Introduction to Indomitable (Sovereignty Expansion)


In New Eden, having sovereignty is the most important part for the development of one’s economy and the acquisition of resources. We had the design for this system laid out early on. Now, upon release, we can finally focus on further developing content related to thisEvery system is like a city where players can build all kinds of structures, including public complexes (structures with system bonuses) and personal complexes (Capsuleer Outposts). We also hope that the history of each system, be it prosperity, war, or slow decline, can be recorded. New Eden is full of freedom and hope. Players create their history, and that history should be remembered by all. However, due to our limited resources in developing the game, only the Corporation Citadel and Capsuleer Outpost are finished at the moment. After releasing them, we will continue to bring about our plan of developing additional space structures and the bonuses accompanying them, including the functions that allow you to build your own resource chain in nullsec regions, your own stargates, and more!


New Content


1. Added the Corporation Citadel and corresponding industrial and market options.


2. Players can now anchor Corporation Citadels in claimable nullsec regions and declare sovereignty.


3. The first version of the Corporation Citadel comes with the following bonuses: 

Reverse Engineering Success Rate +5%

Material Manufacturing Efficiency +1%


Corporation and Alliance Changes


1. Added the Alliance Management mechanic, which expands an Alliance’s max limit to 30 Corporations.


2. Increased the number of customizable corporation positions to 10.




We have also expanded the fleet feature in the Indomitable expansion based on all of your feedback!


1. Fleets can now have up to 51 members, and can have 5 squads and 1 commander.


2. Added fleet commands: 'Fleet Focus Fire' and 'Go as Fleet'.


3. Added a fleet loot log that can be viewed by anyone.


4. Added an option in personal settings that allows the game to automatically reject all fleet invitations.


5. Added the function to share fleet card to all channels.


6. The commander can synchronize command filter settings to the squads.




After Indomitable, New Eden will see more frequent wars, which is why we added the time dilation feature. Here's an introduction to time dilation (or TiDi) for EVE Echoes:


1. When the number of people in a system exceeds a certain limit, generating too much server load, TiDi will activate in that system, trading in time for efficiency,thus reducing overall server load.


2. While TiDi is active, combat, flight and warping in the system will be slowed down, but other features including resource extraction, market, industry, etc. will not be affected.


3. Currently, there are 10 levels of time dilation. At level 2, time will be twice as slow. At level 10, time will be 10 times slower. The TiDi level will be adjusted automatically according to the intensity of activity in the system.




After the launch of EVE Echoes, we received a lot of feedback from players hoping to acquire more Skill Points. We hope that new players can catch up with veteran players as soon as possible and explore life in New Eden together. During our regular meetings in October, we discussed this point with the main team at CCP, Iceland, who offered us some valuable suggestions. After taking into account various feedback from both new and veteran players, we decided to adopt a more conventional design for the skill catch-up system.


Currently in EVE Echoes, players who started early need to have a certain Skill Point advantage, which is both a reasonable demand and a form of respect for their hard work in New Eden. At the same time, we also hope that new players can better fit into the daily lives and combat operations of veteran players. Our plan is as follows:


1. Skill Catch-up will be available through an event. During the event, if a player already has over 30 days of Omega Dual Bundle remaining, or purchases an additional 30 days of Omega Dual Bundle, they can participate in the event.


2. The event will last a month. During the event, participating players will be gifted Skill Points, the amount of which will be equal to (20,000,000 - Current Skill Points) 10%. These Skill Points will be issued to players over the course of 30 days. Players, both new and veteran, may participate in this event.


3. Players under 24,000,000 Skill Points are eligible to participate in the event. The Skill Point rewards are not related to the registration time of the account, but are instead based on, and changed along with, the player's current Skill Points. Please refer to the event page for more details.


Note: This is an experimental event aimed at providing new pilots with a better experience. The results of thiswill help shape the direction of future changes and optimizations, which will shape the final, more universal, new player catch-up plan. Players are welcome to provide feedback and make suggestions on this.




To better display a system’s sovereignty status in the Starmap, and to enable players to see themselves shaping the history of New Eden after declaring sovereignty, we have expanded and improved the Starmap.


1.  The Starmap has been adjusted to display the entire network of regions, with the distribution of systems and sovereignty clearly visible, instead of simply displaying the map of a particular region.


2. After acquiring the sovereignty of a system, the icon and name of your corporation or alliance will be displayed in the Starmap.


3. Stay tuned for more statistic displays in the Starmap.




We made huge balance changes on November 11. After these changes, we analyzed the mission data and saw that the mission time of high Tech Level Encounters were longer than expected. After discussing with players in the community, we decided to make some tweaks to Indomitable. The tweaks are as follows:


1. All T7 and above News Encounters will have one less NPC wave.


2. With the reduction in the number of NPCs, the rewardwill also be reduced. However, the overall reward-to-NPC ratio is the same.



We will continue to release more specific update plans. Please follow our updates in the community. Thank you again for your support, and fly safe!