Test Content Feedback


Recently, we have received feedback from players on new modules and balance. Below are some answers and our plans of some most popular topics.

Q: The NPCs in the new version are much stronger than before, especially the electronic warfare modules they carry, which makes it more difficult for spawn-camping players.
A: We have planned out 4 types of pirates based on their combat focus: firepower, disruption, repair, and electronic warfare.
In the PTR, we've noticed that disruption pirates were too powerful, so we've cut down their electronic warfare effectiveness to 50%, 30%, and 10% respectively (based on different NPC classes), which has already been applied on October 26.
After the update on October 26, pirates using remote repair modules can repair surrounding pirates. We have tested their effects in an internal server and saw that it significantly reduced the effectiveness of their repairs. This helps balance things out to further improve the gameplay experience.

Q: Torpedoes seem to deal way too much damage now.
A: We have also noticed this. We initially increased their damage by 20%, but due to it being too powerful in test, we have reduced the increase to 10%.

Q: On the test server, the probability of NPCs targeting drones has increased a lot. Have you made any changes to this?
A: We have not changed the AI. We have also tested it ourselves. A possible reason for this is that we have added additional mid-slot modules to the NPCs. These mid-slot modules allow NPCs in PVE to target the player's drones (for example, a Target Painter) and increase the damage dealt to the drones. Therefore, players may feel that their drones are being targeted more.

Q: Some players reported that we launched the Interdiction Sphere Launcher and the Interdiction Disruption Field Generator, but we did not launch a Directional Scanner and not having the ability to bookmark locations or other features to counter them.
A: We had a long discussion. We initially discussed not releasing these modules early, instead of waiting until additional features are complete before enabling them. But we quickly discovered the problem. Judging from the player feedback before the game's release, our own game experience, and player feedback after the game's release, these two modules are needed in large-scale battles and squad fights in nullsec. They also will not affect mission runners and miners currently active in highsec and lowsec. So after further discussion, we finally made the following decisions: 
1) Add the ability to bookmark locations to our development timeline, setting the goal for its completion in the near future.
2) Begin the design and production of the Directional Scanner and schedule this to be released within the next few months.
3) We expect around 15,000 of these modules to drop during the Halloween Event. After the update on November 11, they will be added to the Scout Box and drop as blueprints.