Patch Notes - November 3


We will undergo maintenance on 11/3 at 08:00 (UTC+0) and will take approximately 120 minutes to complete. During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience during the maintenance.

November 3 Version Patch Notes

The end or the beginning?
With the joint efforts of the pilots, CONCORD succeeded in destroying the gravitational structure connecting the Void Space, and the invasion from Ship Graveyard finally came to an end. In the meantime, research into capital ships has reached a milestone, with each of the four empires developing their own capital ship manufacturing technology.
Capsuleers ended another crisis in New Eden, but the war still rumbles on. Where the advent of capital technology will lead New Eden next remains to be seen.

Capital Ships
With this update, 8 capital ships will make their debut. Capital ships (dreadnoughts and carriers) are currently the highest tonnage ships available to pilots in New Eden.

Dreadnoughts do not possess strong firepower by default, but their DPS greatly increases after activating their exclusive "Showdown Mode", which grants them unrivaled firepower throughout the current New Eden. Apart from boosting a dreadnought's DPS, Showdown Mode also brings bonuses to many other aspects such as repairs. However, Showdown Mode is not without its disadvantages — it dramatically reduces the dreadnought's velocity, as well as preventing it from warping. Knowing when to activate Showdown Mode is what makes a good dreadnought pilot.
This update brings dreadnoughts from each of the four empires, namely: the Revelation, the Phoenix, the Moros, and the Naglfar.

Carriers attack using their onboard fighters. Fighters are devastating against regular ships. Space superiority fighters are highly effective against drones, frigates, and destroyers. Light fighters are best against cruisers, battlecruisers, and battleships. To add to their threat against regular ships, carriers are also equipped with a Networked Sensor Mode, which can increase their scan resolution significantly.
This update brings carriers from each of the four empires, namely: The Archon, the Chimera, the Thanatos, and the Nidhoggur.

Capital Ship Tonnage Restrictions
Capital ships cannot enter high-sec regions regardless of the means, nor can they dock at capsuleer outposts, or be transported using the delivery service. The maximum insurance coverage for capital ships is 20% of the estimated value (70% for regular ships.)

Capital Modules
This update introduces a range of capital ship modules: Turrets, missile launchers, light space superiority fighters, light combat fighters, shield rechargers, armor repairers, shield extenders, armor plates, batteries, afterburners, microwarpdrives, etc.
As for capital ship riggings, these are: Weapon upgrades, defense upgrades, propulsion upgrades, engineering upgrades, fighter upgrades, etc.
Skills corresponding to capital modules will also be introduced.
Please note that most types of capital modules and riggings cannot be fitted to regular ships and vice versa.

Cynosural Jumps
Cynosural Field Generator
This is a new mid slot module and can only be fitted when you have the required bonus. Using this module consumes a lot of fuel. Upon activation, the user will become a cynosural beacon that can be searched by other pilots in the same fleet. When requirements are met, ships fitted with a jump drive can jump directly to the location of the cynosural beacon.

Cynosural Beacon Tower
The cynosural beacon tower is a corporation add-on structure. It generates a cynosural beacon that is visible throughout the corporation. Through this add-on structure, ships fitted with a jump drive can quickly return from other systems to areas near this structure.

Cynosural Jammer Tower
The cynosural jammer tower is a corporation add-on structure. Upon activation, all pilots in the same system will be unable to activate cynosural field generators. The cynosural jammer tower doesn't affect the function of the cynosural beacon tower from the same corporation.

Capital Ship Rally Point
Capital Ship Rally Point is a rare type of cosmic anomaly space. Only sovereignty systems that have an anchored "Pirate Observation Array" are able to detect the abnormal signals of Pirate Ships. Once detected, the stealth mechanism of this anomaly space signal will fail, allowing all pilots in the system to find it.
Enemies in Capital Ship Rally Points are usually formed by both Capital ships and normal ships: Dreadnoughts and Carriers as main ships, escorted by Battleships and Battlecruisers. In addition to high bounty, capsuleers can also obtain Capital Ship Modules and Damaged Hull for reverse engineering Capital Ship Blueprints.

Underground Market Available
Event Duration: 0:00 Nov 4 - 0:00 Nov 25 UTC+0

About the Event:
Recently the CONCORD Customs commissioned capsuleers to discover a shipment of secret trafficking containers at data sites as well as relic sites.
Secret trafficking container is a type of safe with an encrypted channel inside that requires specific decoding credentials to open.
New Eden Store has a new underground market, selling the credentials to open these secret trafficking containers for a limited time. Open these containers for a chance to get a Death Wish Nanocore. Refine the Death Wish Nanocore to get Triangle Coins that can be exchanged for a Death Wish Nanocore Opt Box in the underground market.

Interstellar Bazaar - Neonrain
Event Duration: 10:00 Nov. 3 - 23:59 Nov 14, UTC+0
Event Content:
The touring Band Neonrain finally made a stop in Amarr Prime. As a prelude to the commercial festival Interstellar Bazaar, their gig was a huge success. CONCORD SCC had to get down to busy work once again to maintain the order.
1. During the event, all insurance claims will generate extra market orders.
2. During the event, the transaction tax rate will be reduced by 7% and shelving tax by 3%, at Amarr VIII (Oris) - Moon 4 - Expert Distribution Retail Center.
3. During the event weekend (November 6 - November 7, November 13 - November 14), all anomalies will see an increase in drop rate: a 50% increase in the probability of dropping modules when killing pirates, and a 25% increase in the probability of dropping hulls.

Growth Fund Purchase Limit Increase
Event Time: After server maintenance on Nov. 3
The purchase limit of Growth Fund SP speedups has increased to 15,000,000.
The price will be the same with the last grade.

Additional Changes
Large performance optimization: Performance Mode
This update brings a major solution for performance drop during large battles: Performance Mode.
Performance Mode can be toggled on and off in game settings.
When the performance mode is on, all ship effects and models will be hidden in large-scale battles. This is to reduce the performance loss and lag caused by the game rendering ship models, reduce the possibility of lag and frame drops during combat, and greatly improve game experience during large-scale battles. We have been working hard to improve the performance of large-scale battle, and will continue to do so in the future.
Translation feature now available for chat messages
Capsuleers can now translate chat messages from other languages into the language they use in the game by tapping the Translate button below the message in the chat channel.

1. Updated estimated prices based on successful transactions in the Market.
2. Limited-time event Interstellar Bazaar: Neon Rain
3. Total estimated value of the items are now displayed on the Contract page.
4. The Local Member List now displays player info in simple mode.
5. You can now navigate by tapping the addresses on contracts.