New Drone Land open? New Dynamic Nanocore? New Eden Roadmap of 2023 is waiting for you!


The passage of time is imperceptible in the universe, but the changes in New Eden will be recorded one by one with the participation of pilots! Whether it's the landing of the supercarriers, or the new attempts of intelligent nanocores and Star Beat nanocores in anime-style, or the opening of the new Cobalt Edge... Our goal has always been to add new colors to the journey of pilots in New Eden!

One after another attempts, one after another pushing innovations, our footsteps never stop! In the future, we will continue to bring more exciting game content and gameplay activities. Today, we will chat with the pilots about the upcoming updates for New Eden in 2023, including the opening of the new Drone Lands, the launch of the new Dynamic Nanocore, and more of the content that everyone is looking forward to. Let's imagine together the colorful exploration journey in New Eden!

The deep starry sky is intoxicating, and exploring the interstellar is fascinating! The openness of the Cobalt Edge allows us to see the pilots' expectations and longing for the new region.

In the upcoming update, we plan to open the second region "The Kalevala Expanse" of the new Drone Lands, which has different environments and gameplay compared to the Cobalt Edge. Here, let the Concord reveal in advance that the "Needle Jack" (tentative name) will be a very important item, and we will design the overall gameplay of the new region around the Needle Jack.

For example, by using different Needle Jack to enter different areas within the Kalevala Expanse, the maximum tonnage of enemy ships in these areas varies. In addition to the Wasteseeker Encampment, there are also more challenging battles. Defeating these enemies allows pilots to obtain corresponding rewards based on the difficulty level. Pilots need to customize their combat style using different ships and leave the star system using Needle Jack after obtaining loot. Currently, the design and production progress of the Kalevala Expanse is nearing completion, and it is expected to be gradually revealed to everyone between October and November this year.

The saying goes: "If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools." While launching new content, it is also important to always pay attention to the balance between different content. Therefore, a new quarterly balance adjustment will be launched in the upcoming version.

In this balance adjustment, the Concord continues to optimize and adjust various gameplay and content in the game based on the issues raised by the pilots and the existing gaming experience. It will introduce more unique modules, rigs and special units to enrich gameplay strategies and provide a better gaming experience for everyone.

The balance of game content has always been the focus of our attention. We will promptly understand and follow up on the issues and feedback raised by pilots regarding gameplay and experience. We welcome more pilots to offer their suggestions and opinions to create a better gaming environment.

Shining brightly, shining together in the starry sea, the new Eden carnival wave is about to strike again! In the upcoming November Interstellar Bazaar, we will continue to explore a brand new style of dynamic nanocore, and there will also be a new BGM launched to accompany you on your journey in the New Eden!

As one of the most anticipated events for pilots throughout the year, from the first dynamic nano core "Neonrain" to "Illusionary Ghost" and "Cyber X", and now to this year's "Star Beat", every time the Interstellar Bazaar event occurs, we are constantly proposing and experimenting with more possible ideas for the dynamic nanocore.

After the integration of the anime-style in EVE Echoes, what other surprises await everyone? Pilots are welcome to make bold guesses. At the same time, we also hope to hear more from pilots about their thoughts on dynamic nanocores. Feel free to share your thoughts through Facebook, Discord channels, and other communities.

Crossing the starry sea, rushing towards passion, New Eden becomes even more wonderful because of the pilots' love, and we will not let this love go to waste! In addition to the above activities, we also plan to introduce new content and benefits such as corporation technology upgrades, new buildings, new skills, new ships, and year-end holiday events. This is our way of giving back to all the pilots who have accompanied us on the journey in New Eden! In addition, preparations have already begun for the opening of the third region in the Drone Lands. The inscription of the Galaxy is not yet finished, and our exploration of the EVE universe continues. We look forward to creating new stories together with the pilots in New Eden!

*All content preview is for reference only, please refer to the actual launch of the game