Insurance System Dev Diary


While developing the new insurance system, we've seen two particularly popular pieces of feedback regarding mitigating losses that will influence the way we will implement insurance.

1) Reducing the players' losses after losing their ship OR providing them support to quickly restore the ability to manufacture and return to a higher level of productivity. 

2) Increase the value of gathering, reverse engineering, manufacturing, and selling.


With the above in mind, we aim to design an insurance system that can maintain a delicate balance. On the one hand, the system should quickly mitigate player losses; on the other hand, insurance payouts out should flow back into the economy. This way, players can enjoy combat to their heart's content, and we can make sure that players who engage in industry are able earn additional ISK.


Through real-time valuation in the market, we can more accurately calculate the estimated value of insurance plans. However, as the rate at which players produce ISK increases daily, the value of the insurance depreciates over time if it’s linked to ISK. To prevent this from happening, we have decided to link the value of insurance to PLEX so that players could enjoy a more stable value over time and not be affected by the inflation of ISK. It is worth noting that the insurance system will retrieve 5% of the insurance points used for insurance, while the rest will be returned to the players through the market.


Introduction to the Insurance System:

1. Purchasing Insurance

a. A player may redeem insurance points, and the insurance covers all killmails for one character.

b. The redemption period for a killmail is within 14 days of that killmail. Killmails that occurred over 14 days ago cannot be compensated.

c. Reputable players (with no repairable killmail) can enjoy a 70% discount.


2. Insurance Coverage

a. All ships that have valid transaction records are within the coverage plan.

b. Destroyed (not dropped) Modules, Drones, and Rigs on ships are also covered within the insurance plan.


3. Compensation

a. The system deducts insurance points from the characters and instantly delivers the compensated items shown in the killmail at their current space station.

b. Insurance Points Deducted = Estimated Price of Items within Coverage / Real-Time Valuation of Insurance Points

Note: Real-time valuation of insurance points are calculated from valid transactions in the market.

c. PvE killmails have a discount during the compensation process. This discount has a cooldown. We are currently considering free compensation or high discount compensation once a month.

d. Compensation for PvP killmails is intentionally delayed to prevent players from exploiting the system to gain an advantage in protracted battles.


4. How the Insurance System Benefits Industry

a. Insurance points spent by players will be converted into PLEX—then this will return to the players as ISK via the market.

b. ISK from this is then used to purchase ships/modules used for compensation from the market.

c. Players only need to list their items on the market, and the system will automatically purchase them to be used as compensation.


By introducing the insurance system, we hope to bring a more enjoyable combat experience without worrying too much about the penalties associated with death, maintain the wellbeing of industry and the economy of EVE Echoes, and provide a more immersive gaming experience.