An Announcement On Restoring Automatic Ship Compensation for T8+ Ships and Faction Ships


1. T8+ Ships and Faction Ships may be recovered every 30 days.

2. T3-T7 ships may be recovered every 15 days.

3. The rules mentioned above will stay in place until an insurance system goes live. It may take about 40 days for the insurance system to become available. After the insurance is set in place, the current rules will be replaced by new ones.

If you encounter any bugs or abnormal ship losses, please submit an in-game ticket. We will begin verifying the issue you reported and reach out to you after the results are out.


Why did we initially remove the PvE automatic ship compensation, and why are we now restoring it?

      Based on stat analysis, the ship compensation feature compensates approximately 13% of overall ship losses. We take into consideration that ship compensation may affect the sales of ships manufactured by players who are focusing on industry. And similarly, it may also affect players who participate in the gathering of raw materials, such as mining and planetary interaction resource extraction.

      At first, we thought that the cancellation was a decision that everyone favored because it could increase the value of items manufactured by players. In addition, we also learned from player feedback that many of you are not satisfied with the ship compensation feature since it affects the balance of the in-game economy to a certain extent. However, since the termination of this, many players have protested against this decision, particularly regarding T8+ ships and faction ships. After discussing this with our community manager Joseph and customer support team, we’ve reached the following conclusions:

      We are expediting the development time of an in-game insurance system and expect to launch around the end of January 2021. This system will significantly improve all players' combat experience. We will also be introducing the new safety system today, so please stay tuned to our online community to learn more. The new insurance will also focus on instances where players suffer abnormal losses due to bugs, freezes, etc. We'll do our best to resolve these issues and strive to greatly reduce players' abnormal losses before removing the old ship compensation feature.

      We also take into account that if we remove this feature, many players may suffer from a sub-optimal experience during the 40-day interval between the old feature and the new. Therefore, we've added this feature again for 40 days before a new compensation feature is in place to match the new insurance system. In the meantime, we're hoping you can familiarize yourself with our new insurance system in your spare time as we introduce additional information. As always, we place extreme importance on your feedback and suggestions, so please do not hesitate to voice your thoughts. Once again, thank you for your continued support!