigid outer layer shines brilliantly in the starry night and deeply influences their positioning and attributes. These four supercarriers, with different shapes and functions, are expected to bring exciting new stories to pilots on their journey through New Eden.

SUPERCARRIER Manufacturing Contest
To motivate outstanding corporations that combine strength and efficiency in this arms race, CONCORD has launched the "SuperCarrier Manufacturing Contest". There are two leaderboards of the contest, the Manufacturing Quantity Leaderboard and the Manufacturing Speed Leaderboard. Corps and pilots that hit the leaderboard will win prestigious medals, modules, carrier blueprints, and other valuable rewards! 

June 8, 2023 - August 2, 2023
The leaderboards will be updated every two weeks and not in real time. Event rewards will be distributed two weeks after the end of the event.
Completion Time = Manufacturing Start Time + Expected Manufacturing Period (Without delivery time)

1. Manufacturing Quantity Leaderboard-For Corp
This leaderboard is the top 20 corps with the highest total number of supercarriers manufactured. 
*Note: If the numbers are the same, priority will be given to those who completed manufacturing first. The corp to which the pilot belongs will be considered, and changing corps afterward will not affect the result.
2. Manufacturing Speed Leaderboard-For Pilot
This leaderboard is for top 20 pilots who are the first to manufacture any supercarrier, with a total of 4 boards covering 4 types of supercarrier manufacturing.

1. Rewards For Manufacturing Quantity Leaderboard
TOP1: Chief Capital Ship Engineer Medal*15+Heavy Fighter Blueprint Opt Box*150
TOP2: Senior Capital Ship Engineer Medal*10+Heavy Fighter Blueprint Opt Box*100
TOP3: Senior Capital Ship Engineer Medal*5+Heavy Fighter Blueprint Opt Box*50
TOP4-20: Senior Capital Ship Engineer Medal*3+Heavy Fighter Blueprint Opt Box*30
2. Rewards For Manufacturing Speed Leaderboard
TOP1: Development Engineer Medal of Honor For the corresponding supercarrier*10+Supercarrier Cover Module Blueprint*1+Burst Projector Blueprint*4+Heavy Fighter Blueprint Opt Box*6

TOP2: Development Engineer Medal of Honor For the corresponding supercarrier*7+Burst Projector Blueprint*2+Heavy Fighter Blueprint Opt Box*45
TOP3: Development Engineer Medal of Honor For the corresponding supercarrier*5+Burst Projector Blueprint*1+Heavy Fighter Blueprint Opt Box*30
TOP4-20: Development Engineer Medal of Honor For the corresponding supercarrier*3+Heavy Fighter Blueprint Opt Box*15

3. Participation Rewards:
Each pilot will receive 2 development Engineer Medals of Honor For the corresponding supercarrier and 6 Heavy Fighter Blueprint Opt Boxes, for each supercarrier. This reward can be claimed in addition to the rewards from the two leaderboards.

1. Rewards for Manufacturing Speed Leaderboard will be sent to the winning pilots, while rewards for the Manufacturing Quantity Leaderboard will be given to the corp's CEO, who can distribute them among members.
2. The gift code will expire on December 31st, 2023.
3. If a pilot does not want to participate in the leaderboard competition, they can contact the customer service center to voluntarily abstain from participating (and receive participation rewards).

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