Oct. 28 Update Preview – 7 New Modules and The Crimson Harvest


We will carry out the maintenance on Oct. 28 from 08:00 to 10:00 UTC, adding all content from the new version. Here are some highlights:


[7 New Modules]

According to previous player feedback, a lot of our players desire more options for Mid Slot Modules as well as more Module support for PvP players. We were a little rushed when we developed Modules before. The reason for that is that we prioritized self-enhancing Modules, which mostly help in PvE modes, to enhance the PvE experience. As most Low Slot Modules have now been developed, we started to developed these 7 new Electronic Warfare Modules as soon as we could. They are mainly derived from EVE Online content. These Modules were reviewed by our balance team and some of their attributes have been modified. The specific idea is roughly as follows:


Interdiction Sphere Launcher & Warp Disruption Field Generator:

Ammunition is not needed for these (mainly because we have not yet implemented the ammunition system). These two Modules require fuel to start up instead. In the current version, the Warp Disruption Field Generator cannot work on single targets. We made some minor adjustments to the Effective Range of these two Modules, and put some range bonuses into Electronic Warfare skills. The reason behind this is that we want to improve Heavy Interdictors, and give Electronic Warfare skills more benefits.

Warp Scrambler: 
It has a double effect in warp disruption compared with the Warp Disruptor, while succeeding the Warp Disruptor's feature of stopping microwarpdrives.


Sensor Dampening: 

As Echoes modified all ships' Targeting Range, this Module does not reduce the Targeting Range anymore, and provides a better reduction of the Scan Resolution instead.


Target Painter:

The Range of this Module is adjusted. Its range can be boosted using Electronic Warfare skills.


Tracking Disruptor, Guidance Disruptor:

As the script feature is still in development right now, these two Modules reduce both the accuracy and the range of weapons.

[The Crimson Harvest]

The Halloween in New Eden - The Crimson Harvest is coming! From Oct. 31 to Nov. 10, the Crimson Harvest Anomalies will appear in the universe. These include Haunted Ruins (Low-level Festive Anomalies, name not finalized) and Carnival at Cemetery (High-level Festive Anomalies, name not finalized).

During the event, for each system in the universe, there's a 20% probability per hour that a Festive Anomaly will appear in it. There is a 75% chance it will be a low-level anomaly, and a 25% chance it will be a high-level one. The probability is the same in every system.

2 types of Common Haunted Supply Boxes can be found in a low-level anomaly, while 3 types of Common Haunted Supply Boxes and 1 type of Rare Haunted Supply Box can be found in a high-level anomaly.

There's a 90% chance of getting a Haunted Supply Box I, and a 10% chance of getting a Haunted Supply Box II when you receive a Common Haunted Supply Box.

There's a 50% chance of getting a Haunted Supply Box I, a 40% chance of getting a Haunted Supply Box II, and a 10% chance of getting a Haunted Supply Box III when you receive a Rare Haunted Supply Box.

You can get brand new Modules and Halloween exclusive Skins from Haunted Supply Boxes. There's even a chance of getting permanent Halloween Skins. Haunted Supply Boxes can be traded.

The 7 new Modules can only be obtained through Haunted Supply Boxes during the event. On Nov. 11, these Modules can be obtained in the normal ways, once we've finished some final tweaks to the pirate system.

Opening Haunted Supply Box III grants new storyline Modules and permanent Halloween Skins.


[Limited-Time the Crimson Harvest Skins]

Limited-Time Skins will be available in New Eden Store during the event. We adjusted how we provide Skins: during the event, we are adding 4 kinds of different Skin boxes. We tried our best to cover all ships of the same model in Skin boxes. Also, we are offering some big discounts on these Skin boxes. The event will provide reference for future Skin marketing.

This batch of Skins are limited-time offers. When the event is over, they will be removed from the store, and won't be available as daily merchandise.


[Balance Update Notice]

In the Oct. 28 update, we won't be updating NPC, Encounters and balance. The reasons are as follows:

We need more time to process data from the test server and make adjustments. We want any adjustments that are made to be as accurate as possible, to prevent frequent changes.

Adjustments to NPC, Encounters and balance will be made in the Nov. 11 update. The 7 new Modules are also subject to balance change.