The brand new region 'Kalevala Expanse' is about to open, facing unknown challenges!


New Region - Kalevala Expanse

Methods of entry and exit in this region

Different from the methods of entry and exit in the Cobalt Edge, entering the Kalevala Expanse Region requires the use of the Expedition series of needlejack, which is the only way to enter this region.

Pilots can use the needlejack outside the station to create a teleportation channel to a random region in the Kalevala Expanse. Other pilots within the range of the effect can sign up after meeting certain conditions. When the creation progress reaches 100%, the successfully registered pilots will be teleported near a star in a Kalevala Expanse star system that complies with the rules. It is important to note that the Expedition needlejack can only be used when the ship's hold does not transport any goods.

The Expedition needlejack come in different sizes, leading to different constellations in the Kalevala Expanse.

Within the constellation, defeating the Wasteseeker drone enemies can randomly obtain the Homeward series of needlejack. Using the Homeward needlejack near a star, after a period of time, you can return to New Eden. The Homeward-II needlejack can be used without being near a star, and the channel construction time is shorter.

Driving a Sisters of EVE ship or using needlejack in certain cosmic anomaly can shorten the channel construction time. In addition, if pilots explode their ships in the Kalevala Expanse, they can also leave the region by self-destructing the capsule.

Exclusive Cosmic Anomaly Gameplay

In addition to existing gameplay such as mining, planet development, and the outpost for Wasteseeker, Kalevala Expanse introduces a brand new exclusive cosmic anomaly called the 'Wasteseeker Centrum' similar to the Scout and Inquisitors anomalies.

The 'Wasteseeker Centrum' contains numerous acceleration tracks, and pilots need to continuously explore other tracks within it, going deeper and deeper until they find an exit. In different tracks, pilots can open loot boxes, trigger random traps or enhance mechanisms, and challenge various elite enemies. All enemies here are advanced elites, so it is recommended to team up. Every choice you make here is a thrilling experience!

In the cosmic anomaly of the 'Wasteseeker Centrum', pilots have the chance to obtain rewards such as needlejack filament, planetary resources, datacores, Implant advanced unit, drone blueprints, skill chip blueprints, equipment, rig blueprints, and more. Furthermore, the rewards obtained from different difficulty levels of instance will also vary. Danger and opportunity coexist, so pilots, get ready to face the challenges from the 'Wasteseeker!

Unknown challenges, hidden aura, the new region 'Kalevala Expanse' is about to open! With its unique entry and exit methods and brand new cosmic anomaly, are you even more excited to explore the new region? On December 21st, let's set off together towards Kalevala Expanse!