Balance Update Correction


Dear Pilots,

  Thank you for looking at the Balance Update. Thank you also for all the feedback you have provided. After the last update, we've received a great deal of appreciation from Capsuleers regarding some of the adjustments. We also have feedback which reports that the velocity of Drones had difficulty tracking the Frigates with a high speed. We've taken this matter very seriously and have organized a meeting to fix it.
  Before the update, for Frigates with a high speed (the ones using Warpdrive Units or Medium Microwarpdrives), Small Drones could maintain their tracking and slowly destroy enemies under a low hit rate. After the update, although hit rate and PVE damage will be increased, it will require fitting 2 to 3 Drone Navigation Computers to track Ultra Fast Frigates, which will lower survivability or DPS. This designated combination can only defend against the same targeted high-speed hit-and-run tactics when used as a defense, narrowing the applicable scenarios. This tactic will become more popular after the update, which is not in line with our goal of reducing the burden on drone ship pilots and increasing their income.
  For this update, more Assault and Offense Drones are available to fulfill different needs, but ways to obtain them are quite limited. Considering the teaching purpose of Faction Wargames and the differences between all kinds of Faction Drones, we have decided to make the following adjustments, which will be updated during the maintenance next week:

1. Increased the Small Drone Velocity to 3-3.6km. Increased the Middle Drone Velocity to 2.3-2.7km. The Large Drone Velocity raised to 1.5-1.8km.
2. Raised the Drone Navigation Computer Activation Time to 20 secs, same as the Fighter Microwarpdrive Guide.
3. Fighter Microwarpdrive Guide Activation Effect Enhancement increased up to 4,000%.
4. Bombard Tactics, Micro Thruster Branch and Flight Velocity changed back to 40%.
At the same time, so that Capsuleers can better arrange their Skill Training programs, we will send 3 million Lazarus Units to each of you by mail. Please claim them within one month.

  For coping with more extreme tactics, modification for Flight Velocity of Drones and Fighters will be available in the future (Note: This can make it difficult for Drones to deliver consistent firing.) To reduce the usage cost for Advanced Drones and Fighters, an increased variety of models of Fighters will be made available. There will also be more ways to obtain both of them, such as through Scout Cosmic Anomalies and Capital Ship Cosmic Anomalies.
  Besides above, about [Interstellar Bazaar]
  After widely collecting the suggestions of various Capsuleers, the CONCORD has decided to reduce the Luck requirements of each level of reward in Interstellar Offering, from the original 100, 600, 1200, 1800, 2500, 3200, 3900, 4600, 5300 to 100, 300, 600, 900, 1300, 1600, 2000, 2300, 3000. Capsuleer who has already claimed the rewards are not affected. At the same time, two levels of rewards are added, and the number of Luck required is 4000 and 5300. Thank you again to all Capsuleers for your support of Interstellar Bazaar.

  Again, thank you for all the feedback.