Patch Notes - May 24


Dear pilots of New Eden,
EVE Echoes will undergo maintenance on 5/24/2023 at 08:00 (UTC+0) and will take approximately 120 minutes to complete. During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience during the maintenance.

Inscription of the Galaxy: Conquest
The Inscription of the Galaxy: Conquest Leaderboard will be announced at 08:00 (UTC+0) on May 31, 2023

1. Valuation updated based on the market transaction record.
2. Optimized the ship movement logic and removed the restriction on placing Capital Ships in cargo holds.

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed an issue where Fiend and Adrestia had incorrect High Slot attributes.
2. Fixed an issue where Wrecks did not drop after destroying Capsuleer Outpost.
3. Fixed an issue where the damage value shown on Weapon Tips was sometimes lower than the actual damage value.
4. Fixed an issue where Freighters were unable to enter Capsuleer Outpost.
5. Fixed an issue where Fuel had a chance to vanish on its own.
6. Fixed an issue where the CyanSea Carrier’s shield effect appeared at the wrong location.
7. Fixed an issue where some Capital Ship NPCs had excessively high damage. If you have suffered any losses from this issue, you may apply for review and compensation through our Customer Service.

The Scope