Patch Notes - Jan. 6


We will be having our weekly maintenance on Jan. 6 at 08:00 UTC. During this time, players won't be able to log into the game. This is expected to last for two hours. 
Here is a list of specific changes that will be applied after maintenance ends.

Sovereignty features:
1. Added the Corporation Citadel and corresponding industrial and market options.
2. Players can now anchor Corporation Citadels in claimable nullsec regions and declare sovereignty.
3. The first version of the Corporation Citadel comes with the following bonuses: Reverse Engineering Success Rate +5%, Material Manufacturing Efficiency +1%
4. Added the Alliance Management mechanic, which expands an Alliance’s max limit to 30 Corporations.
5. Increased the number of customizable corporation positions to 10.

New Fleet features: 
1. Fleets can now have up to 51 members, and can have 5 squads and 1 commander.
2. Added fleet commands: 'Fleet Focus Fire' and 'Go as Fleet'.
3. Added a fleet loot log that can be viewed by anyone.
4. Added an option in personal settings that allows the game to automatically reject all fleet invitations.
5. Added the function to share fleet card to all channels.
6. The commander can synchronize command filter settings to the squads.


New Features:
1. An event for new pilots to help catch up to their friends is now available, allowing newer pilots to gain a lot of Skill Points for a month of Omega Combo.
2. Added Starmaps for all systems.
3. Statistics, including Sovereignty Info and Destroyed Ship Info, added to the Starmap.
4. Players with Criminal Timers can no longer dock at Capsuleer Outposts.
5. HP and DPS cap adjusted for Corporation Citadels.
6. Some group module effects only affect squad members now.
7. Mining belts in normal systems will start a 15 minute despawn timer after the remaining mineral volume drops below 30%.
8. Stacked items can now fit into contracts as long as the total amount can fit.
9. Adjustments have been made to shuttle capacitors.
10. T7 and above Encounters now have one less wave of enemies; no change was made to Storyline Missions. Rewards from Encounters have been slightly reduced to reflect less time spent in combat due to having one less wave of enemies to deal with.
11. Corporation Citadel Blueprints are now available for purchase in the Market.
12. Orders on the Market page can now be sorted by distance.
13. New Module: Resource Extraction Amplifier added to Capsuleer Outpost.
14. Inertia Stabilizer and Microwarpdrive modules now have their own unique icons.
15. The max limit for Free Training is now displayed in the Skill page.
16. Post-processing rendering efficiency improved.
17. Added Alliance Management skills. The CEO of the Executor Corporation can further increase the max number of Corporations in the Alliance by up to an additional 20 from these skills.
18. Added a new icon design for inactive modules.
19. After a Corporation recruitment post expires, all players with recruiter permissions will receive a notification. (Effective from the next time)
20. Optimized the issue description field on the report screen.
21. If you are missing Corporation permissions, a detailed notification will be sent to you.
22. Now NPCs will warp back to their original location after they're out of aggro range.
23. Improved the upper-left content display corner.
24. Added a second confirmation when choosing to attack CONCORD.
25. Faction ship debris can no longer be reprocessed in order to prevent accidental reprocessing.
26. Switching screens will not close the Fitting interface.
27. If an anomaly is currently being removed, even if there are players in it, the anomaly will be removed after 15 minutes.
28. You will now be notified whenever you are removed from a corporation.
29. Whenever a market order is filled, the transaction price will stay the same as the order placed earlier.
30. A fitting plan can now be applied to a Capsuleer Outpost.
31. Added a "Train Now" shortcut to Skill Tips. Tap it to proceed to training in that skill.
32. All Omega characters have up to 30 days of Training Queue now.
33. Added a new animation to the Skill interface.
34. Added a new font to the game.
35. Corporation search in both Contacts and Recruit will no longer be case sensitive.
36. A reminder was added whenever Planetary Materials are launched.
37. Improved the resolution of Android devices in ultra-high configurations.
38. Whenever a Capsuleer Outpost is successfully anchored, now only the pilot who anchored it is allowed to enter.

1. Fixed the activation cost of energy neutralizers.