Exploration Update Intro


In YC116, a parallel New Eden emerged—EVE Echoes. The universe that split off gradually became vastly different from the original. The major empires and other forces gradually developed technologies that are also different from the original universe. As time passed, these technologies were gradually improved to better suit Capsuleers and their requirements, and became widely available.

Now, an introduction to a series of upcoming technologies. In the world of New Eden there is a group of avid Capsuleer explorers who love diving into every nook and cranny of the universe in search of unknown signals. Some sell the coordinates of their discoveries to suitable buyers, others venture into the unknown themselves for the thrill of another great adventure. These new space exploration technologies and previously undiscovered locations have slowly become public knowledge. And those avid explorers are also stirring up a storm with the new technologies, which will definitely shake up the status quo in New Eden.

New Space Exploration Technology: Neutrino Resonance Wave

This is a new technology is developed by the Sisters of EVE, which is more suitable for Capsuleers on mobile devices. Resonance waves are divided into two categories. Wide Resonance Scanners can be used to detect unknown space objects and signatures, while the Narrow Resonance Scanners are used to detect Capsuleer ships and structures.

1. Added Wide Resonance Scanners and Narrow Resonance Scanners. Pirates will drop MK series Resonance Scanners.

2. Faction storyline supply chests will have a chance of dropping meta level 5 and 8 Resonance Scanners.

3. In Scout Anomalies, there will be rigging capable of reducing the chance of being discovered by Narrow Range Resonance Simulators.

A New Mystery to Explore: Nihilus Space

Thousands of light years away from New Eden, Nihilus Space is a region full of rich ores and special magnetic materials. New technologies make it possible to mine its riches. Capsuleers can travel to Nihilus Space via special gravity wells and extract its resources.

1. Reduced the probability of discovering condensed belts. Gravity wells leading to condensed belts will be discovered by chance. This applies to all systems.

2. Slightly reduced the probability of discovering original Deadspace anomalies. However, there's now a chance to discover gravity wells leading to Nihilus Deadspace in all systems.

3. Added two new modules to Capsuleer outposts: Ore Gravity Well Trap Device and Deadspace Gravity Well Trap Device. These can only be used in sovereignty systems. After running for a week, this type of device will generate a gravity well.

4. Capsuleers can now discover Nihilus Deadspace of 5 different factions, each with their own complex structure. Capsuleers can obtain materials that can be reverse engineered into stronger Deadspace modules and Nanocores, a brand new addition to the game. However, you will face powerful pirates, even ones armed with Deadspace modules.

5. Added new Nihilus condensed belts. Belts of different levels vary in complexity, but all contain large amounts of rich ores waiting for Capsuleers to mine.

New Module Type: Nanocore

Nanocore is a new nanobot technology secretly developed by CONCORD Aerospace and the Independent Gaming Commission. This technology will tweak some of the ship's abilities, and many factions have quietly been involved in this research. Some bored Serpentis researchers modified the ship's power core processing code so that the nanocore also modifies the ship's appearance, but at a steep price.

1. There are four levels of Nanocores in terms of strength: Type I, II, III, and IV. Due to improper tampering of data, Type III and IV cores have caused irreversible damage to a few users. Because of this, CONCORD added them to the list of trade-restricted items, meaning they can be used but not sold on the market. According to sources, those who are found trading them in private may have their license confiscated.

2. Nanocores of different strengths will allow varying degrees of ship appearance customization.

3. High-level Nanocores are known to emit a special glow, which can also be customized thanks to Serpentis modifications. Due to this peculiar nature, they quickly became popular among some pilots and used as a tool for self-expression.

4. Nanocores of different levels will also improve different ship modules, giving them different abilities and attributes.

5. Capsuleers can gain advantages in combat and flying when using these cores, provided that they learn from suitable data sources.

6. Once fitted to a ship, Nanocores cannot be easily unfitted. Unfitting requires the use of special materials. Only part of the materials will be refunded.

7. Nanocores will also be covered by insurance.

Added New Industry Job: Deadspace Module Reverse Engineering

Special permanent magnetic materials were discovered in Nihilus Space. Pirates have learned to use them to enhance Deadspace modules. But these enhancements come at the cost of poor stability and great risk. After numerous experiments performed by Capsuleers, the ability to reverse engineer Deadspace modules has been added to the list of Industry jobs.

1. Added reverse engineering jobs for all existing Deadspace modules. Currently, type C Deadspace modules can be reverse engineered into type B; type B can be reversed engineered into type A; type A can be reverse engineered into type X. Beware though – this does not come without great risk! 

2. Giants in the field of research mapped out the inner workings of Deadspace modules through experiments and summarized them, which is sure to greatly improve the success rate of Deadspace module reverse engineering (failure comes at a great loss, however).

New Industry Job: Nanocore Reverse Engineering

In Nihilus Space, a new kind of special magnetic material was discovered. With it, major pirate factions have successfully developed Nanocores capable of enhancing ships. After numerous experiments performed by Capsuleers, this technology has also been added to the list of Industry jobs.

1. Added reverse engineering jobs for Nanocores for major factions. Products of such jobs can be fitted to matching ships.

2. You can produce type II and type III Nanocores through reverse engineering. Due to a ban by CONCORD, Capsuleers can only trade type II faction Nanocores on the market and not type III.

3. In New Eden, there aren't yet the technologies that enable the use of magnetic materials in the Nanocore reverse engineering process. It's still unclear whether such technologies can be developed in the future, but the potential enhancements they can provide have certainly driven relevant parties to attempt to bring them to reality.

The First Official CONCORD Pass

CONCORD has made the CONCORD Pass available to Capsuleers which will enable research and testing data sharing between both parties. CONCORD will offer corresponding rewards and entitlements. This Pass is still on a trial basis and may be terminated by CONCORD at any time. Should premature termination of the Pass occur, Capsuleers who have been assigned with it will be compensated accordingly. The Pass has a validity period, after which no compensation will be provided by CONCORD.

1. As laid out in the Pass, CONCORD will offer Capsuleers rare Thermomagnetic Storm Nanocores, Nanocore learning materials, and skill points as a reward for participating.

2. Due to the increased scale of data sharing, CONCORD will offer more mission options for Capsuleers. This Pass will only be available for a limited time. Opportunities like this are rare. CONCORD appreciates Capsuleers' active participation and the data provided in the feedback.