Patch Notes - Jan. 20


We will be having our weekly maintenance on Jan 20 at 08:00 UTC. During this time, players won't be able to log into the game. This is expected to last for two hours. 
Here is a list of specific changes that will be applied after maintenance ends.

New Features:
1. Optimized audio files for lower RAM usage.
2. Custom art assets for the winners of the Corporation Video Contest have been added.
3. Enlarged: the tappable area of the Starmap filter button for easier access.
4. Whenever an Outpost is destroyed, all assets within will be automatically transferred to a nearby non-nullsec NPC station.
5. Whenever a Capsuleer anchors a structure, they have to keep at least a 5000km distance from other structures to successfully anchor.
6. The size of the corporation avatar logo has been slightly adjusted.
7. It's no longer possible to use autopilot to enter a Capsuleer Outpost if you do not have permission to access it.
8. The time needed for Contract Transaction Auditing has been reduced.
9. Added a daily limit for "gifting" contracts (value differential between item value and ISK given of over 150%), which can be viewed in the contract interface details.
10. Improved the display of the Standing tag.
11. Added notifications when buying or selling with prices too high or too low.
12. Fixed an issue where drones that attacked players didn't display criminal timers when relevant.
13. Now commodities like structure components, datacores, barrels of water, etc. can be placed into the structure hold of industrial ships.
14. Added a notification prompt whenever a new Advanced Tutorial quest is available.
15. Improved the navigation bar on the main interface. Now it displays different colors based on the security rating of your current system.
16. Custom Corporation Banners made in the Corporation Video Contest have now been added to the game.
17. Improved the process of directly fitting modules to ships. Now you can only leave a station after completing the fitting process.
18. Added: a "Purchase Omega" button to the bottom-left corner of the Skill screen for Alpha players.
19. Improved the arithmetic behind market price estimates of items.
20. It's now possible to enter Capsuleer Outposts with a one-way Standing setting.
21. You can now share a solar system from the Starmap to a chat channel.
22. The wallet has been optimized to show "market transaction" specific item names, item quantities, and order locations.
23. Unsent messages are now saved for the next time.
24. Added the function of saving personal locations/corporation locations (saving corporation locations requires a "corporation locations" permission to use).
25. Updated the resources and tips of the free training interface.
26. Moved the login reward button to the event interface.
27. Added additional Starmap statistics.

1. Fixed an issue where the conflict in the permission of the Corporation Office resulted in the inability to rent the Corporation Office in the Corporation Outpost of other corporations within the alliance.
2. When acquiring ancient remains using Planetary Interaction, they need to be extracted within 24 hours of launch, otherwise, they become unobtainable.
3. Fixed: the conflict between Player Name and rich text that could cause an error in share links.
4. Fixed a problem where some corporations could not open the alliance interface due to the Corporation Outpost.