Patch Notes - Nov. 11


We will be having our weekly maintenance on Nov 11 at 08:00 UTC. During this time, players won't be able to log into the game. This is expected to last for two hours.

Here is a list of specific changes that will be applied after maintenance ends.


Ship bonus adjustment:

1. Change of bonus equipment

Because the new equipment does not include Weapon Disruptor and Electronic Jammer, these two bonuses have been replaced by Tracking Disruptor and Guidance Disruptor. The ships involved are:


Crucifier、Griffin、Arbitrator、Arbitrator Covert Ops、Arbitrator Covert OpsII、Blackbird、Blackbird Covert Ops、Blackbird Covert OpsII、Scorpion


2. Change of skills bonus

Because three new skills including "signal jamming technology" have been added, the bonus skills of some jamming ships have been changed. The ships involved are:




3. Reduce the interference range bonus

Because the range of interference equipment is very far, the range bonus of some frigates has been removed, and the best range bonus of some battleships has been reduced. The list of changes (only the changes are listed):



Bouns 1: Optimal range +5% -> +0%(remove)



Bouns 1: Optimal range +25% -> +10%


4. Reduce the interference intensity bonus

Reduced the duration (buff) of the lock delay side effect of some advanced Covert Ops ships after the stealth is released, and reduced the Jammer Strength bonus of some battleships. The list of changes:


Arbitrator Covert OpsII、Blackbird Covert OpsII、Celestis Covert OpsII、Bellicose Covert OpsII

Bouns 1:Interference intensity +10% -> +7.5%

Role Bouns:Unlocking the cloaked lock delay side effect -50%



Bouns 1: Interference intensity +15% -> +10%


5. Damage or range adjustment

Dread Worm

Damage +175% -> +200%



Damage +425% -> +450%



Damage +20% -> +25%



Damage +10% -> +12%



Damage +5% -> +7.5%



Activation time -3% -> -4%


Omen Navy Issue

Activation time -2% -> -3%


Activation time

Damage +4% -> +5%



Accuracy falloff +5% -> +7.5%


Stabber Fleet Issue

Accuracy falloff +7.5% -> +10%


Ferox、Ferox Guardian、Ferox II Guardian

Optimal range +5% -> +10%


Hurricane Prototype

Damage +3% -> +5%


Harbinger Prototype

Damage +8% -> +9%



Damage +5% -> +6%



Optimal range of Stasis Webifier +20% -> +10%


6. HP and resistance adjustment

- The HP of T6~T10 ships increased by 1.6%, 2.9%, 6.1%, 9.7%, and 13% respectively

- Increase the HP of battlecruisers and battleships by 22.2% and 20% respectively

- The HP of Prophecy, Ferox, Myrmidon, and Cyclone have been individually reduced by 4.4%

- The default shield explosion resistance of Amarr, Sansha, and Blood Raider has been changed to 55%

- Changed the default shield heat resistance of Caldari and Guristas ships to 28%

- The default shield kinetic energy resistance of Gallente and Serpentis ships has been changed to 46%

- The default shield electromagnetic resistance of Minmatar and Angel ships has been changed to 10%


7. IC Frigate adjusted

Because of Warp Scrambler, professional interceptor frigates will play their due role. Therefore, the Stasis Webifier of optimal range of all 8 interceptor frigates has been removed. While the Warp Scrambler is more powerful, it also removes the addition of the lock speed and the Jammer Strength of the Warp Scrambler. Now, they can increase the optimal range of the Warp Disruptor and the Warp Scrambler at the same time, +3% or +5% per level. The ships involved are:


Executioner Interceptor , Condor  Interceptor,Atron Interceptor, Slasher Interceptor

Executioner Interceptor II, Condor  Interceptor II ,Atron Interceptor II , Slasher Interceptor II


Weapon adjustment:

1. Small Snubnosed Railgun optimal range +20%、 accuracy falloff +20%

2. Damage of Small Laser, Railgun, and cannon +10%

3. Small Missile Launcher flight time -20%

4. Small Torpedo Launcher flight time +20%

5. Damage of medium Laser, Railgun, and cannon +5%

6. Medium Beam Laser tracking speed +20%

7. Medium Snubnosed Railgun optimal range +20%、accuracy falloff +20%

8. Medium Autocannon tracking speed +10%

9. Medium Strike Cannon tracking speed -15%

10. Medium Rapid Missile Launcher damage -15%, flight time -15%

11. Medium Missile Launcher damage +20%

12. Medium Torpedo Launcher damage +20%

13. Large Laser, Railgun, cannon, missile damage +20%

14. Large Torpedo Launcher flight time+20%

15. Medium Drone Weapon HP+50%

16. Large Drone Weapon HP+100%

17. NPCs in the warship anomaly space will not be equipped with afterburners and Microwarpdrives at the same time

18. NPCs in the warship anomaly space will not be equipped with a Warp Disruptor and a Warp Scrambler at the same time

19. The electronic warfare strengths of ordinary NPC, storyline/faction NPC, and dead NPC in the warship anomaly space are adjusted to 30%, 80%, and 100% respectively

20. The remote repair effects of NPCs in the warship anomaly space have been adjusted in intensity according to the technology level and anomaly type

21. Sensor Dampener -20%

22. The optimal distance of the Energy Nosferatu and eEnergy Neutralizer will increase according to the increase in the derived level


Encounter Mission New Changes:

1. Added two new difficulty levels (Normal and Hard). New encounter levels will be Basic (T1-T3), Normal (T4-T5), Advanced (T6-T7), Hard (T8-T9), and Expert (T10).

2. Rebalanced the reward and combat of News Missions to fit the new difficulty levels.

3. Rebalanced the reward of storyline missions.(Unfinished anomalie will respawn)

4. Rebalanced the difficulty of the storyline missions. Added one additional wave of enemies for all combat steps of the missions.

5. New type of supply box: a module blueprints supply box has been added as a reward of neutral transport missions.

6. Increased the volume of the items that need to be transported in the transport missions.

7. Transport mission will reward blueprints supply box.

8. Rebalanced the possibility of transport missions and mining missions to show on the mission board.

9. Mission items can be put into the Delivery Hold. (The hint of ship volume in the mission detail page haven`t include the Delivery Hold. It will be fixed soon)

10. The item rewards of the mission will no longer be distributed to space area of 0.0 and below regions


New Features:

1. Raise the upper limit of the number of commercial prosperous system (Jita, Amarr, etc.).

2. Now Contracts can be shared to the Corporation, Alliance and all customize channels.

3. Now there're more drops and productions of Interdiction Sphere Launchers and Warp Disruption Field Generator Blueprints.

4. All pirates from the Cosmic Anomaly have been replaced by the latest version.

5. Daily Rewards can now be claimed in the Capsuleer Outpost.

6. Pirates with Remote Repair can now repair surrounding pirates.

7. After technical adjustments and upgrades, now the Standing and Relationships in the local channel will be displayed in real time, if you still meet similar display error, please give us feedback.

8. If you do not receive all the monthly log-in rewards in the current month, you can purchase the Omega Clone Collection to obtain the qualification to reclaim the missing rewards in the next month.

9. The Structure Hold can be used for more stuff. Now all Structure Service Centers and Structure Modules can also be transported.

10. Added a Claim All feature for login rewards. Now players can claim rewards in the Capsuleer Outpost.

11. Add the function of setting the default Approach distance.

12. Now, Scout and Inquisitor Cores and Blueprints that couldn't be traded before can now be traded.

13. Added a Strip Miner icon.

14. Scholar points can be redeemed for the shuttle.

15. Added a Corporation permissions change log so that members of the Corporation can now view the permissions changes of all members within the Corporation.

16. Locations in the market can be clicked and navigated.

17. Adjusted the number of ores in some Cosmic Anomalies.

18. Changed: the description for the cost of some contracts.

19. Now it's possible to initiate contracts from Inventory.

20. Increased the character limit for Contacts Group to 20 characters.



1. Fixed the Security Level display issue of 14 Low-Sec solar systems. Their Security Status was displayed as 0.0, but in fact, there are Sentry Guns in them, so the Security Status should be displayed as 0.1. Fourteen solar systems: Erspiegel, Pemsah, Skarkon, Karan, Yek, Balas, Westovey, Sartre, Ante, Irata, Feshur, Igberger, Naga, and Hofby.

2. Fixed the problem that the local member list could not be put away.

3. Fixed the problem of incorrect display of the quantity of raw materials in the industry.

4. Fixed: Capsuleer Outpost's collision issue.

5. Fixed the problem that Dramiel, Cynabal, and  Machariel did not display jump acceleration +50% (effective but not displayed).