Patch Notes - March 10


We will be having our weekly maintenance on March 10 at 08:00 UTC. During this time, players won't be able to log into the game. This is expected to last for two hours. 
Here is a list of specific changes that will be applied after maintenance ends.


New Features

1. You now cannot fire at your own drones in highsec.

2. Now instead of being consumed by the system, the ISK from expired buy orders created by the insurance system will now return to the insurance pool.

3. There are now Japanese and Korean preferred language options when setting up a corporation recruitment ad.

4. A secondary confirmation is now required when deleting an existing saved location.

5. The default estimated price has been modified for several items.

6. The pull range of interdiction spheres around warp destinations has been adjusted from 1000km to 300km.

7. Improved the rotation animation of the strip miner model while it's mining.

8. Navigating to an unanchored/destroyed Capsuleer Outpost will now correctly go to the original Capsuleer Outpost location.

9. Saving the current location while inside a station allows you to now enter that station using autopilot.

10. Killmail notifications now are sent faster after the killmail has been generated.

11. Saved locations can now be filtered to display only the locations in the current system instead of all of the saved locations.

12. The special cargo hold volume of all four non-faction T8 industrial ships is now 20,000 m³.

13. Corporation Diplomacy, Alliance Diplomacy, and Alliance lists loading has been optimized.

14. Star Charts in Sovereignty mode have been optimized.

15. The redemption fee valuation now uses the system's valuation.

16. Activating a SKIN will automatically apply that SKIN to the ship.

17. Added a new bookmark feature that can generate bookmarks from saved locations.

18. Now, you can view contracts owned by the Corporation in Contract.

19. Added a feature to allow you to initiate a contract on behalf of your corporation. This type of contract uses Corporation Assets and Corporation Wallet for trading.

20. Increased the member limit of custom channels to 500.


Bug Fixes

1. The estimated PLEX cost shown on the insurance page should now be correct.

2. Ship mode icons won't display on the insurance compensation page anymore.

3. Prices on buy orders where there aren't any estimated market values available can now be modified. 

4. The wording for the Capsuleer Outpost delivery system rules has been optimized.

5. Fitted modules should now stay online after switching ships.

6. Fixed an issue where drones would target other players in highsec under certain conditions.

7. Fixed an issue where transfers would fail sometimes due to the transfer reasons being too long when buying items in bulk.