Patch Notes - July 7


Maintenance begins on Wednesday, July 7 at 08:00 (UTC+0) and will take approximately 120 minutes to complete. During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game.

Nanocore Optimizations
1. You can now share your customized nanocore setup to chat channels where you can also apply other player fittings to your own ship.
2. When customizing your nanocore, you can now reset to default settings or undo the reset.
3. There is now a full-screen mode option available while viewing your nanocore (UI will be hidden).
4. The bonuses of your customized nanocore will be shown on both the fitting page and tooltips.
5. Nanocores now have tooltips showing where they can be obtained.
6. Nanocore icons in the market were changed from purple to blue.
7. Optimized tapping responsiveness when upgrading your tech level.
8. Fixed an issue where rapid tapping in a short period of time would cause a text display bug.
9. Fixed an issue where some nanocore special effects were not being properly shown.

1. Updated estimated prices according to current market transaction records.
2. Adjusted the effective duration of future orders of PLEX from 7 days to 1 day. The issue where there were too many PLEX orders has also been mitigated.
3. Rich ores can now be jettisoned.
4. Scout and Inquisitor anomalies will now be erased after all containers have been picked up instead of after all enemies have been defeated.
5. Activating autopilot will no longer interrupt undocking.
6. Purchase options of Alpha and guest accounts are no longer restricted to Interstellar Trading Centers.
7. CONCORD has launched a skill point reward plan to improve pilots' skill levels and help them use new modules and ships.
8. Now players can link a security email to their account in the account center for improved security.
9. Optimized the rendering efficiency of Nihilus Space.
10. We have removed the 500,000-point requirement for the skill point reset.
11. Changed the transport protection time of shipping containers from 90% of the total elapsed time to 75%, which means shipping containers that require 10 jumps or less to deliver guarantee a minimum of 15 minutes of transport time.
12. Now you can still activate low slot service modules, even when a citadel has been damaged down to its hull.

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed an issue where the market's delivery feature remained accessible after the player transitioned from an advanced account to a regular account.
2. Fixed an issue where Encounter missions would sometimes be in Nihilus Space.
3. Fixed an issue where, in some rare circumstances, players were able to use cloaking devices while being locked on by sentry guns.
4. Fixed an issue where the game wouldn't notify the player when autopilot was paused in certain circumstances.
5. Fixed an issue where tapping the combat alarm on the nanocore page would lead to the UI disappearing.
6. Fixed a bug where moving items from the delivery hangar would also move unredeemed items.