Patch Notes - June 9


EVE Echoes will undergo maintenance on Wednesday, June 9 at 08:00 (UTC+0) and will take approximately 120 minutes to complete. During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game.

Regarding a recent issue, our CONCORD Pass interface crashed for 4 hours recently and affected several capsuleers. To help make up for this, we will compensate all Capsuleers with 50,000 Skill Points. For those who were affected directly by this (mission completion, refreshing missions, elite pass purchase, weekly pass points), we will provide additional compensation based on the specific issue you encountered.

We will also be sending everyone an appearance reset gift for use with refactoring your ship's fitted nanocore.

Both the CONCORD Pass compensation and the appearance reset gift will be sent after this week's maintenance is over. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thanks for your patience!

June 9 Version Notes

Updated estimated prices according to current market transaction records.
The nanocore system can now be accessed via the fitting UI. 
Compensation for the CONCORD Pass page crash will be issued.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where some players could not see all 6 CONCORD Pass missions. This update will take effect when the mission board is refreshed next week.
Fixed an issue with the counter that caused the CONCORD Pass missions - Destroy NPC Ships went unrecorded.
Fixed an issue that prevented some players from obtaining CONCORD Credits.
Fixed an issue where in some rare cases CONCORD missions would disappear from the mission board after completion.
Fixed the issue where crashes would happen while trying to enter the game on an iPad Air 2.  
Market -> Nanocores -> Battlecruiser Nanocores now has a section for Amarr battlecruisers.
Fixed an issue where some players had their ISK deducted but could not refresh the CONCORD mission board successfully.
Refined the text shown on the UI and in the description boxes for some nanocores.
Corrected the text shown on nanocore tabs in the market.
Fixed an issue where future orders could not be properly generated when claiming insurance compensation with killmails from Nihilus Space.
Fixed an issue where the pirate texture of some nanocores was not properly displayed on certain devices.
Fixed an issue where the Drone Damage Bonus of some nanocores was not shown correctly on the UI.
Fixed an issue where moving items directly from a corporation hangar to a ship would not be recorded by the hangar log.