Patch Notes 1122


Dear pilots of New Eden,

EVE Echoes will undergo maintenance on 11/22/2023 at 08:00 (UTC+0) and will take approximately 120 minutes to complete. During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience during the maintenance.

Due to the significant performance optimization adjustments made in this update, the estimated download package size is larger than usual. Please note, all pilots will receive 150k SP, 1.5m Lazarus Units, 20 Ascension Neural Compilers, 30 Compressed Nanites, and 50 Amethyst Cones after the update is completed.


New Content

With the large-scale deployment of the Cynosural Jammer Tower in real combat, heavy arsenal companies such as CreoDron and Kalaakiota have simultaneously introduced products such as the Covert Cynosural Field Generator and Special Ops Battleship to enhance reconnaissance, infiltration, and offense capabilities behind enemy lines.

Capital Fleet Cynosural Field Generator

Compared to its regular model, this capital module requires more energy and has improved signal stability. It can be activated even when the Cynosural Jammer Tower is in a reinforced defense state.

This module requires a specialized system to support its operation, and only Versatile Assault Ships can be fitted with it.

How to obtain: Manufacture them based on the blueprints obtained via reverse engineering


Covert Cynosural Field Generator

As traditional cynosural fields are easily interfered with, module companies such as Viziam have introduced the Covert Cynosural Field Generator to further enhance the ability to operate behind enemy lines.

This generator can generate a covert cynosural field that is difficult to detect. It offers high stability and can be activated even under the interference of a Cynosural Jammer Tower.

Covert Ops ships can all use this type of cynosural field generator, but only Special Ops Battleships can recognize this type of cynosural signal. Ordinary capital ships cannot jump to this beacon.

How to obtain: Obtain from Loot Crates of Advanced Scout Cosmic Anomaly and Wasteseeker Checkpoint

Note: After decloaking, the Covert Cynosural Field Generator will become inactivatable for a period of time


Special Ops Battleship

A ship explicitly developed for special ops behind enemy lines. Equipped with a jump drive, it can jump to the cynosural beacon of fleet members.

Specifically, this type of ship supports covert ops technology and can be fitted with a Covert Cynosural Field Generator. It can also recognize covert cynosural signals, allowing it to covertly go behind enemy lines under the guidance of fleet members to execute combat plans.

The first batch includes a total of 4 ships:

-Armageddon Special Ops

Excelling at lasers, drone assault tactics, and capacitor warfare, this ship is adept at operating in diverse combat environments.

-Scorpion Special Ops

Excelling at various turrets and missiles and weapon disruption, this ship shines at electronic warfare performance.

-Dominix Special Ops

Capable of fitting railguns for enhanced firepower and carrying various models of drones, this ship is well-suited for complex battlefields with enemies of various tonnage.

-Typhoon Special Ops

Capable of fitting cannons and missiles and boasting high weapon accuracy, this ship is well-suited to deal with high-speed ships as well as small and medium ships.

How to obtain: Manufacture them based on the blueprints obtained via reverse engineering

How to obtain (Limited Time): Obtain from the Event Manual


“Needlejack” Filament

This represents the first generation of products applying ORE's “Project Needlejack” technology to the military domain. Its design prototype involves a specialized filament capable of opening a spatial rift route to a random system, where the specific destination system is determined by the “signal distribution curve” observable in the space-time quantum fluctuations.

This prototype product attempts to capture the quantum signal distribution curve of Null Sec systems exhibiting a certain pattern. However, precisely determining the destination coordinates of the spatial rift remains a challenge for scientists.

How to use:

Use “Needlejack” in space to initiate the construction of a Spatial Rift route. Fleet members can choose to join and prepare for transit. Typically, this process takes tens of seconds to complete.

Upon completion of the Spatial Rift route, it will pull ships within a 10km radius that are in a prepared state into the route and transport them to the destination. Meanwhile, the ships will enter combat for a while. It does not affect ships in a cloaked state or affected warp scramble status.

Notes: During the construction of the route, all participants will enter combat and become unable to cloak or go offline. Exiting the system can leave the preparation state.

Currently, these products are still in the experimental stage, with only a limited number of them entering the market and falling into the hands of major factions. Once the technology matures, they will be offered as commodities to capsuleers.

The first batch includes the following models:

Signal-1 “Needlejack” Filament. Construct a route after use, which allows the user to jump to a random Null Sec system after a while. More likely to enter a system where other ships are active

Signal-5 “Needlejack” Filament. Support jump of at most 5 ships at once. More likely to enter a Null Sec system where other ships are active

Noise-1 “Needlejack” Filament. Support only the jump by its user. More likely to enter an unoccupied Null Sec system

Noise-5 “Needlejack” Filament. Support jump of at most 5 ships at once. More likely to enter an unoccupied Null Sec system

How to obtain: Obtain by scanning Data Sites


Silver Waltz Nanocore

The brand new Silver Waltz Nanocore series ensures your ship has ample resistance to Electronic Warfare and Capacitor Warfare while maintaining powerful firepower.

With pen in hand, paper unfurled before me, I shall compute all to unravel the mystery of the planet's heart on the frozen tundra, seeking echoes of eras gone by.

How to obtain: Get them from the Store and Interstellar Bazaar event.


New Skills

Covert Jump Drive Operation: Increases Jump Distance, reduces Fuel Usage, and lowers Capacitor Consumption


AI Core Entry Analysis Library

Added the item “AI Core Entry Analysis Library”: Use it to obtain a fixed number of AI Core Entries.

The current Analysis Library is compatible with entries relevant to Fighters. Other content will gradually become available in the future.

How to obtain: Get them from the Interstellar Bazaar Lucky Chart and Interstellar Bonus event.


Star Beat Nanocore Appearance Update

In view of previous feedback from capsuleers, we will introduce a new appearance design for the Star Beat Nanocore and its corresponding SKINs.

The first batch of updates will be available in the next patch, including updates to the following ships:

Supercarriers: Aeon, Hel, Nyx, Wyvern

Special Carriers: Villain, Vassago, Astarte, Anaconda

Carriers: Thanatos, Nidhoggur, Archon, Chimera

Dreadnoughts: Revelation, Naglfar, Moros, Phoenix

We will continue to update the appearance of other ships for Star Beat Nanocore in subsequent patches. Please stay tuned.


New Event

Interstellar Bazaar: Silver Waltz

Interstellar Bazaar Series Event Duration: November 22, 2023 08:00 - December 13, 2023 08:00 (UTC+0)

We are preparing to send you to the frozen planet “Geidos”, where the Dance of Light is an absolute spectacle.

“Interstellar Bazaar: Silver Waltz” is the theme of this event. Swipe the page to enjoy three new wallpapers and prepare to witness the ultimate destiny of this planet.


Silver Waltz Theme Music

“Silver Waltz”, the event's namesake theme music, is now being broadcast at the station. You shall stand tall on the frozen tundra from the end of the Cambrian period, gazing down upon the sweeping vistas of the land.

The Silver Waltz event music is expected to be released on Apple Music, Spotify, and other major music platforms on November 21. Please be sure to check it out.


Interstellar Bazaar: Silver Waltz

“I shall travel to worlds distance and far, resting beneath the stars with the earth my bed.”

The Interstellar Bazaar is now opening. The Silver Waltz story is now available to Capsuleers. Participate in the event's Encounter Missions to improve the preparation progress and claim rewards.

You can view the character introduction and mission details in the character's profile. You can also view the story text of completed Mission Arc missions in Arc Recap.

Complete Encounter Missions to get Interstellar Bazaar coupons. You can also get a limited number of 50% Off Coupons from progression and Mission Arc missions. Coupons can only be used during the current Interstellar Bazaar.


Interstellar Bazaar: Interstellar Bonus

When Luck obtained from Lucky Chest reaches the specified numbers during the event, capsuleers will obtain bountiful rewards such as plenty of skill points, AI Core Entry Analysis Library, and Supercarrier Core Opt Box.

New item “Lucky Hot Drink”: These items can advance the capsuleer's personal Luck progress but do not count towards the daily Luck leaderboard. They can be obtained in the event manual, daily mails, and Encounter events.


Interstellar Bazaar: Lucky Chart

Opening Lucky Chests gives you Luck. The amount of Luck you gain every day will be ranked on the leaderboard.

Capsuleers will be rewarded according to their rankings on the Lucky Chart. For details about the reward settings, please refer to the rules on the event page.


Interstellar Bazaar: Lucky Chest

Lucky Chests have been added to the New Eden Store, and they contain the new Silver Waltz Nanocore. Open Lucky Chests for a chance to win the lucky prize of the day. Coupons can be used in the event. You can get Lucky Chests every day during the event by logging in.

List of lucky prizes: Capital Ships of the Four Empires, Faction Battleships, Integrated Rigging Modules, Level 4 Rigs, and much more. Try your luck and get great rewards.


Interstellar Bazaar: Interstellar Offering

During the event, capsuleers can unlock the PLEX refund privilege by spending AUR. The refund rates of PLEX will be based on the capsuleer's total spending during the event.

Refund Currency Type: PLEX

Refund Amount: total AUR spent during the event * corresponding refund ratio.

Refund Threshold: 499 AUR. No refunds below 499 AUR.

Max Refund Limit: up to 150,000 PLEX in this event.

All refunded PLEX will be issued to capsuleers by mail after the event. The event page data will only display the statistics.


Interstellar Bazaar: Starry Carnival

All Corporation members can unlock the option bonus for the entire Corporation when the accumulated Luck obtained from the Lucky Chest during the event reaches the specified thresholds. Every capsuleer in the Corporation can join the fun and share the rewards.


Ops Agent: Event Manual

Duration Time: November 22, 2023, 8:00 - December 13, 2023, 8:00 (UTC+0)

Ops Agent: The Event Manual is now available!

Complete the Missions to obtain bountiful rewards. Unlock the Manual to obtain plenty of extra Hot Drinks, Special Battleship Opt Box, the Star of Trailblazers Encrypted Transport Container Decoder, and other great rewards.


Significant Adjustments to Interstellar Bazaar

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the Interstellar Bazaar experience, we will be implementing the following significant changes:

Discount Form Adjustment:

We have realized that the use of discount codes can result in a lack of price transparency and convenience for customers. Therefore, starting with this Interstellar Bazaar, we will discontinue the discount code system.

Our goal has always been to provide you with discounts in their most direct form.

At the same time, we will be distributing a total of 21 50% off coupons during this event to express our appreciation to capsuleers for their concerns about the Interstellar Bazaar event.

Adjustments to Luck Draw:

For this Interstellar Bazaar, extra Luck and grand lucky prizes like ships will be separated, and the drop rates for ships have been increased.



Valuation updated based on the market transaction record.

Optimized the station’s queuing mechanism when many capsuleers request to enter or leave at the same time, increasing the travel speed.

Optimized the collision model of the Corporation Citadel.

Optimized the initial position of the capital ship when entering the Dormant Realm, reducing the instances of mutual collision.

Added the Estimated Market Price to the TIPS interface of the Implant General Units, which can be tapped to open the Market screen.

Added information about Looting with Salvagers in the Fleet Journal.

Under ship bonus, “Jump Fatigue Duration” has been changed to “Effect on Jump Fatigue Duration of Jump Distance”. The change affects only the name, which intends to minimize ambiguity.


Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the damage shown on the missile attribute panel could be lower than the actual damage when using the Warhead Charge Implant.

Fixed an issue with Missile Implants’ Hybrid Charge effect toggling.

Fixed an issue where the ship's combat power assessment chart might not show attributes.

Fixed an issue that could cause a black screen after undocking from the station.


The Scope