Patch Notes - January 12


Dear pilots of New Eden,
EVE Echoes will undergo maintenance on 1/12/2022 at 08:00 (UTC+0) and will take approximately 120 minutes to complete. During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience during the maintenance.

In celebration of the Home-returning Festival in New Eden, all factions launched the Splendid Universe Event, which provides lucrative rewards for pilots in the Splendid Coupon Exchange Store. Meanwhile, more items will be available in other sections of the New Eden Store.

Ship-rental Project, Soft Drink Splendor, new mode of Faction Wargames, Think Tank Building Project, Resource Extraction Yield Increase, and more will be available soon. Pirates are assembling Capital Ship Special Fleets to stop capsuleers from participating in this grand festival.

New Event
Think Tank Building Project
Duration: Jan 13, 2022 to Feb 15, 2022
During the event, pilots can answer questions in Event - Think Tank Building Project and get 10 random questions about almost everything about New Eden. A certain amount of Splendid Coupons and Scholar Points will be rewarded. When cumulative correct answers reach the designated amount, you will receive the exclusive Prayer SKIN and a Scholar Medal.

Ship-rental Project
Event Duration: Jan 12, 2022 to Feb 15, 2022
For various purposes, 25 groups, including Inherent Implants, Astral Mining Inc. and University of Caille, have launched a Ship-rental Project for capsuleers. Unused ships can be lent to these groups while pilots enjoy the Home-returning Festival. ISK, Splendid Coupons and more will be returned to pilots as rewards.
Requirements for ships from different groups vary, so please provide ships that meet their needs to increase satisfaction for better rewards.

Return Ceremony - Fireworks Show
Event Duration: Jan 12, 2022 to Feb 15, 2022
Bells ring and fireworks explode as frigates and shuttles dance in low earth orbit. People of all ages and genders raise their glasses by the portholes in celebration of the "Return Ceremony", a festive occasion for all. CONCORD with major consortiums to launch a series of activities to give out benefits to spice up each pilot's journey.
Yield of Resource Extraction across the universe will increase during the event.
Tax-reduction of the Amarr Trading Center in Domain region will be in effect once again.
To ensure all routes are safe, rewards of repelling pirates will be boosted for a limited time (valid only on weekends).

Splendid Coupon Exchange Store
Duration: Jan 12, 2022 to Feb 28, 2022
The Splendid Coupon Store will open, where you can exchange for Neon Gas  Nanocore, Skill Points, Classified II Gravitational Wave Graph, Lucky Capsuleer tickets, Prayer, Bull and Tiger SKIN Supply Chest, Nanocore materials and more.
Classified II Gravitational Wave Graph, in addition to the usual Relic and Data Site items, you'll also have the chance of obtaining a variety of rare materials and modules from it.

New Content
Faction Wargames Music Update
Adjusted and updated the music and sound effects of the Faction Wargames
Added dynamic music tracks for matching, warping, combat, respawning, stat page, etc., giving each part of the Faction Wargames a new feel. Pilots can experience it by joining the game.
We will continue to improve the music of the game, please stay tuned.

CONCORD Pass Season 6
Duration: Jan 14, 2022 to Feb 25, 2022
CONCORD Pass Season 6 will start on Jan 14, 2022.
Added more exchangeable "Ascension" Nanocores in the CONCORD Pass Shop.
Replaced some manufacturing missions of the CONCORD Pass.

Capital Ship Special Fleet
Available from: After the update on Jan 12, 2022
Pilots will need an anchored pirate detection array to detect the Pirate Capital Ship Special Fleets. When the Pirate Capital Fleet of a particular system gets defeated many times, the likelihood of the Pirate Fleet appearing in this system will gradually decrease. But they may return after a few days.

New Eden Store Update
Event Duration: Jan 12, 2022 to Feb 15, 2022
Scholar Point Exchange: All 3-day, 7-day, and 15-day limited-time SKINs are removed. Permanent Bull SKIN and Tiger SKIN will be available.
Store Recommendations: Added 4 limited Gift Packs to get Splendid Coupons and more. The original Nanocore material packs have also been added to the limited-time Splendid Coupon rewards.
Underground Market: Added a set of 10 Decoding Credentials, purchase these credentials and get Splendid Coupons.
Secret Trafficking Container: Added Classified II Gravitational Wave Graph, use the Secret Trafficking Decoding Credentials or Force Open for a chance to get that.

1. Updated estimated prices based on successful transactions in the Market.
2. Adjusted the bounding box size of the shield effect for 20 ships including the Velator.
3. MK9 Capital Modules can now be reprocessed.
4. Systems that meet the requirement now have a chance of spawning Capital Ship Special Fleet Anomalies.
5. Changed the mission types of CONCORD Pass Industry construction.
6. Added Classified II Gravitational Wave Graph.

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed the issue where Fighter Damage was too low in capital anomaly.

The Scope