Patch Notes - Sep 28


Dear pilots of New Eden,
EVE Echoes will undergo maintenance on 9/28/2022 at 08:00 (UTC+0) and will take approximately 120 minutes to complete. During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience during the maintenance.

New Version
Support Strategy
In the midst of drastic changes of sovereignty, logistics and battlefield support capabilities are particularly critical, so a military program called "Support Strategy" was submitted to CONCORD.
This program will bring Capsuleers Jump Freighters, Force Auxiliary, Logistic Drones, advanced modules and skills, as well as a scanning device capable of discovering a certain type of Nihilus Space.

Jump Freighter
Jump Freighters are an advanced type of freighter capable of long-distance jumps. The vessels were developed by a joint team founded by the Thukker, CreoDron, etc. They are a showcase of some truly cutting edge structure and jump drive technologies.
These advanced freighters are mainly used in dangerous areas for bulk cargo transportation. Apart from Jump Freighter-dedicated skills, mastering skills in piloting general freighters can help you get more performance out of Jump Freighters.
How to obtain: Reverse engineer freighter blueprints, and manufacture using regular freighter and capital ship components.
Main Characteristics:
The Rhea, which has the built-in ship hold and relatively large cargo hold.
The Nomad, which has the built-in ore hold and relatively good mobility.
The Ark, which has a built-in structure hold and balanced performance.
The Anshar, which has a built-in mineral hold and strikes a balance between transportation and defense capability.

Force Auxiliary
Force Auxiliaries are a type of carrier especially suited for large-scale battle, usually used to repair major allied capital and supercapital ships. They play an important role in logistics and repair, combat support and field command in battles.
In addition to using capital remote repair modules, Force Auxiliaries also replace fighter bays with large drone bays. They make use of a special electronic interface to control superheavy logistic drones.
They can activate logistic support mode to reroute power from their defense and maneuver systems to the support system, greatly increasing their capabilities in providing logistic support.
How to obtain: Reverse engineer Force Auxiliary and Carrier Wrecks, and manufacture using capital ship components.
Main Characteristics:
The Minokawa, which excels in remote shield boosting and has great shield resistance, although it sacrifices some of its logistic drone capability to achieve that result.
The Lif, which excels in using shield logistic drones and is capable of remote shield boosting to some extent. It still has good logistic capability when low on capacitors.
The Apostle, which has great capacitor capacity and excels in remote armor repairing. It also has great armor itself.
The Ninazu, which has high powergrid output and excels in using armor logistic drones. It can perform some remote armor repairs.

Logistic Drone
It takes a lot of electricity and fuel to make super-long-range logistic support work, but the energy loss of long-distance transmission is huge. To make the most of the capacitors on Force Auxiliaries, major corporations have included logistic drones on their research and development schedules.
Superheavy logistic drones began their life playing the role of long-distance support for Force Auxiliaries. Since superheavy logistic drones are very practical and energy-efficient repair tools, simplified and lightweight versions of these drones began to circulate on the market.
How to obtain: Use blueprints obtained in Nihilus Space to manufacture.
Models: Large Shield Maintenance Drone, Large Armor Maintenance Drone, Superheavy Shield Maintenance Drone, Superheavy Armor Maintenance Drone.
How to use:
When not locked onto a target, tapping the Drone button activates the drones to repair their mothership. When locked onto a target, tapping the button activates the drone to repair the target (the drones can't distinguish enemy ships from allied ships).
The drones will follow the order of their mothership and repair the target continuously while circling it. They will not stop or change target unless deactivated manually or they leave the drone control range.

Space Scan
With the Support Strategy program comes the Space Scan feature. Activate Space Scan to discover Nihilus Space. You can use Space Scan as long as your "Pirate Detection Array" is level 3 or above.
The Klein Wells of this type of Nihilus Space broadcast an unknown signal across the region continuously. All Capsuleers can see the Klein Wells in their region on the Starmap without scanning for them.
(You can disable Klein Well display in Starmap settings)
In addition, these Klein Wells are highly stable and won't collapse even when capital ships pass through them.
How to use:
When you have citadel management permissions, tap Space Scan on the citadel management screen to activate the scan at the cost of fuel.
After a successful scan, the hidden unknown Nihilus Space in the system will be revealed. The other 4 areas of Nihilus Space connected to it will also be revealed.
In addition, the scanning device will enter a cooldown period after use and can be activated again a day later. You can scan up to 2 times every week.
The 4 hidden areas of Nihilus Space may be located in any non-high-sec space in New Eden. Look for them in Starmap. Stay vigilant if you plan to check them out.
Although there is no restriction on team formation, the enemy's firepower is fierce. It is recommended that Capsuleers form a fleet of more than 8 people to explore.
Battlefield Intelligence:
There will be random regular pirate fleets and large number of capital ships in the Nihilus Space. Repel them to get great bounties and loots.
In addition, you have a chance to obtain advanced capital ship modules (Metalevel 11) with each capital ship you destroy. The stronger the enemy, the higher the chance of them dropping advanced modules.
After destroying all enemies, open the loot crate to obtain rewards which include logistic drone blueprints and more.

Advanced Capital Ship Modules
As the Space Scan has been made available, pilots can now obtain advanced capital ship modules (Metalevel 11) from the unknown Nihilus Space.
Currently discovered modules include:
Lasers, Railguns, Cannons, Missiles, Fighter Fire Control Arrays.
Shield Boosters, Armor Repairers, Remote Shield Boosters, Remote Armor Repairers.
Capacitor Batteries, Afterburners, Warpdrives, Shield Extenders, Armor Plates.

Capital Ship Module Reprocessing
Reprocessing of imperial and advanced capital ship modules is now available.
Imperial capital ship module (green): Can be reprocessed into X-Large Device Improvement Medium.
Advanced capital ship module (blue): Can be reprocessed into X-Large Device Compilation Optimization Medium.

Capital Ship Module Reverse Engineering
All advanced capital ship modules can now be reversed engineered to yield more advanced modules.
The process, difficulty and success rate of such reverse engineering jobs are similar to that of regular modules.

Module Invention Specialization
To increase the overall combat capability of New Eden pilots, CONCORD has authorized the use of a new skill - the Module Invention Specialization - to increase the success rate of module reverse engineering jobs.
Skill Introduction:
Common, Advanced, and Expert Module Invention Principles, mastery of which increases the success rate of inventing regular modules by up to 50%.
Common, Advanced, and Expert Capital Module Invention Principles, mastery of which increases the success rate of inventing capital ship modules by up to 50%.
How to obtain: Skill Chips can be purchased in the CONCORD Pass Shop using CONCORD Pass points.
Note: Reverse engineering of modules has proven difficult. Success is not guaranteed even with new skills. Please thoroughly evaluate all the risks involved before starting a reverse engineering job.

New Skills
Skills related to Jump Freighters, Force Auxiliaries and Logistic Drones are now available. Purchase them with ISK and start training right away.
Force Auxiliary Command, Logistic Drone Operation, Capital Ship Remote Shield Operation, Capital Ship Remote Armor Operation.
Jump Freighter Command, Jump Freighter Engineering, Jump Freighter Defense Upgrade, Jump Freighter Manufacture.

Support Strategy Capital Ship Manufacturing Contest
Welcome, Capsuleers, to the Capital Ship Manufacturing Contest. CONCORD has prepared some great gifts for you!
This event is all about building as many Jump Freighters and Force Auxiliaries as possible, as fast as possible, during the contest period.
Contest Duration: Sep 28 to Nov 9, 2022
Contest Content:
Corporation Contest. The winner is the corporation with the most Jump Freighters and Force Auxiliaries (of any model) manufactured during the event period.
Personal Contest. Contestants are ranked based on the number of Jump Freighters and Force Auxiliaries manufactured during the event period. Rankings are separated for each type of ship.
(Note: Manufacturing time is counted based on when manufacturing begins and the time spent manufacturing. Time of delivery is not factored in.)
Rewards: Based on your rank in the event, you'll have a chance of obtaining rewards including the "Chief Capital Ship Engineer Medal", the "Advanced Capital Ship Engineer Medal", the "Capital Ship Engineer Medal", Corporation Omega, etc.
Note: Reward activation codes are valid until Dec 10, 2022.
Visit our official website for more information.

Blue-And-White Galaxy
In order to strengthen her bonds with New Eden's major factions, Yue, a young girl from Yan-Jung, plans to curate an art exhibition.
Capsuleers can accept Yue's requests through Encounter Missions and help prepare for the exhibition. A limited amount of Star Navigation Data can be claimed every week, which can be used to obtain the latest Blue-and-White Core from the Sun Chaser Funding Program.
Event Duration: Sep 28 to Oct 19, 2022

Blue-and-White Nanocore
The Blue-and-White Nanocore is now available! Participate in the Sun Chaser Funding Program to get this brand new nanocore.
The Blue-and-White Nanocore has a special ability: Glaze Mode, which forms a porcelain-like protective layer on the surface of the ship to increase its resistance to damage to electronic devices and certain other damage types. However, activating this ability will make the ship's structure more fragile.
Event Duration: Sep 28 to Oct 22, 2022

Implant Lucky Chest
The Implant Lucky Chest is available in the New Eden Store for a limited time. Open the chest for a chance to get great rewards including Skill Points, Insurance Points, Neural Compilers, and more. There's even a chance for you to get the advanced implant of your choosing.
Event Duration: Sep 28 to Oct 12, 2022

1. The estimated price has been updated based on the market transaction record.
2. Increased the chance of discovering Nihilus Spaces using Classified II Gravitational Wave Graph by about 150%. Removed the 4th and 5th wave of enemies. Improved the rewards of the loot crate accordingly.

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed the issue where some assembled ships can still be placed in other ship's cargo hold.
2. Fixed the issue that the SKIN rewards of the Advanced CONCORD Pass were incorrect. The Caracal Navy Issue High Noon SKIN has been changed to the Omen Navy Issue High Noon SKIN; the Apocalypse Striker Dawn SKIN has been changed to the Megathron Dawn SKIN.
3. Fixed an issue where the fighters could fly away from the ship in Dormant Realm.