Patch Notes - Aug 03


Dear pilots of New Eden,
EVE Echoes will undergo maintenance on 8/3/2022 at 08:00 (UTC+0) and will take approximately 240 minutes to complete. During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience during the maintenance.
New Content
Dormant Realm
The Dormant Realm is home to the Sleepers. CONCORD has found out that the universal broadcast in New Eden shares the same origin with the Dormant Realm.
After about ten thousand years of transformation by the Sleepers, the place has become more similar to their virtual reality. Intruders, affected by the broadcast signals, may be turned into Sleepers.
Capsuleers can form a team with up to 4 members to enter the Dormant Realm from any station. Choose the suitable difficulty level, follow the mission guides, and do not get lost.
The operation may fail due to many conditions. Your ships that are destroyed during the operation will be real loss. Complete the operation for a chance to obtain rare Implants, General Units, and upgrade materials. The reward depends on the difficulty level and the time taken to complete the operation.
2 of the 4 Dormant Realm operations are now available. Please check the in-game rules for more details.
The new Implant system is a significant innovation in combat strategies.
12 new Implants will be introduced in the first update, changing the existing weapon systems of ships drastically and adding new combat strategies to old weapons.
They can change the firing rate of weapons and type of damage dealt by weapons and even grant ships unprecedented special abilities.
New Implants
Focused Crystal - Strengthens the stimulation crystal of the laser, continuously enhancing its power while attacking.
Pulse Crystal - Optimizes the operating mode of the laser crystal so that it can generate more firepower by using additional electricity during its operation.
Barrage Repression - Changes the cannon's loading mechanism to obtain a higher firing rate, but the additional recoil will reduce the cannon's precision.
Sniping Technology - Grants cannons the ability to perform precise calibration on their target, greatly increasing the accuracy and power of the first strike.
High Power Coil - Residual energy from Railgun attacks will be stored in the additional coils and converted into additional firepower when necessary.
Thermal Circulation - Improves the power of the Railgun coil to increase the Railgun's damage, but there is a risk of overheating.
Support Projection - Uses the special Electronic Warfare warheads to disrupt enemy actions or disable enemy modules.
Warhead Charge - Changes the loading mechanism of missile warheads to adjust the damage type of the missiles flexibly.
Bombard Tactics - Adds a special attack module to the drone to significantly increase its firepower, but the drone has to return to the drone bay for loading.
Automatic Defense - Adds a special Electronic Warfare module to the drone so that it can destroy enemy targeting systems.
Remote Shield- Strengthens the shield's potential energy effect to quickly replenish the lost shield to the target from a distance.
Remote Armor - Provides continuous Energy Armor Layering to the target, increasing the target's Armor Resistance continuously from a distance.
New Implant Materials
Neural Compiler - Used to level up and enhance the strength of Implants.
Quantum Neuron - The essential material to make Implants and Neural Compilers.
Sleeper Structure - The essential material to reverse Implant Blueprint.
Implant Core - The essential material to reverse Implant Blueprint.
Neuroactive Supplements - Restores the lost neural activity for Implants.
Upgraded Main Interface
A comprehensive design optimization and effect upgrade has been done for the main interface to provide a better gaming experience for Capsuleers.
The Neocoms has been improved by adding the display of the model and Nanocore quality of the current ship. The buttons related to Implant operations have also been added.
Character avatar and position display, shortcuts, MINI chat interface, locked target display, and overview panel will offer Capsuleers better visual effects and experience.
Upgraded Fleet Interface
Battlefield data statistics have been added to provide the number of friend/foe ships within a certain range in real-time. It can help Capsuleers cope with the ever-changing situation on the battlefield. After creating a fleet, you can swipe the upper left corner of the screen to switch to this feature.
The icons of the fleet members you're following are now displayed in the upper right corner of the screen to help you interact with them. Drag the icons to unfollow them.
The interfaces of sending and receiving commands are now integrated into the brand new fleet panel to further simplify operations.
Sleepers are ancient beings who disappeared thousands of years ago. Yet, over time, the traces they left behind have spread across New Eden.
They call out to New Eden, longing to extend their lives...
Way Out of Sleep
Duration: August 3 to August 24, 2022
Complete Way Out of Sleep missions and participate in Sleeper Exploration to claim bountiful supplies prepared by CONCORD. Some missions will not be available until their corresponding event has begun.
While completing the missions, you can unlock and watch the story about the operations, learn the details of Operation Hypnos, and discover the secret behind the evolution of the Dormant Realm.
Sleeping Auditorium
Duration: August 3 to August 24, 2022
Travel here in slumber and listen to the whispers of the Sleepers.
The new "Sleepers" soundtrack will be added to your library with the new version of the game. You may set any of the songs as the theme song of your station.
Two of the 5 songs are now available, while the rest have to be unlocked by completing missions.
Navigator Program
Event Duration: August 4 to August 30, 2022
The Navigator Program is on again! Top up a total of 499 AUR to start a new round of monthly Skill Points replenishment. Top up to a certain amount of AUR for additional rewards. Please refer to the in-game descriptions for details.
New Eden Recruitment Event
New Eden Recruitment Event is back. Invite new and old Capsuleers to get lots of rewards.
Summon your comrades and bring new blood into New Eden!
New Eden Store Updates
Lazarus Unit Value Bundle Pack and Small, Medium, and Large Nanocore Supplies are now replaced with general materials of the same amount.
2 new limited-time items are added, namely the Nano Source Bundle Pack and Learning Code Bundle Pack.
The purchase limit of the Omega Duo Bundle Gift Pack in the Pilot Service Tab has been reset. You can now purchase the Omega Duo Bundle Gift Pack at a discount.
​Limited-Time Sale of Popular Nanocores
Event Duration: August 3 to August 30, 2022
To meet some Capsuleers' need to purchase the old Nanocores, CONCORD has selected some of the most popular Nanocores and made them available to be purchased for a limited time.
The items are mainly Opt Boxes, including Nanocores from the Dark Halo, Neon Gas, and Thermomagnetic Storm series.
During the Anniversary Celebration, log in for 7 days to claim 4 Coupons, Skill Points, and other rewards. When purchasing in the Popular Nanocore Shop, you can use the Coupons to deduct the price when your single order reaches a certain amount.
Clone Purchase Gifts Event Update
To thank the Capsuleers for their support, the Clone Purchase Gifts Event has now been changed to 1,080 days. Reach the specified number of days to claim bountiful gifts.
The gifts include Praxis II Battleship, Afterglow of Death II Nanocore, Skill Points, Lazarus Unit, Insurance Points, ISK, and Nanocores.
Praxis II is a battleship with comprehensively enhanced combat capabilities. It is highly versatile and good at attacking enemies with turrets, missiles, and drones.
Afterglow of Death II Nanocore also focuses on versatility to better utilize the advantages of Praxis II's multi-weapon system.
Voyage Ceremony Formation Review
CONCORD will review the Ceremony Formations and Corp Mottos designed by all Corporations. Corporations will be notified of the result through the event page and mail in a timely manner.
Corporations that fail to pass the review have one chance to modify their submissions. Please submit the modified Ceremony Formation and Corp Motto before August 11. Please take the modification seriously, as your Corporation will lose the opportunity to participate if it fails to pass the review again.
1. Updated estimated prices based on successful transactions in the Market.
Bug Fixes
1. The issue where only 1 (should be 9) fighter is displayed after the carrier is repackaged has been fixed.