Patch Notes - Oct. 28


We will be having our weekly maintenance on Oct 28 at 08:00 UTC. During this time, players won't be able to log into the game. This is expected to last for two hours.

Here is a list of specific changes that will be applied after maintenance ends.


New ships:


Catalyst Interdictor, Cormorant Interdictor, Coercer Interdictor, Thrasher Interdictor

These four ships can be equipped with Interdiction Sphere and belong to special operations ships.



Blackbird Interdictor, Celestis Interdictor, Bellicose Interdictor, Arbitrator Interdictor

Able to install Warp Disrupt Field Generator, and is also good at electronic interference.



Catalyst II Interdictor, Cormorant II Interdicto, Coercer II Interdictor, Thrasher II Interdictor

With the enhancement of the T6 Interdictor Destroyer, the combat and interception capabilities have been improved.



Maller Interdictor, Moa Interdictor, Thorax Interdictor, Rupture Interdictor

Able to install Warp Disrupt Field Generator, and has strong defense capabilities.


New skill:

1. Signal interference technology *3

It can increase the effect and range of players using signal interference equipment. Including Tracking Disruptor, Guidance Disruptor, Sensor Dampener and Target Painter

2. Space interference device operation *3

It can increase the effect and range of the player's range-type jump interference device. Contains Interdiction bubble and Warp Disrupt Field Generator


Skill Adjustment:

1. Electronic warfare technology *3

Previously, it would only reduce the capacitor consumption of a small amount of electronic warfare equipment. The range of the Nosferatu and Energy Neutralizer is now additionally increased.

2. The technical level of battleship skills and large weapon skills has been downgraded to T8.


New Features:

1. Halloween activities, which will be on from 31 October to 10 November.

2. Added: Alliance channel.

3. Test server is closed

4. Starting from November, the log in bonus will be restored to 30 days per month (or 31 actual days), you can claim rewards for each day

5. Added: 8 light interdictors and 8 heavy interdiction cruisers to Construction and the Market.

6. Added: 7 new Modules to the Market.

7. Cloaking in Cosmic Anomalies will no longer stop them from being erased.

8. Increase the waiting time while leaving the station. During the waiting time, you can abort the undock. 

9. Capsuleer Outposts can no longer be protected by Force Field defense Modules or defense link Modules.

10. Added: description for 7 new event Modules.

11. Name change history will now be displayed in Employment History.

12. Improved the notification pop-up.

13. Product names are now displayed in construction notices.

14. Skills that can only be learned as Omega will now be added to Tech Levels after Omega expires.

15. The Crime Timer is now also displayed in the station.

16. Size of the Chat interface improved, so it no longer hides the main interface.

17. Improved the Capsuleer Outpost info.



1. Fixed the issue that tips on drones sometimes did not show the bonus

2. Fixed the reprocessing error that would occur when a Citadel was destroyed or during its unanchoring process.

3. Fixed a problem where player ship damage reports did not show up.

4. Fixed a problem where some player name show blank

5. Fixed a problem where the range would not increase further after Tracking computer was activated