Patch Notes - Sep 7


Dear pilots of New Eden,
EVE Echoes will undergo maintenance on
9/7/2022 at 08:00 (UTC+0) and will take approximately 120 minutes to complete. During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience during the maintenance.

Selene's Wish Login Reward
Duration: September 7, 2022 - September 21, 2022
"Autumn's moon shines everywhere, over the one galaxy we all share."
Log in to claim the reward on the event screen. Please claim it as soon as possible.

Faction Wargames Ego Traverse Updates
Tactical Overlay is now available in Ego Traverse. The safe zone display has been optimized for Tactical Overlay. You can disable Tactical Overlay in Settings.

The estimated price has been updated based on the market transaction record.