New Region "Cobalt Edge" will be officially launched on August 16!


Dear Pilot,
the exploration of the New Eden frontier region continues, the Cobalt Edge is gaining increasing attention. The Concord and the adventurers have completed their initial exploration of this region and have gathered new information to share with all pilots!

1. About Cobalt Edge
The Cobalt Edge comprises 69 star systems spread across 10 constellations, all with security levels below 0. This is the first official opening of a distant star system to all pilots.


2. How to enter the Cobalt Edge?
Pilots in New Eden must rely on unstable wormholes and long-distance cloning to travel to the Cobalt Edge. These wormholes are found in low-sec regions and within the Cobalt Edge. While they can be detected by scanners, they disappear after a set period of time, and navigating them can result in temporary fatigue. Nevertheless, all ships, including supercarriers, can access these wormholes, which connect the Cobalt Edge to other star systems in New Eden.
If a fatigued pilot  try to crosse a wormhole again, he will become weakened and unable to cross it during that time.


3. Wormhole Galaxy
The Cobalt Edge is a border galaxy in New Eden, distinct from wormhole galaxies. The latter can only be accessed via unknown wormholes. There is no records of the wormhole systems in New Eden Star Charts, and no signs of the Concord and Nations inside the wormholes.
While unstable wormholes are present in regular galaxies within the Nations and Cobalt Edge, they cannot lead to wormhole galaxies. It is possible that future technological advancements may allow for the discovery of wormholes leading to these unique galaxies.


4. Mining
In the asteroid belt of Cobalt Edge, pilots can find common ores and gas clouds like in New Eden, as well as gas Cloud C70, which is used to develop new materials. However, pilots should remain vigilant during the collection process as there is a possibility of being attacked by a few hidden Wanderer drones.
The planetary mining in Cobalt Edge is currently inefficient due to environmental factors, and no new resources have been found. The available resources are similar to those found in other star systems in New Eden.


5. Wanderer Drone
In the Cobalt Edge, there are different-sized Wanderer camps filled with various drone forces. Pilots can defeat these drones to obtain materials for manufacturing ships and equipment.
In addition to the Wanderer camps, there is also a large camp checkpoint, which not only has normal drones but also elite drones. Defeating the elite drones can obtain various materials for advanced ships and modules. After defeating all enemies, pilots can arrive at unanalyzed relics to obtain blueprints and materials.
The Cobalt Edge also contains rare ancient relics with significant research value. These relics can only be located using a scanner, and their decryption is challenging. As a result, pilots should be adequately prepared before attempting to discover them.


6. Sovereignty War
The Sovereignty War is also available in the Cobalt Edge. Corporation alliances can participate in the Sovereignty War and mark their name on the new region.
Reconnaissance Outpost
Buildings like clone stations, corp stations, and affiliated buildings cannot be anchored in the Cobalt Edge due to environmental factors. Therefore, the Upwell Consortium has enhanced its research and development to produce a reconnaissance outpost that can function in the Combalt Edge. 
The outpost is categorized into two types: the clone outpost and the corp outpost, both equipped with maintenance and industry lines. The clone outpost is designed for small-scale combat and reconnaissance, with additional weapon slots. Moreover, the Reconnaissance Outpost only has one enhancement and is not equipped with a shield enhancement function. 
The corp outpost, on the other hand, is ideal for the front-line base of a corp, easy to deploy, and has superior defense capabilities. Like other reconnaissance outposts, the corp outpost also does not have an energy anchor output interface.

The new region, Cobalt Edge, will be officially online on August 16! Please stay tuned for the new journey!