Patch Notes - Feb. 03


We will be having our weekly maintenance on Feb 03 at 08:00 UTC. During this time, players won't be able to log into the game. This is expected to last for two hours. 
Here is a list of specific changes that will be applied after maintenance ends.

New Features:

1. Insurance Feature Update:
Now insurance can be used to recover most ships, modules and rigs fitted on ships.
The insurance points required to recover ships and modules are determined by the estimated market value of the items.
The insurance points required for recovery are calculated when a battle loss occurs, and discounts are available for deposited insurance points.
After recovering the player’s ships and modules, the insurance system will purchase similar items from the market according to the status of the deposit pool.
2. Improved: the Corporation Hangar and Wallet review system. Added: a no-review quota and a reduced review time.
Players who have joined a corporation for more than 60 days and have Tech Level 8 or higher can enjoy 80% less auditing time for using the Corporation Hangar and Wallet.
Players who have joined a corporation for more than 30 days and have Tech Level 7 or higher can enjoy 60% less audit time for using the Corporation Hangar and Wallet.
Players who have joined a corporation for under 7 days have a 100% longer audit time for using the Corporation Hangar, and also cannot use the Corporation Wallet.
3. Ship Tech Level Adjustment: Tempest and Raven levels have been adjusted to T9. Rokh and Maelstrom have been adjusted to T10.
4. Now, tapping a location you saved before will directly launch an autopilot there.
5. Now, tapping Go There under a saved station location will directly navigate you to the station.
6. Gift Contract Adjustment: In order to reduce the impact of price fluctuations, the contract valuation difference was adjusted from 150% to 200%. In order to improve the convenience of player contract transactions, the consumption limit for accepting contracts from T1-T6 characters has been reduced from 200 to 40, and the consumption limit for accepting T7 gift contracts has been reduced from 20 to 4.
7. Now, you can tap your own ship and then Save Current Location to save the location you're in.
8. Now, all normal belts of ore have a lifecycle of 3 hours.
9. Improved: Optimized the icon display in the scene to improve the client performance.
10. Added: Warp Fleet option to the fleet member's operation menu.
11. Dragging the Warp and Warp Fleet buttons in the fleet member's operation menu can control the warping distance.
12. Now, you can deliver assets that were unable to be delivered to a Capsuleer Outpost or Corporation Citadel.
13. Added: price comparison to the Buy page and the Purchase in Bulk page.
14. Adjusted: the warping velocity of some of the battleships. Now, the warping velocity of a battleship is 2AU/s.
15. Now, banned accounts will be able to see a detailed reason for the ban (on the ban screen).
16. Improved: the display of skills and time on the character selection screen.
17. Now you can scroll the language list on the login screen.
18. Improved: the info and notice display.
19. Items traded in ITC have 50% less trade lock time.
20. Added: new models for Strip Miner.
21. Added: advanced quests in Advanced Pilot Tutorials.
22. Transport missions now display the correct delivery hold volume.
23. Chat window will no longer be closed during a stargate jump.
24. Added: a confirmation box for lost resources when a Mining Array is destroyed.
25. The sharing features will now adopt a unified interface.
26. Revamped: the Overview icon for all bases.
27. Updated the resources related to the Guardian Rally event.
28. You can view the KM of the same corporation member in the corporation management interface.

1. Fixed an issue where the removal of fuel from the corporation outpost fuel hangar would not be restricted by the trade lock.
2. Fixed: the conflict between Player Name and rich text that could cause an error in share links.
3. Fixed an issue where the delivery location showed in the Citadel did not match the actual delivery location in some regions.