Patch Notes - Nov. 25


We will be having our weekly maintenance on Nov 25 at 08:00 UTC. During this time, players won't be able to log into the game. This is expected to last for two hours. 

Here is a list of specific changes that will be applied after maintenance ends.

New Features:

1. Reduced the drop rate of deadspace modules, and reduced the Debris drop rate of some enemies.

2. Adjustment of Inertia Modifier of SigilBadgerNereusWreathe-class: 0.48,0.49,0.47,0.47.

3. Adjustment of Inertia Modifier of Sigil IIBadger IINereus IIWreathe-class II: 0.48,0.49,0.47,0.47.

4. Adjustment of Warp Speed of SigilBadgerNereusWreathe-classSigilIIBadgerIINereusIIWreathe-classII: 4.5AU/S.

5. Add the exclusive Cargo Hold for SigilBadgerNereusWreathe-classSigilIIBadgerIINereusIIWreathe-classII.

6. The Warp Speed of the four shuttles was changed to 6.5AU/S.

7. Role Bonus adjustment of Drake: Medium Missile/Torpedo kinetic damage+12.5%, Medium Missile/Torpedo thermal damage+12.5%.

8. NPC adjustment: The speed of storyline elites and Anomaly elites is reduced by 18%, and the speed of Deadspace elites is reduced by 40%.

9. Added description for late claims on the Monthly Login Rewards screen.

10. Improved the upper left corner content display.

11. The interface of Customer Support is available in Russian.

12. More description added to some Modules' tips, including: Higgs Particle Anchor, Reactive Shield Hardener, Adaptive Invulnerability Field, Reactive Armor Hardener and Adaptive Armor Hardener.

13. Players are unable to request shipping containers larger than the capacity of their current ships.

14. Advanced Missions rewards can now be claimed in the Capsuleer Outpost.

15. Added "avoid 0.0" navigation mode, which will avoid any 0.0 systems when planning routes.

16. The current "Prioritize high sec" navigation mode now has a higher priority avoiding 0.0 systems.

17. Now modules with a metalevel of 5 can be reprocessed.

18. All members of an Alliance will receive a mail notification when their Alliance's maintenance fee is due.

19. Fixed the issue where avoiding certain systems would cause a wrong distance from the Encounter mission to be displayed.

20. The powergrid of the four ships of the Stabber Sniper, Wreathe-class, Bellicose Interdictor, Drake are replaced with: 952,340,705,733.

21. Mid-slot modules can no longer be used on Capsuleer Outposts.

22. Added Thanksgiving gifts, which can be claimed on the event page (November 26–29).

23. Improved the display of Special Modules Fitting Permission.

24. Special reward emails from before can no longer be claimed after creating an account.

25. Added reinforcement exit time for Capsuleer Outposts, which is local time.

26. Added: Reminder promtps if the contract content is unreasonable.  

27. Warp speed in high sec has been increased by 100%, and warp speed in low sec has been increased by 50%.

28. Fixed the random order that is pinned to the top in seller orders.

29. A reminder of the maintenance fee of the Alliance maintenance fee will be displayed on the main interface of the Alliance.

30. Added SKINs for several Tier VI and Tier VII ships. 

31. Added SKINs for industrial ships and mining ships.

32. Now, looted Ore will first be stored in the Ore Hold of ships.

33. Added auditing rules to the wallet audit screen.

34. Improved the damage number display when the ships are hit.

35. Improved the display of info and notice.

36. Now the addresses of the Base Stations and the Capsuleer Outpost can be displayed on the Bio Screen. 

37. When placing a purchase order, you can select the addresses of all space stations whitin your current Region and all Trading Centers in the universe.

38. When customizing the names of a Contacts Group, players can now enter up to 20 characters. 

39. Added the available contract interface that can search for the whole service contracts.

40. Adjusted the volume of the shuttle after disassembly and packing.

41. The blur layer on the main HUD has returned.



1. Fixed the problem of using large drones in the recommended assembly plan for 8 attack battlecruisers.

2. Fixed a bug where transactions between different characters of the same player still generate trade locks.

3. Fixed a bug where delivered empty assets aren't correctly destroyed.

4. Fixed a bug where the Shields Force Field is calculated into the capacitor need in the Fitting screen.

5. Adjusted the special effects of Sensor Dampening to reduce RAM usage.

6. Fixed some issues that would occur when a Capsuleer Outpost was destroyed while in use.

7. Fixed the issue where wormholes could be searched in Star Charts.