Patch Notes - Feb. 24


We will be having our weekly maintenance on Feb 24 at 08:00 UTC. During this time, players won't be able to log into the game. This is expected to last for two hours. 
Here is a list of specific changes that will be applied after maintenance ends.

New Features:
1. Adjusted chat interface: text of Alliance Channel now changed to blue, text of Rookie Help and Custom Channel changed to white, and System and Local text has been changed to yellow.
2. Late claim notifications: badge was added at the corner of the icon to indicate a mail that comes with a reward.
3. Improved: the patch note screen display.
4. Character ID will now be shown on the Combat Log interface.
5. If the purchased item is located in the docking station, players will now be directly led to the station inventory instead of personal assets by tapping the notice.
6. Newcomers who have joined a corporation for less than 7 days are now unable to donate money to the corporation.

1. Fixed a bug where when withdrawing ISK from a corporation, the duration shown in the Trade Lock confirmation interface may not be consistent with the actual duration.
2. Fixed an issue where the number of Guardian’s Gala decoders was shown incorrectly after switching accounts.
3. Corrected some text related to the insurance point introduction.
4. Fixed an issue where personal assets can be initiated for delivery even when the player has the permission to dock at a citadel. (Normally, assets can only be delivered when one no longer has the permission to dock.)